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Nishard Ghouse

Nishard GhouseGraduate, Engineering Product Development, SUTD


Universal Energy HarvesterCapstone project where the product can harness energy from rotational and oscillation motion and wind energy to light up a village in India.

Harnessing energy from oscillatory motion (swings)

Automatic Suturing ArmA cross disciplinary project between the Circuits and Electronics and Structures and Materials Modules where we built a robotic arm.

MT BotEngineering Design and Product Development Module where a team of 4 designed a spherical robot capable of driving on sand, gravel, grass and water.

Vertical Wind TurbineA vertical wind turbine was designed and fabricated including the blades, gearbox and three phase coil windings.

Gear DesignDesigned and fabricated gears for the Universal Energy Harvester, a vertical wind turbine and for a system to analyse motion on water.


Maritime RobotX ChallengeDeveloped the PID control system for an unmanned boat.Also designed the motor mount structure.

Inverted PendulumImplemented a continuous time and discrete time controller for an inverted pendulum.


Power ElectronicsDesigned a linear regulator, boost converter, AC-DC converter and a battery overcharge protection circuit.

Solar RegulatorDeveloped a solar regulator with sun tracking mechanism to charge phones and light up a Christmas tree.

Micro Nano FabricationFabrication of micro fluidic devices, Usage of SEM, Printing using projection stereo lithography etc.