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Non-government Environmental Organization. John F. Corbett, III Bio.335-Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Keystone College January 21, 2010. Hawks Aloft, Inc. PO Box 10028 Albuquerque , NM 87184 Phone: 505 828-9455 Fax: 505 828-9769 E-Mail: Mission and Focus. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • John F. Corbett, IIIBio.335-Wildlife and Fisheries BiologyKeystone CollegeJanuary 21, 2010

  • PO Box 10028 Albuquerque , NM 87184 Phone: 505 828-9455 Fax: 505 828-9769 E-Mail:

  • Hawks Aloft, a non-profit, organization incorporated in 1994 to address issues of critical concern to native birds in New Mexico. Our mission is to conserve indigenous wild birds and their habitats through education, research, and cooperation with other organizations

    We focus on four main areas to achieve our goal of conserving avian species: ConservationAvian ResearchEducationMitigations

    We have a strong track record working with Federal and State Government departments, non-government agencies, businesses, and schools within New Mexico. Key clients include:Bureau of Land Management (BLM) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service U.S.D.A. Forest Service U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • We employ a team of dedicated professionals that are motivated by the opportunity to be part of a conservation organization that makes a difference in New Mexico. Our project managers are experts in their field and are supported by a team of qualified and experienced field assistants and administrative personnel. The team at Hawks Aloft includes:Avian and wildlife biologists Education specialists GIS technicians We work in partnership with our clients to provide a flexible and tailored service. We believe that conservation, research, and education are all important approaches to preserve New Mexicos birds and their habitats. We offer our clients avian conservation expertise combined with strong project management and educational skills to really make a difference.

  • Middle Rio Grande Bosque Restoration We work with agencies and organizations conducting riparian restoration to ensure that their activities do not adversely affect raptors and songbirds that depend on this vital habitat. Species Specific Conservation We have actively participated in special focus groups to develop conservation plans for specific species or to promote awareness of the issues relative to certain animals, such as Gray Vireo, Burrowing Owl, Cooper's Hawk, and Black-tailed prairie dog.

    Avian Rescues As part of our mission, our staff are on call to respond to reports of injured raptors, roadrunners, crows and ravens, and sometimes even songbirds. Although we are not a rehabilitation facility, we work with with wildlife rehabilitators statewide. Our staff is specially trained to capture and safely transport injured birds from anywhere in the state. We are the only New Mexico organization fully equipped to rescue and transport eggs.

  • Our team of biologists and naturalists are experienced in conducting research and monitoring a wide variety of avian species. We are particularly skilled at (but not limited to) raptor and songbird research. We undertake all survey and monitoring projects with an appreciation of our clients overriding objectives. We combine this client-focused approach with our knowledge of wider issues within New Mexico to deliver meaningful data and analyses.A team of avian biologists who are experts in their field.Experienced and efficient project managers.Established relationships with government agencies and corporations in New Mexico.A locally-based organization, operating across the state.High standards of financial control.Client-focused approach.

  • Mexican Spotted Owl

  • Flammulated OwlKelly Ward-Summer 1999


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