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  • Now we are friends, now we are not: booze binge mix

  • It is about 11 in the day at one of the popular shibins in Grahamstown South Africa

  • It is business as usual, with most of the tables painted with a mixture of all kinds of brands

  • And so are these couple, with their cheap local brew without a fancy of chairs or a table

  • You see! A local product but do they say!

  • The concoction elicit different reactions. For mama, shake that thing..

  • But for the man its getting hot in here

  • And not only hot, there are some more energy too to be released as well

  • Eh,eh,eh,eh,eh. Dont try it with me. Youll be in for a rude shock

  • Who the hell do you think you are!

  • Mhh, try me then if you are a man

  • Ok, ok, ok sweetheart, take it easy, eeeh, that was just a joke

  • Twap twap, twapserious blows to the mans head

  • To the rest of revelers, it is let the tough ones settle it out

  • To them, a free theatre hardly come by

  • The tables are turned as the lady finds herself on the receiving end..

  • And down she went with some serious implications

  • Oh my goodness, what is all this?

  • Unbelievable how a good booze can turn to a bloody affair

  • Very sorry mammyI surrender

  • No way, its not over yet. Not now

  • Please please, let me help you out of that sheet

  • At your own perilits not over yet

  • The drama intensifies when the woman assembles crude arsenals

  • Oops! and the man was sent on the ground with a lightening speed

  • With the queen of the blows charging like a marauding rhino

  • But do I say, these could be her source of energy perhaps

  • Not yet over, hey!

  • From the shibin to the streets

  • It is a zigzag motion. Not to be mistaken for a kwahito

  • Eeeh, you see! You know!

  • And the drama unfolded further on the street

  • Even the children could not control but to watch