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<p>Nishard Ghouse</p> <p>Nishard GhouseGraduate, Engineering Product Development, SUTD</p> <p>MECHANICAL</p> <p>Universal Energy HarvesterCapstone project where the product can harness energy from rotational and oscillation motion and wind energy to light up a village in India. </p> <p>Harnessing energy from oscillatory motion (swings)</p> <p>Automatic Suturing ArmA cross disciplinary project between the Circuits and Electronics and Structures and Materials Modules where we built a robotic arm.</p> <p>MT BotEngineering Design and Product Development Module where a team of 4 designed a spherical robot capable of driving on sand, gravel, grass and water.</p> <p>Vertical Wind TurbineA vertical wind turbine was designed and fabricated including the blades, gearbox and three phase coil windings. </p> <p>Gear DesignDesigned and fabricated gears for the Universal Energy Harvester, a vertical wind turbine and for a system to analyse motion on water.</p> <p>CONTROL SYSTEMS</p> <p>Maritime RobotX ChallengeDeveloped the PID control system for an unmanned boat.Also designed the motor mount structure. </p> <p>Inverted PendulumImplemented a continuous time and discrete time controller for an inverted pendulum. </p> <p>ELECTRICAL</p> <p>Power ElectronicsDesigned a linear regulator, boost converter, AC-DC converter and a battery overcharge protection circuit.</p> <p>Solar RegulatorDeveloped a solar regulator with sun tracking mechanism to charge phones and light up a Christmas tree.</p> <p>Micro Nano FabricationFabrication of micro fluidic devices, Usage of SEM, Printing using projection stereo lithography etc. </p>