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Tokyo American Club's Monthly Member Magazine


  • TORANOMON HILLS RESIDENCEluxury residences for lease


    TORANOMON HILLS RESIDENCEluxury residences for lease


    Member Matthew Romaine and other business experts explain

    why Japan needs to think international


    Turkey Time Thanksgiving feasts

    at the Club

    Crossing the Line Tips for would-be


    Saving Sake Members head to the

    home of Hakkaisan




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    er 2015

    November 2015

    T O K Y O A M E R I C A N C L U B

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    FEATURE Internationalizing Japan Inc While corporate Japan has

    long been regarded as a

    dark-suited bastion of cultural

    homogeneity, many Japanese

    companies are beginning to

    recognize the advantages of

    nurturing multinational teams

    and English-speaking work


    20 RECREATION & FITNESSFlora FervorAfter joining a Club ikebana

    class as a way to pass the time,

    one Womens Group member

    discovered a new passion at

    which she excelled.

    32 CULTURAL INSIGHT Peripatetic ArtisteMember Aude de Saint-

    Exupery, whose paintings

    are on display at the Club,

    discusses how a nomadic

    upbringing influenced her art.

    28 INSIDE JAPAN Finding Sake SuccessAhead of a Club tour to his sake

    brewery in Niigata Prefecture,

    Hakkaisan owner Jiro Nagumo

    explains how his business is

    defying market trends.


    Cover photo of Matthew Romaine by Benjamin Parks

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    2 November 2015 iNTOUCH

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    Magazine editor by day and writer of literary fiction at all other hours, Annemarie Luck moved from Cape Town to Tokyo in 2013 after working at Mens Health, Marie Claire and Rolling Stone magazines. When shes not nurturing her debut novel, she edits Time Out Tokyo magazine. An enthusiast for breathtaking beaches, island escapes and freshly frothed matcha tea, she examines Japan Incs attempts at internationalizing its workforces in this months cover feature on page 22.

    When Japans national rugby team lined up for the national anthems ahead of its first World Cup pool game against South Africa in September, the collection of steely faces was far from homogenous.

    In among the Japanese players were foreign-born athletes, including the towering, bearded captain, Michael Leitch, who was born in New Zealand to Fijian parents. He obtained Japanese nationality two years ago.

    The debate over foreign-born players seems to bubble up each World Cup, but few can dispute the devotion, courage and pride all the players displayed in their historic win over South Africa and through the rest of their memorable tournament.

    Incidentally, Japan was equal with Wales and Scotland, with 11, in the number of foreign-born players in its original squad of 31. And Argentina was the only team from the 20 competing countries with an all-native lineup.

    Japan has traditionally fielded foreign-born players to bolster the side with additional experience and bulk. The mix of backgrounds has also meant different ideas on everything from conditioning to tactics. The aim has been to improve the national team and so raise the profile of the sport in Japan. The strategy paid off in spectacular style this autumn.

    For this months cover story, Internationalizing Japan Inc, Annemarie Luck discovers that some companies in Japan are finding similar success through their own multinational teams.

    If you have any comments about anything you read in iNTOUCH, please e-mail them to, putting Letter to the Editor in the subject title of the mail.

    Annemarie Luck

    Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Benjamin Parks has been living in Tokyo for 10 years. Equally adept in the studio or on location, he counts the likes of Facebook, Ferrari, Casio and DHL among his clients. Working on both editorial projects and advertising assignments, he is a regular photographer for iNTOUCH. For the cover of this months issue, he headed to the Tokyo offices of web-based translation company Gengo to shoot the firms co-founder and Club Member Matthew Romaine.Benjamin Parks

    from the editor



  • November at the Club means the start of the turkey season. Using specially designed roasting ovens, the kitchens cook up to around 130 whole turkeys for Thanksgiving meals around the Club and for delivery to Members homes.

    As Club president, it would be nice to emulate the United States presidential tradition of pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, ours arrive from across the Pacific frozen. In any case, Im looking forward to enjoying this holiday with family and many other Members at the annual buffet on November 26. You can find the Clubs full rundown of Thanksgiving activities on page 9.

    November is also the month when the Club holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is an open meeting, required by the Clubs rules, at which Members

    Registered Voting Members are reminded to vote in this months Board of Governors election.

    Voting Members will receive voting information soon. Please take the time to review the candidates statements and then cast your vote.

    Those wishing to pose policy questions to candidates can find the relevant contact details included with the