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  • Is Oculus Rift the ultimate

    empathy machine?

    Josepha Wessels

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    Most YouTubed War in Human History

  • Who makes the activist videos ?

  • When an Aleppo clip goes viral ?

    False Alarm by Abdallah Hakawati

    Project Syria

  • Welcome To Aleppo

    First Ever War Zone report in 360


    Six GoPro Cameras stuck together

    3D printed Tripod

    Equipment attracts dangerous attention

  • Skipping the Oculus ?

  • 360toSyria

    Get small 360degree cameras into Aleppo

    Work with 5 different media centres

    Record daily life stories in a war zone

    Helmet cams for the White Helmets

    360 Degree You Tube Channel

    Media installations abroad

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