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The National Weather Service in Corpus Christi details flooding in areas along the Nueces River.


  • Changes Since Yesterday Highlighted in Red:

    Water releases from Lake Corpus Christi have increased today.

    3 to 5 inches of rain fell west of Cotulla this morning.

    Calallen is now in flood stage Current stage as of 11:20 A.M. is 7.39 feet Gauge was malfunctioning earlier

    USGS has been on-site today

    Nueces River at Mathis now in MAJOR Flood Stage.

    Three Rivers remains in Moderate Flood Stage today.

    Releases from Lake Corpus Christi will continue to result in Major flooding downstream at Mathis and Bluntzer, and Moderate flooding at Calallen.

    Lake Corpus Christi is at capacity.

    Additional rainfall will be possible today into early next week, more heavy rainfall possible Sunday and Monday.

  • Impacts Flow has backed up minor creeks to the slabs of lowest homes in the River Creek Acres Subdivision 5 miles SE of George West. Livestock are cut off and could drown in low areas in the flood plain.

    Forecast Information

    River has crested Has fallen to moderate

    flood stage this morning

    Fall below flood stage Saturday morning

  • Impacts Major lowland flooding occurring. West bank residents below Bluntzer may be cut off for weeks. Flow escapes secondary banks of the main channel. Widespread flooding of the flood plain between Bluntzer

    and Calallen.

    Forecast Information MAJOR Flooding

    occurring Expected to

    crest/maintain near 29 feet.

    Highest levels since 2007 (but expected to remain ~3 ft below 2007 peak)

    Remain at MAJOR Flood Stage through the Memorial Day Weekend

  • Impacts - Flow cuts off the lowest residential areas downstream above Calallen for days or weeks. Numerous secondary roads and low bridges are under water, from below Bluntzer to below Calallen

    Forecast Information

    MAJOR Flooding occurring

    Crest near 29.7 feet Based on crest

    information, would be 5th highest crest

    Major Flooding is forecast to continue into next week

  • Impacts - Moderate lowland flooding occurs. Roads flood through the lowest residential areas, cutting off homes above Calallen, and requiring evacuations. A portion of Labonte Park is under water. At 9.5ft, residents are isolated upstream on the west side of the river as much as six weeks.

    Forecast Information Now in flood stage

    with latest reading 7.39 feet

    Moderate to near major flooding is forecast

    Crest around 8.1 feet on Monday with minor fluctuations thereafter

    May potentially go higher, depending upon water routing

  • High Pressure

    Moves East Today

    But Temperatures

    Will Still Be Below


    Moderate Risk of

    Rip Currents for

    Gulf Facing

    Beaches Today.