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Glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. This month, read about the Carlson family as we continue our Gospel Partner Highlight.



    IMAGO DEIGospel Partner Spotlight: The Carlsons

    And Jesus came and said to them, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,

    baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And

    behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.Genesis 12:1-4

    As we continue in our series of taking an in-depth look at each of our Gospel Partners, we are excited to share

    about our Gospel Partners Darren & Amy Carlson with Training Leaders International (TLI). Darren founded TLI, a Minnesota-based ministry that sends pastors, seminary professors, and graduate students to bring theological education around the world through

    short-term trips, long-term sending, and school planting. TLI equips and mentors pastors and church leaders in

    countries including India, Philippines, Serbia, Uganda, Togo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Brazil and more. Amazingly, TLI has about

    34 trips planned between now and August 2016!

    There is great need for Biblical training around the world. Consider these facts: There is 1 formally trained leader for every 450,000

    outside the United States.

    In the 10-40 window, there are over 5 million pastors with no access to any kind of formal biblical training.

    TLIs focus is to provide Biblical training in areas that have little access to theological resources, and they are making great strides in this mission. We hope these questions and answers with Darren Carlson will draw you closer to the work that God is doing through them and into faithfully praying for them!

    Above photo: The Carlson family members


    IMAGO DEIGospel Partner Spotlight: The Carlsons

    At what point in your life did God prompt you to start TLI?

    In 2003, I learned the massive need for theo-logical education around the world. Five years later I had a plan to help meet that need. The rest is history.

    Can you share about your vision for this ministry? Can you elaborate about your next ministry effort?

    We are trying to meet the need for the training of leaders around the world. One new location is in the Philippines, in an area of intense persecution. The church has been meeting together for years and seen their numbers fluctuate due to martyrdom. We are now providing them with systematic Bible training.

    What is your favorite Bible passage and why?

    Psalm 15:4 A righteous man swears to his own hurt and does not change. I want to be known as someone who will always follow through with what I will say I will do, no matter what.

    Can you share a little about each of your children and their personalities?

    Having 5 children, there is so much to say. Our three-year-old provides the most to talk about. Like climbing up a 8 foot book shelf at 3:30am to get our Wii (that we hid), plugging it in and playing MarioKart. We found him downstairs. I also once shut down a Cabelas because I couldnt find him. He was hiding in a gun safe.

    TLI in Myanmar


    TLI in India

    IMAGO DEIGospel Partner Spotlight: The Carlsons

    What are ways that your family enjoys spending time together?

    We have five kids under eight, including an infant. We just moved. I think its safe to say we are just happy to be treading water.

    What are some specific ways for IDC to pray for you?

    Personal I have been experiencing some severe headaches for the past month. It seems to be related to changes that I need to make in my diet, so I learned that I need to start restricting gluten, wheat, sugar, dairy, etc. It is not the most exciting news I have ever received, but I am thankful to the Lord that healing seems to be taking place. Im still not 100%, but I am feeling much better!

    Family we can recover from a year of having a baby, selling our home (47 showings), and moving. It feels we have had no routine for a year.

    Ministry End of year giving is a big thing for our ministry. Last year, 40% of gifts came in the last 30 days.

    Is there anything else you would like to share with IDC?

    Thanks for your prayers and support. We are honored that you have partnered with us.


    IMAGO DEIGospel Partner Prayer Requests

    John & Jessie ChengCru Dallas, TX

    John and Jessie continue to seek Gods direction as they invest in several

    communities here in the Dallas area, including UTD international students, refugees, and the Childrens Hospital. Please PRAY:

    For God to help orchestrate the logistics of a large Christmas outreach that Jessie is leading at Childrens Hospital called Little Gifts of Hope. Also, for God to use this event to deepen Jessies relationships and influence among the administrative and medical staff there.

    For Johns aquaponics ministry that is helping alleviate child hunger in Dallas. Please pray as he continues raising awareness and funding for this effort among churches and the greater Dallas community.

    We are thankful for how the Lord has allowed IDC to partner with many

    incredible individuals, couples and families who faithfully work to share Christ,

    help plant churches in unreached areas and care for orphans. Here are ways

    we can intercede on behalf of our Gospel Partners. To learn more about IDCs

    Gospel Partners, please visit

    Bruce & Denise KendrickEmbrace Dallas, TXBruce and Denise Kendrick lead Embrace, a ministry serving at-risk, foster and adopted children and their families. The Kendricks are currently traveling on their year-long Hometown Tour to equip churches across the U.S. who desire to begin their own orphan care ministries. Please PRAY:

    For God to continue deepening their family relationships and dependency upon Him as they travel together throughout the country. Pray for strength and wisdom as they homeschool together while juggling ministry commitments.

    For God to continue to establish connections with churches in North Carolina, Orlando, and New Orleans. God is truly igniting the hearts of many churches around the country, who are rising up to care for and impact the lives of orphans!


    IMAGO DEIGospel Partner Prayer Requests

    Kyle & Carrie WileyLifeVesting International Mobile, AlabamaKyle and Carrie are launching LifeVesting, which is a sending agency that will connect North American churches with churches in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, where there is little access to the Gospel. Please PRAY:

    For continued wisdom as they see more groups interested in working in Thailand; theyre already looking at the possibility of four trips getting off the ground!

    For their family to continue connecting with more of their neighbors so that they might best know how to serve and invite them into who they are as a family.

    They want to share a major praise for their family: the Wileys have become covenant members at South City Church in Mobile! They want to express their gratitude for praying with them about finding a church home.

    Trace & Christa HaglerTo Every Tribe Oaxaca, MexicoTrace and Christa focus on sharing the Gospel with an unreached Zapotec people group outside of Oaxaca. Please PRAY:

    That they would readjust and begin new schedules. Aidan is attending half day of a private Mexican school. Annalise has begun Mexican Kinder or preschool. Rebecca and Andrew are at home full time, and Andrew is starting all new curriculum. Andrew is dyslexic, so there is a big learning curve this year.

    For their team in Oaxaca as they continue making specific plans and goals for the reaching village with the Gospel.

    For their marriage to continue to be strengthened and they can grow together and support one another well during adjustments and as they walk through family struggles.


    IMAGO DEIGospel Partner Prayer Requests

    Training Leaders InternationalTLI mentors and sends pastors, seminary professors, and graduate students to bring theological education around the world through short-term trips, long-term sending, and school planting. Please PRAY:

    For spiritual protection over Darren & Amy Carlson as they lead TLI initiatives to train and disciple global pastors. Specifically, pray for Darren as he has experienced some unusual medical concerns recently and for his body to heal and recover as he makes dietary changes.

    For more churches to partner with TLI as they prepare for the 30+ trips they have planned within the next year in order to educate pastors and church leaders around the world.

    Gospel Partners In Asianames/location withheldThis team is based in a remote area of Asia in order to reach an unengaged people group with the Gospel. Please PRAY:

    For the hearts of the Cat people, whom this team will serve in a remote part of the country, Lord willing, after they finish language training.

    For God to open the hearts and minds of four women with whom this team has built good relationships so they will receive the message of the Gospel and put their faith in Christ. Further, they want to share a huge praise for a man (known as fruit vendor man) who recently committed his life to Christ!

    Gospel Partners in Western Asianames/location withheldThis team has just moved overseas to the host coun