Nursery wall decal give your baby a great growing environment

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Nursery Wall Decal Give Your Baby a Great Growing EnvironmentBaby is the best gift every mother get in the world. It is so exciting to have a new life in your body and you can feel the growing of him or her day by day. The process can be described as happy pain. I can exactly understand your feeling. I am a mum of a baby girl too. Here I want to share some nursery wall decals decoration ideas with those mothers who are or want to be or already are. Mums reading this article must want to ask why wall decals for nursery? Yes, you can find the answer in the following words:Environment has great influence on babys growth and development, including human environment such as parents or caregivers reaction to his or her needs and decoration environment which refers to nursery decoration such as wall, ceiling, curtain, flooring, furniture and accessories. Which part do you think in the nursery that your baby contact most? The answer is wall and ceiling. Parents all know that except eating, observing the environment occupies most of the awaking time of baby. Curiosity is born with baby. If you want to satisfy your babys natural instinct, then recommend you economic and user-friendly nursery wall decals.Reasons why you choose wall decal to decorate your nursery1 convenientNursery wall decal is typically used to decorate babys room. It is often depicted in themes like flower, tree, cartoon, letter and dreamy theme. It can give your nursery new look in the shortest time. Other wall decoration options like wallpaper, painting usually need sophisticated preparation before start, proficient application skill and a run-in period before it start to serve for people. Usually parents need to prepare the nursery in advance when they choose wallpaper or painting as wall decoration for their babies. And once it is done, it would spend much time to renew the wall decoration. As wall decal is a finished product, all you need to do is find the pattern you like and then paste it on your smooth wall surface. It is really time-saving and convenient. When you do not want the present decal, you can peel it off the wall carefully within few hours in maximum. Some wall decals are reusable, they can be reserved for future use when you want to change suit for your wall.2 eco-friendlyAs no large amount of adhesive is used on wall decals, it is safe to be used. Environmental friendly is a focus for modern home decoration, this is especially vital for nursery wall decorations. Therefore, parents can use wall decals without worry.3 diversified choicePeople can find diversified wall decals in different shape, color, size and pattern. It is a popular choice for DIY lovers. There are no specified application rules for wall decal. People can use it totally according to personal preference and creativity. Besides, washi tape with different color, pattern and dimension can also be used to make wall decals. It is a favorite for minimalism and economical people also for it can be a finshing touch for your whole home decoration with the least material and recycle materials.Tools for applying wall decalsPlastic squeezer, wall decal, adhesive sticker and waterPlastic squeezer is for remove the bubble in the decals. There are two kinds of wall decals: self-stick wall decal and pre-pasted wall decal. You need to prepare adhesive sticker if you choose self-stick type decals. Pre-pasted wall decals have dried adhesive on its back. Home owners need water to activate it. If the wall decal you choose is reusable, remember to keep the back liner for future use. Store the wall decals by pasting it on the liner and rolling it up. You can reuse it whenever you want.Summary of popular nursery wall decalsAs I have mentioned before that nursery wall decals can satisfy the curiosity of your baby most. They are the first step for baby to learn about the world.1cartoon nursery wall decalsCartoon is always the classic topic for baby. They seem born for baby. It is a good idea to decorate your nursery with different cartoons:2natural theme nursery wall decalsWant to create a nature close living environment for your baby? Then you must have the following wall decal ideas for reference:3 letter nursery wall decalsYou must have many words with your littler babies. Then speak out loudly. You can turn those words into nursery wall decals - name, born information, wishes, song are good ideas:What is your thought on nursery decoration? If you have some good nursery decoration ideas, feel free to share with us on