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choose NURSES Can Do Anything!. Why Nursing?. Its About Helping People. The #1 reason to become a nurse is because you care about people You have an opportunity to make a difference every day Be there for those you love. Nurses Can Do Anything!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • NURSES Can Do Anything!

    Why Nursing?

    Its About Helping PeopleThe #1 reason to become a nurse is because you care about peopleYou have an opportunity to make a difference every dayBe there for those you love

    Nurses care for many different kinds of patientsNurses Can Do Anything!

    Nurses Can Do Anything!Sometimes very sick patients

    Nurses Can Do Anything!And sometimes, just really small patients

    Nurses can work in all types of environmentsNurses Can Do Anything!

    Places you know like medical offices...Nurses Can Do Anything!

    hospitals...Nurses Can Do Anything!

    And schools...Nurses Can Do Anything!

    And places you maybe didnt know about, like helicoptersNurses Can Do Anything!

    laboratoriesNurses Can Do Anything!

    cruise shipsNurses Can Do Anything!

    the militaryNurses Can Do Anything!

    and jobs using computers and technologyNurses Can Do Anything!

    Nurses can work anywhere in the worldNurses Can Do Anything!

    Lots of Schools to Choose FromOver 100 nursing programs in California2 and 4 year programs offering schedules that meet your needsThe more education you have, the more $$$ you can earn

    California salaries for new RNs are between $50,000 and $60,000 per yearSign-on bonuses are being advertised at up to $10,000 in some areasThe Pay is Great

    Youll Meet Great PeopleNursing is a lot of funNurses work with others who also want to make a difference in the world

    Working 12 hour shifts you work only three days a week!!Work while you further your education Have time to do other things

    Nursing Is Your Ticket to Opportunities in...Emergency RoomsPediatricsOperating RoomsSchoolsPeace CorpsCommunity Clinicsand MORE

    Bonus PointsEducatorAuthorConsultantLawyerPhysicianEntrepreneurDirectorsThe BOSS!

    Pop Quiz:Do you know a nurse?

    Can you guess which one of these people is a nurse?

    THEY ALL ARE!Nurse Case ManagerThe BossNurse EducatorNurseResearcherNurseAnesthetistNurseConsultant

    So, How Can I Get Started?Do the best you can in school (a little math and science wont hurt)Start planning to go to college today. Talk to your parents, guidance counselor or teacher

    Training ProgramsCommunity College - ADN in 2 yearsUniversity - BSN in 4 yearsWeb sites to

    Lets Practice Being A Nurse...Be A Nurse Workshop...TemperaturePulseBlood Pressure

    Lets Practice Being A Nurse...Temperaturenormal is 98.6 F

    Lets Practice Being A Nurse...Pulsenormal is 50-100 beats per minute

    Lets Practice Being A Nurse...Blood Pressurenormal is 120/80

    What Youre Learning...Systolic (first sound you hear)indicates how hard you are pumping blood through your body

    What Youre Learning...Diastolic (last sound you hear)indicates how long it takes for the chambers of your heart to refill with blood

    Event Name________Date:__________ Name_____________________ Temperature__________ Pulse__________

    Blood Pressure________Nurses Can Do Anything! WorkshopEvent Name________ Date:___________Name_____________________ Temperature__________ Pulse__________

    Blood Pressure________choosenursing.comNurses Can Do Anything! Workshop

    Check out ChooseNursing.Com for more information on nursing...