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  • Cenla Rose Society November 2018 Rosebud

    Editor Billie Flynn


    NOVEMBER 2018


    Affiliate of the

    American Rose Society

    Nov 1-3, 2018: Antique Rose Emporium Fall Festival of Roses Independence, Texas

    Nov 3, 2018: Golden Triangle Rose Show Beaumont, Texas

    November 11, 2018: Sunday 2- 4 p.m Cenla Rose Society Monthly Meeting And End of the Year Holiday Social Rapides Medical Center, Gallery Room

    November 17, 2018: SWLRS Rose Show Southwest LA Rose Society Lake Charles, Louisiana

    February 8-9, 2019: Mid-Winter Workshop Gulf District Mid-Winter Workshop American Rose Center Shreveport, Louisiana

    April 13, 2019: Houston Rose Show Houston, Texas

    April 16, 2019: Gulf District Rose Show Tuesday (that's right - Tuesday) Hosted by Central LA Rose Society Pineville Main Street Community Center Pineville, Louisiana

    S i n c e 1 9 7 9 A l e x a n d r i a , L A

    Kelly Texada, 318-443-6304

    Hi CenLa Rose Society,

    October was a busy month! We had a

    very successful time at Kent House Herb

    Day demonstrating the “Not-so-Secret

    Secrets to Rooting Roses”. I still have

    my quart Ziploc with the ‘G. Nabonnand’

    cutting sitting on my carport wall. It’s looking good, and I’m

    just waiting for those little white roots to start showing. A lot

    of our members were there to answer questions and Clyde

    Bartlett shared his rooting tips to interested crowds in 3

    separate demonstrations!

    I am happy to announce that our Rose Show was also a big

    success! I owe a big Thank You to Billie Flynn for acting as

    Rose Show Chairman. And, with the help of our members, it

    all came together and filled up with beautiful roses! The

    Queen Hybrid Tea was awarded to Floyd and Tina Hebert

    for their beautiful “Randy Scott”. After lunch, we had a

    special presentation of the Bronze Honor Medal award to

    our very deserving member Forrest Peil for his outstanding

    service to the Central Louisiana Rose Society. It couldn’t

    have been a better day!

    I think we all agreed that the Main Street Community Center

    was an ideal location for our rose show. So, in order to use

    the facility again this spring I reserved it for Tuesday, April

    16th. (All weekends being previously booked).

    You don’t want to miss our last meeting of 2018. Our annual

    Holiday Social is on Sunday, November 11th. We will be

    meeting at the Gallery Room and bringing pot luck dishes!

    Yum! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

    Kelly Texada

    p.s. Don’t forget to make plans to join us in Shreveport for

    the Gulf District Mid-Winter Workshop February 8-9, 2019.

    Inside This Issue

    CenLA Rose Society News 2

    Gulf District Rose Show Results 3-5

    November in the Rose Garden 6

    Did You Hear? 7

    Mid-Winter Registration/Information 7

  • Cenla Rose Society November 2018 Rosebud - 2 -

    November Meeting is the last meeting of the year.

    No December meeting. No December newsletter.

    November 11, 2018: CenLA Rose Society Monthly Meeting

    Regular Second Sunday Meeting Time, 2 - 4 p.m. Regular location at the hospital. Annual Holiday Social will be in the Rapides Medical Center Hospital, Gallery Room

    Holiday Social

    Celebrating a Fun Filled Year

    With Rose Friends.

    The club will furnish the meat, drinks and

    paper goods.

    Members bring a side dish or dessert.

    Forrest Peil was awarded the Bronze Honor Medal of

    the American Rose Society.

    Past ARS President and Past CRS President Marilyn Wellan presented Forrest with a plaque and medal at the awards ceremony held at the Fall Gulf District Rose Show.

    Forrest was recognized for his service to Central LA Rose Society as well as the ARS Gulf District for promoting rose appreciation and education.

    Cenla members appreciate the countless tours through Forrest's garden, the educational programs presented at local meetings, the cuttings rooted for members and for the annual rose sale, the sharing of lessons learned through personal experience, the many times he has hosted the rose society and fried fish for the group plus storing the rose show supply trailer in his shed and all the times he has unloaded and reloaded the rose show supplies. Cenla Rose Society is grateful for the many services provided by Forrest.

  • Cenla Rose Society November 2018 Rosebud - 3 -


    Variety Exhibited by

    Queen ‘Randy Scott’ Tina and Floyd Hebert

    King ‘Pop Warner' Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Princess ‘Great Scott’ Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Court not recorded

    HT or Gr Open Bloom 'Elle' Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Decorative Hybrid Tea Angel Milstead


    Min Queen 'Joy' Abby and Phil Leonard

    Min King 'Fairhope' Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Min Princess 'Giggles' Julie Engert

    Court 'Bees Knees' Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Court 'Kristin' Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Court 'Jilly Jewel' Abby and Phil Leonard

    Miniflora Queen 'Shameless' Abby and Phil Leonard

    Miniflora King ‘Charismatic’ Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Miniflora Princess 'Abby Leonard' Clyde & Marie Bartlett

    Court 'Cooper' Ken Kelley

    Court 'Nancy Jean' Abby and Phil Leonard

    Court 'Ambiance' Abby and Phil Leonard

    Min or MinFl Open 'Shameless' Abby and Phil Leonard

    Min or MinFl Spray 'Cooper' Ken Kelley

    2018 Gulf District Rose Show Results


    Floribunda 'Karoo' Marie and Clyde Bartlett

    Floribunda Spray ‘Eutin’ Kelly Texada

    Polyantha Spray 'Clotilde Soupert' Marie and Clyde Bartlett


    Dowager 'Louis Philippe' Ken Kelley

    Victorian 'Mrs Dudley Cross' Clyde & Marie Bartlett


    Classic Shrub 'Sally Holmes' Kelly Texada

    Modern Shrub 'Perdita' Karen and Gregory Constant

    Best Large Climber ‘Don Juan’ Tina and Floyd Hebert


    Best Found Rose 'Maggie' Lynn McDonald

    Most Fragrant 'Fragrant Cloud' Karen and Greg Constant

    Novice Standard Rose Angel Milstead

    Queen of Show

    ‘Randy Scott’ Exhibited by

    Tina and Floyd Hebert

    Best of Show

    ‘William Shakespeare 2000’ Exhibited by

    Marie and Clyde Bartlett

    Plus Standard Sweepstakes

    Awards presented by Dist Director Ken Kelley and show chairman Billie Flynn

    Marilyn Wellan Sweepstakes plus

    Miniature Sweepstakes Won by

    Abby and Phil Leonard

  • Cenla Rose Society November 2018 Rosebud - 4 -

    Kelly Texada with her award winning ‘Eutin’, Best Floribunda Spray.


    Floribunda Spray 'Play Girl' Flora and Frank Hover

    Old Garden Rose 'Louis Philippe' Flora and Frank Hover

    Rose in a Bowl 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Flora and Frank Hover

    Collection of Blooms 'Our Lady of Guadalupe', 'Mutabilis', 'Cinco de Mayo', 'Chihuly'

    Flora and Frank Hover


    No winners for McFarland, Scoggins, Conn, Moore, Hayden and Berry ARS Challenge Classes.

    Claudius A Mayo Challenge Exhibiting 3 different OGRs

    ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’, ‘Green Rose’, ‘Slater's Crimson China’

    Billie Flynn

    Griffith Buck Challenge Exhibiting 3 shrub roses

    'Evelyn', 'Wollerton Old Hall', 'English Garden'

    Karen & Gregory Constant

    Gulf District Rose of the Year Exhibiting a Gulf District Rose

    ‘Julia Child’ Marie and Clyde Bartlett

    Pete Haring Challenge Exhibiting best photograph

    'Cinco de Mayo' open bloom Billie Flynn

    Judy Mayo Memorial Challenge A Traditional Arrangement

    'Savannah' traditional line design

    Billie Flynn


    Matched Pair of Hybrid Teas ‘Randy Scott’ Tina and Floyd Hebert

    Artist’s Palette with HT 'Randy Scott', 'Doubt Delight', 'Moonstone', 'St Patrick', 'Affirm'

    Tina and Floyd Hebert

    Rose in a Frame with a HT ‘Veterans' Honor’ Tina and Floyd Hebert

    Artist’s Palette with Floribunda, OGR or Shrub

    'Abraham Darby', 'Evelyn', 'Tamora', 'Graham Thomas', 'English Garden'

    Karen and Greg Constant

    Rose in a Frame with Shrub ‘The Dark Lady’ Karen and Greg Constant


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