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Nowadays HR dilemmas. Anca Georgescu Chief Human Resources Officer, Romtelecom 26 th of March 2013, Bucharest. Late follower ?. or co-driver ?. Short term cost efficiency. or long term healthy culture?. HR as a Change Champion. today and tomorrow. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Nowadays HR dilemmasAnca GeorgescuChief Human Resources Officer, Romtelecom

    26th of March 2013, Bucharest

  • Late follower ?or co-driver ?

  • Short term cost efficiencyor long term healthy culture?

  • HR as a Change Championtoday and tomorrow

    clear, transparent and disciplined change methodologieshumanengaged employees

  • * Operations Open Doors Days! Technical workshops for nontechnical employees- Learn from the specialists! Know, Understand and Use Technologies

    Leadership Team Meetings with top 100 managersRegional quarterly review - video Conference and regional visitsLets talk about us!- CXOs &PMs meet employees from all business unitsOpen doors program: - Managers in the front line Exchange experience programs: Be mentor or apprentice

    Workshops with Product Managers: Interviews with .Products and Services Be Salesman for a day direct selling experience program for non - sales employees

    Know, Understand and Promote Products

    Listen and Understand Customers

    Know and Understand Business

    Organizational Culture as strategic focus

  • The key employees engagementProud to be Romtelecom - program initiatives (Values Day 2012) Sales Olimpics Contest (for non-sales employees)

  • Focus on performanceSystems and automations - help in being efficient and provide aligned services

    Performance Management System as key enabler and foundation for all people processes

  • Do more with less Internship /Traineeships Programs to accelerate development and conversion to corporate environment 60% absorption in the organization after the program in different specialized jobs

  • Do more with less

    Change the paradigm: from polishing a hook hopping a fish will pass by and byte, to wisely using your net and your expertise

    Keep your funs close by using social media and online channels Grow your internal competence and expertise center Limit your dependence on costs

  • Manage, develop and retain the talentTransparent process

    Development interventions

    Personal Development Conference an innovative concept

  • The Associate Trainers Community

    15 associate - 6 certified training topicsDo more with less67% of the training effort is done internally and with the same satisfaction and results

  • Fast pace technology changes?

    Do more with less The Technical Certification Program Yearly more than 1500 technicians are trained, assessed and certified on new technologies

  • *"Being a leader is like being a lady, if you have to go around telling people you are one, you probably are not. Margaret Thatcher

  • **The values represent the percentage of Top Box in SurveysKey results : High scores in customer awareness (94 %) and high appreciation of our products (91%)*




    Series 1

    Strategy understanding


    Series 1

    Pulse Survey 201077%

    Pulse Survey 201288%

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    Series 1

    Perceived recognition


    Series 1

    Pulse Survey 201044%

    Pulse Survey 201253%

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    Series 1

    Appreciation of training and development opportunities


    Series 1

    Pulse Survey 201042%

    Pulse Survey 201254%

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    Series 1

    Work- life balance


    Series 1

    Pulse Survey 201050%

    Pulse Survey 201257%

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