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A quick and easy to follow tutorial about how you can start selling your games online. It shows how to monetize your game online.


<ul><li>1.Nine Steps to Sell Games Online:<br />A guide for aspiring game publishers<br />2010<br /></li></ul> <p>2. 2<br />Agenda<br />Step 1: The Right Billing Model<br />Step 2: In-Game Flash Payments<br />Step 3: The Right Mix of Payment Options<br />Step 4: Optimization and Customization<br />Step 5:One Click Payment Module<br />Step 6: Software Specific Fraud Prevention Rules<br />Step 7: Multicurrency Support<br />Step 8: Multilingual Customer Support<br />Step 9: Monitoring and Control<br />URL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />3. 3<br />Step 1 Business Model<br />Your Business Model Must:<br /></p> <ul><li>Have scalable microtransaction support </li></ul> <p>4. Be compliant with the latest industry security requirements i.e. PCI compliant to store credit card details 5. Support numerous payment options 6. Be easily monitored , tracked and modified when necessaryURL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />7. Step 2 In-game Flash Payments<br />4<br />No Redirection Needed<br />Turns Gamers into Payers <br />Easy to set up<br />Extremely Secure<br />URL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />8. 5<br />Step 3 Payment Methods<br />Credit Cards<br />Real-time Bank Transfers<br />eWallets<br />Prepaid Cards<br />Direct Debits<br />Cash Payments<br />Bank Transfers<br />Virtual Currencies<br />SMS Services<br />IVR Payments<br />URL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />9. 6<br />Step 4 Optimization of Payment Page<br />Promotions Feature<br />Fits the Game Layout<br />Highly Secure<br />Right Mix of Payment Options<br />10. Step 5.1: One Click Payments<br />7<br />How Does the One Click Payment Improve Your Standard Checkout Process<br />Returning Customer<br /></p> <ul><li>Customer Chooses to Pay </li></ul> <p>11. Customer Enters CC details 12. Customer Confirms Payment 13. Customer Continues to Play Returning Customer with <br />One Click Payment<br /></p> <ul><li>Returning Customer Chooses to Pay </li></ul> <p>14. Customer Chooses: Yes/No 15. Customer Continues to Play URL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />16. Step 5.2: One Click Payments - Flow<br />8<br />Standard Flow<br />One Click Payment<br />URL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />17. 9<br />Step 6: Fraud Prevention Package<br />Certified by Thawte<br />Velocity checks &amp; Black lists<br />Geo-location technologies<br />Tailor-made fraud rules<br />Gaming Purchase Patterns<br />URL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />18. Step 7: Multicurrency Support <br />10<br />URL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br />19. Step 8: Customer Support<br />Customer is unhappy <br />or <br />Wants more information<br />Step 1: Contacts G2S <br />Step 2: Finds what they need<br />Step 3: Makes a Purchase<br />Step 4: Becomes a loyal Customer<br />20. Step 9: Control of Your Business<br />12<br />Last 15 Day Traffic <br />Today Processing Information<br />Take Action When Needed<br />Concentrate Where Necessary<br />Approval Ratio<br />Visits Per Country<br />21. 13<br />Gate2Shop Solution<br />Business Model Support<br /></p> <ul><li>Micro-transaction support </li></ul> <p>22. Software 23. Premium Content 24. Games/MMO plug-in 25. Innovative Billing ModelsMarketing Tools<br />Promotions<br />Affiliate Network<br />Cross-Sale/Up-Sale<br />Many Alternative Payment Options<br />Flash Payment Page<br />Technical Features<br /></p> <ul><li>Full Customization</li></ul> <p>26. Key License Management 27. API Integration 28. Buy Now/Subscribe Now Buttons 29. Add to Cart ButtonsRisk Management Tools<br /></p> <ul><li>Reporting </li></ul> <p>30. Risk Management 31. Fraud Prevention 32. Chargeback GuaranteeURL: , Tel:: +44 20 3051 0330,<br /></p>