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<ul><li> 1. National SuPPort Team 2013-2014AIESEC RomaniaEnjoy breathtaking experiencesBooklet </li> <li> 2. National SuPPort Team 2013-2014Enjoy breathtaking experiencesDear applicant,Congratulations for opening this booklet; you have made the firststep towards a great experience that is being part of the AIESECRomanias NST 2013-2014 team.This year, we want to take AIESEC Romania on top, but for that,we need two main things: a plan and you. The plan we alreadyhave, now we need YOU to join us, the MC Move, through achallenging, difficult, exhausting but worthwhile and rewardingjourney towards success.This document is created in order to give all the information youmight need for filling the application form. If you have any otherquestions, dont hesitate to ask members of the MC.We hope that while fulfilling the application and telling yourfriends about the decision you took, you will always keep in yourmind and heart the belief that if the difficult takes time, theimpossible takes just a little longer!With enthusiasm,MC Move </li> <li> 3. Enjoy breathtaking experiencesGeneral Role of National Support TeamThe role of National Support Team is to empower the development ofLocal Committees in AIESEC in Romania, ensuring implementation ofnational strategies and realization of priorities in areas of responsibilityalong with Member Committee Team of AIESEC in Romania.Each of them is playing a unique role in the development of AIESEC inRomania and in rising together with the country.You will notice that some areas have a CHAIR or an area Coordinator, thesepositions were introduced in order to create a greater impact and a betterexperience for the NST members.General ResponsibilitiesParticipation at MC-NST meetingsContinuous communication with MC responsibleParticipation to direction related meetingsContinuous reporting and documentation.Application ProcessYou can apply for one or two positions in the NST until the 31th of May 2013.If the following steps are not fulfilled, your application is not considered avalid one: </li> <li> 4. En j o y bre a th t a ki n g ex perie n c es1. Send the application on time. Final Deadline is:1623:59 (GMT+2).2. The application should contain the following documents:the application formone endorsement letter from the LCP of the home AIESEC LC.3. You can use different design elements in your application but makesure that the document is brand aligned (at least the logo of AIESEC).4. Every document needs to be in .pdf format, but you are free to createyour template, colors, layout, and background.5. The endorsement has maximum one page. Please provide thecontacts (e-mail, phone no.) of the person that endorses you. We maycontact him/her.6. If you are applying for more positions, you send us one moredocument with the answers for the other position/positions that you areapplying for.7. The font cannot be smaller than size 10. Also, you can create yourown tables to questions, and different ways to put the answer on thepage. Use the space wisely. </li> <li> 5. Enjoy breathtaking experiences8. All the questions need to be fulfilled.9. All the documents will be archived in a .zip format and uploaded onmyaiesec.net.[Upload File] The archive will have the name: [Romania]Name of applicant/Position you are applying. The link on myaiesec.netwill be sent to plesa.dani@gmail.com until the deadline. In case thatmyaiesec.net doesnt work properly, please send the archive with thedocuments to the e-mails above.Selection ProcessThe selection process is made of a virtual case study based on real(or not) situations that need simple solutions and the ability to think atnational level, or other method established by the area MCVP. Thecompatibility between the position and the person will be tested notonly by the solved case study, but by a Skype interview as well with theMC member of the position of NST that you are applying. The mainthings that will be evaluated are the FA knowledge, skills andcompetencies. </li> </ul>