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  • The NS Times compiles their list of the top ve of 08.

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    Our editor in chief reports on the

    challenges of a week without

    technology. See page 3

    NS Spiriteers reap rewafor their hard work by placing third in region.

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    Photo by Jy eremy Zy abriskieBullying at public schools is happening more often than people may think, and most cases go undetected or unreported. The most common type is cyber bullying through use of the internet and instant messaging. The local counselor suggests reporting all acts of bullying to the administra-tion.


    Albert Einstein once said, The world is dangerous not because of evil people, but because of people who dont do anything about the evil they see.

    North Sanpete High School experiences problems with bullying on a weekly ba-sis, and although not many

    hear about it, more could bedone to help stop it.

    Officer Cole Young, North Sanpetes on-campus police officer, says bullying occurs about once a week at the high school. Unlike the classic movie bully, most in-cidents involve groups with groups, or as some would say, cliques vs. cliques

    Usually its just a lot of name calling...sometimes it

    is individuals, and when it hits a breaking point, thats when things start to happen, said Officer Young

    This case could be referred to as a provocative bully and victim situation. The victim is pushed to their outer limits and responds with aggressive behavior. And in most cases, the victim is the one who re-ceives the punishment.

    This can come from all

    kinds of bullyingthe four main types being verbal,physical, cyber bullying and relational aggression.

    Verbal bullying consists of name-calling, insulting, taunting, slurs and threats.

    Physical bullying can be very closely related to do-mestic violence and it in-cludes hitting, kicking, shov-ing, spitting, etc.

    Cyber bullying is very

    closely related to verbal, but done over the use of the Internet. The most com-mon way this is received isthrough instant messaging. With over 97 percent of teen-agers using the Internet, and over half of them using it ev-ery day, this proves to be one of the easiest forms of bul-lying. In a conference Elise

    School bullying goes unnoticed


    North Sanpete schools working to become more green

    Photo courtesy of www.cbc.caMillions watched as Barack Obama was sworn in as the new president of the United States. Even though many students at North Sanpete dont support him, they are hopeful for the changes he promises to make.

    Obama inauguration makes historyBY BY RANDI PEAHL

    History has been made with the recent in-auguration of President Barack Obama in Washington D.C., making him the first Af-ffrican-American president.

    With this inauguration comes the turn of power switching from a republican presi-dent to a democratic president, House of Representatives and Senate. This will be a change, and that is what Obama wants.

    Change was the theme for Obamas cam-paign, and that was one of the deciding fac-tors for the many Americans who voted for him.

    Everyone likes change, said Kevin Allen, a teacher at North Sanpete High.

    Though not many people at North San-pete High voted for, nor supported, Obama, many are looking at the positives of having a change of presidency.


    Education cuts threaten NS High budget, teachers


    With many recycling bins located in the library, the front office and almost every teachers classroom, North Sanpete High School is at-tempting to go green and earn a little extra cash at the same time.

    The athletic department has taken the initiative to be-gin a recycling program at the school, which finally be-

    gan on January 19. Every two weeks, PROGRAM comes and picks up the paper or cardboard set aside and pays the general athletic depart-ment $15 for every ton.

    Jason Strate, the schools VP, received an e-mail from Fountain Green Elementary, who has already started this program in their school, ask-kking if the high school wouldlike to participate.Its not a lot of money, but

    itll definitely help. We have a lot of paper waste, said Sha-ron Christensen, a coach and athletic administrator at NS who is in charge of the pro-gram

    When Christensen sug-gested the idea during a fac-ulty meeting, she said every-one was on board with the idea.

    All the teachers whove worked at schools up north say that the big schools are

    doing this, said Christens-en.

    The basic idea of the recy-cling program is simple. All the extra paper students and teachers would otherwise throw away should be placed in the designated recycling bins.

    Most teachers have fash-ioned a bin in their rooms. If not, you can take your papers to the library or front office.

    Its not a place to put

    wadded up trash, just a placeto put unwanted paper from school, said Christensen.

    Once the program be-comes stable and works ef-ffficiently at the high school, Christensen hopes to expand the program to the wholecommunity.

    Its going to be a good situation, said Christensen. We get some money, and its good for the environment. Its a win-win situation.


    The economic trouble has finally hit North Sanpete High. On January 16, a let-ter was sent out to the staffat North Sanpete, informing them of some pending bud-get and possible staff cuts at ffNorth Sanpete High.

    During these tough eco-nomic times, everyone needs to tighten their belt, said Brad Bentley, a teacher at NS.

    Due to the economic struggles currently going on in the U.S., North Sanpete School District has been in-formed that the Utah Legis-lature is planning on insti-

    tuting some reductions to educational spending, and if the reductions are put in place, North Sanpete will simply not receive the mon-ey that it requires. There is a possibility that the reduc-tions could be as high as 15 percent.

    15% is going overboard, said Bentley. I think that the cuts are necessary, but only to a point.

    And what does all this mean for North Sanpete High? If staff members areffcut, the students that were in those classes would be moved into other classes, en-





    pTop veve pp


    place the NS drill team tookin their recent region com-

    petition at Salem Hills High School.

    score of the last boys basket-ball game against Delta on

    January 23

    percent of teens who use the internet

    amount of food raised by NSH for the Christmas food


    percent of students at North Sanpete who report they

    dont get enough sleep

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    Well Said:

    e you wrestle,

    everything else in life

    is easy.

    -Cody Ironssenior from Moroni,

    commenting on the diculties of wrestling.





    10,200 lbs.

    This Week:Tuesday: Girls basket-ball at Salem Hills,Semester Awards Assembly 6:00 pm in auditoriumWednesday: Boys basketball at home vs. Salem Hills,Wrestling at CarbonThursday: Girls basket-ball at home vs. CarbonFriday: Boys basketball at Juan Diego,North Sanpete wrestling tournamentSaturday: North Sanpete wrestling tournament,State drill team at UVU

    V o i c e o f t h e M i g h t y H a w k s

  • Seniors, make sure you know the application deadline for the college

    or university that you wish to attend.

    Scholarship available to sophomores from Energy Solutions Foundation. Talk to Mr.

    Keisel for more information

    Anyone planning on playing sports in college make sure you are NCAA eligable.

    Juniors you need to sign up to take the ACT at

    least one time this year.

    ACT registration deadline for the April 4th test date is March 27th.

    ont forget to apply for scholarships; scplications available in counseling cente

    nal help with ACT Test Prep, scholarsh

    college selection, etc. visit www.utahm

    e recruited by colleges and universities

    Create a Zinch Portfolio by visiting Zi

    s March 27th.



    ip, career


    s all over


    ACAAAAAAAAAAAAA T registratio

    Seniors, do


    For addition

    exploration, c

    Want to be

    the nation?

    For information or questions about

    scholarships and ACT tests, visit

    Odee Hansen (right) or Chet Keisel(left) at the counseling

    Counselors corner


    IN THE


    New board member brings experience to NS

    While walking down the halls at the school, you hear some bizarre things that make no sense when taken out of context. Here are a few of the funniest ones weve heard.

    He is turning himself into a girl.

    I am going to take you to jail now.

    I just walk around the corner and I hear Thats probably a health code violation.

    I threw that and it landed in your armpit.

    Penguins dont have to be sexy.

    I am scared of the eminent ball of fire in the sky.

    I went the entire day, yesterday, not wearing pants.

    Everyone knows you shouldnt wear white socks.

    Obama will face many difficult problems, such as a faltering economy and the war in Iraq that President Obama wishes to fix.

    I am cautiously optimistic, said Cody Foote, a seminary teacher at NSH.

    Some people are apprehensive about thechanges Obama wishes to make, and there are many students in NSH who are less-th