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  • Vol. 94 No. 10 2015 The Community Press




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    Got an opinion? Colerain Townshipofficials want to hear it over the nexttwo weeks.

    Specifically, they are enlisting stu-dents from Northern Kentucky Univer-sity to ask you how you feel about thestate of the township and the services itprovides. NKU students will conducttelephone interviews of randomly se-lected citizens across the township dur-ing the weeks of April 6 and April 13.The calls will be made in the eveningfrom about 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    Frank Birkenhauer, assistant admin-istrator and development director forColerain Township, said the goal is toget 250-300 responses. The survey willask residents about the quality of ser-vices offered by the township, and is be-ing designed to gauge the priorities ofresidents.

    Our general fund has taken a hit,Birkenhauer said. We want to knowhow residents want us to prioritize howwe spend what we have.

    The township is using registered vot-er lists from the Hamilton CountyBoard of Elections and will take ran-dom samples from different areas ofthe township. Birkenhauer said the

    township is using the vot-er list because it also pro-vides phone numbersand can ensure the town-ship is hearing from resi-dents in a variety ofareas. The identity ofsurvey respondents willbe confidential.

    The students who willcall for the survey are part of a gradu-ate level research methods course forthe masters in public administrationprogram at NKU. Thomas Lambert, as-sistant professor of public administra-tion, said ideally the survey should lastno more than 10 minutes. The shorterthe survey, the more responses we arelikely to get, he said.

    Hes hoping the final survey willhave no more than 25 questions.

    A draft of the survey showed thereare questions about how much of aproblem residents feel the townshiphas with run-down and poorly main-tained houses and buildings, violentcrime and property crimes. There arequestions about safety services and theparks and the community center.

    The survey also asks whether the re-spondent would support a park levy or aroad levy.

    Birkenhauer said some officials

    have interpreted the failure of a JointEconomic Development Zone alongColerain Avenue last November tomean residents dont want to pay forroads or parks.

    We think we need to ask if that is thecase, Birkenhauer said. It may be thatpeople simply didnt like the fundingmechanism.

    We think this is a good start to a dis-cussion with residents about how theyfeel about the services and quality oflife in the township, and what prioritieswe should pursue, he said. We willshare the survey results on our website,and well present the results at a futuretrustee meeting.

    Lambert says he hopes residentswho get the calls will take the survey.

    The more responses students canget from the pool of 1,400 phone num-bers, the lower the margin of error forthe survey will be, he said.

    The margin of error varies inverselywith sample size: the fewer people in-terviewed, the larger the sampling er-ror. Lambert said hed like to see a mar-gin of error of plus or minus 5 percent-age points or less.

    We are hopeful people will partici-pate, as this is not a marketing researchsurvey. And we hope people who do par-ticipate feel that they can speak freely.

    Colerain Township to surveyresidents in AprilJennie


    The Mount Healthy CitySchool District is spendingmore than $100,000 to replace aportion of its five-year-old cam-era security system in all threebuildings.

    The problem is not with themore than 300 cameras in thedistricts three schools. Rather,the system that runs the cam-eras has malfunctioned, said Ja-son Lavalle, facilities and tech-nology coordinator for the dis-trict. The system was installedwhen the new school buildingswere opened in the fall of 2010and the winter of 2011.

    The Mount Healthy board ofeducation approved a contractfor the security system worklast week. Lavalle said the dis-trict would reposition somecameras, change out the serv-ers that store the recordedvideo and get new software torun the system. The cost of theproject is estimated to be about$56,000 at the junior/senior highschool and $24,687 at each of thetwo elementary schools. He

    says it will be about three weeksbefore the new system is up andrunning, beginning at the ju-nior/senior high school.

    There are 334 cameras in thedistricts three buildings.Mount Healthy Junior/SeniorHigh School has 150 cameras,Mount Healthy North Elemen-tary School each have 54 cam-eras and there are also camerasat the bus lot, athletic fields andthe board office.

    Because the system is inte-gral to school security, theboard authorized the contractas an urgent necessity, meaningit did not have to go out for com-petitive bid. Lavalle says its asafety and security issue.

    We had an incident recentlyin which a teacher was injuredduring a fight in one of thebuildings and it was not cap-tured on video because the cam-era in the area of the accidentwas not operational, he said.We dont have someone whosits and looks at a bank of cam-eras all day. So we likelywouldnt know a camera is notoperational until we need tolook at the video.

    The system is web-based,which means it can be accessedoutside the building. Lavallesaid the new software has anumber of upgrades, includingone that makes it easy to track apersons movements throughthe building from camera to

    camera and produce a video ofthat movement.

    The cameras really are in-valuable in getting to the bot-tom of problems or issues thatcome up in our buildings, La-valle said. The video can cor-roborate a story, or show the

    complicity of people involved.Superintendent Lori Han-

    dler agreed. In some cases, thecameras act as a deterrent, shesaid. In others, where we haveone kids word against anoth-ers, the camera is our bestchance to get at the truth.


    Mount Healthy officials can check all of the districts cameras via computer, but some of them dont alwaysfunction because of software failures.

    Mt. Healthyreplacingsecuritysystem Jennie



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