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  • NinchishoDementia) Supporter Caravan"Supporter Training in Communities

    National Caravan-Mate Coordinating CommitteeHiroko Sugawara

  • "Ninchisho Suppor ter Caravan" = Dement ia Edi f icat ion

    Campaign to encourage early detection and treatment while reducing prejudice and gaining awareness

    Ninchisho(Dementia) Supporter is... not a special someoneWith proper knowledge of dementia, they aid, support, and watch over the people and their families

    Caravan-Mate is... Trainer for the Ninchisho Supporters

    12,042 126,621 384,358 834,071

    1,511,554 2,297,920

    3,010,789 3,767,658

    4,564,426 5,000,895

    2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

    Target : 6 mil. people in 2017

    5.5mil. People as of Sep. 2014

    Started NinchishoSupporter Caravan

    Reached to 1 mil.In fiscal 2009

    Reached to 4 mil.In fiscal 2013

    Targe:4 mil.

    Target : 1 mil.


    5,5mil. as of Sep.

  • 3rd Tier

    2nd Tier

    1st Tier

    "Ninchisho Suppor ter Caravan System

    Framing of Ninchisho Supporter Active in regions and workplaces

    with multi-tiered support for dementiaAble to keep living in the familiar environment


    National Caravan-Mate Coordinating Committee

    Companies and Organizations

    National Caravan-Mate Coordinating Committee

    Trainers for Supporter Training Caravan-Mate (multi-role)



    -> Watch/Support

    Caravan-Mate Training Instructors(medical profession)


    Caravan-Mate trainingTrainers for the supporter training

    Caravan-Mate trainingTrainers for the in-house

    supporter training

    Supporter training by municipal Caravan-Mates


    Workplace supportertraining by companies and

    organizations Caravan-Mates

    FY 2014Ave. 16 times/mo

    Held at 2393 places

    Increasing 75,431 ppl/mo

  • People with dementia and their families

    1st Tier

    2nd Tier

    3rd Tier

    Knowledge Transfer and Multi-Tiered Support Infrastructure Using Unified Learning Resource

    2. Dement ia Awareness Campaign and Suppor t St ructure

    Support structure

    1) Medical professionals specializing in dementia trains 2) Caravan-Mates Dementia specialists

    Doctors at Dementia Medical Center, medical school professors

    Knowledge transfer

    Knowledge transfer

    Knowledge transfer

    Support byWatching



    Nursing care/consultation

    e.g. local residents, police officers, firefighters, vehicle drivers, transportation operators, shopkeepers, clerks, bankers, students(elementary, junior-high, high school), elderly club members, family clubs, children's committee, caretakers, couriers, postmen, mechanic, etc.

    3) 5.5 million Ninchisho Supporters in Practice

    e.g. care managers, nursing staff, public health nurses, nurses, doctors, nursing consultants, children's public welfare leaders, administrative, volunteer leaders, academics (professors, teachers), companies (CSR, training), etc.

    Multi-role Caravan-Mates2) Caravan-Mate (100,147) Train Ninchisho Supporter

  • 3. Effec t o f "Ninchisho Suppor ter Caravan" (1) Ear ly Detect ion and Treatment

    2012 comparison of 4 Reinan towns in Fukui prefectureNew patient severity by region (CDR): %

    Number of patients hospitalized, and severity upon their initial visitTowns with 2 Ninchisho supporters per elderly over age 65

    0 0 2.3 020.5 14.5

    22.1 25.0








    Tsuruga Mihama Wakasa Obama



    63 84




    19 14

    Tsuruga Mihama Wakasa Obama

    the first medicalexamination admit to hospital

    *CDR=Clinical Dementia Rating

    2012 New patient and inpatient comparison: people

  • 3. Effec t o f N inch isho Suppor ter Caravan ( 2 ) S u p p o r t e r a c t i v i t i e s : Z e r o Wa n d e r i n g - M i s s i n g

    ( K i k u c h i - s h i , K u m a m o t o p r e f e c t u r e )

    Regional-Watch Helpers

    D e m e n t i a R e g i o n a l W a t c h H e l p e r s D e m e n t i a R e g i o n a l W a t c h C o n t r i b u t o r s a n d

    C o l l a b o r a t o r s N i g h t W a t c h H e l p e r s

    Dementia Regional-Watch Helper Registration Form

  • . "Ninchisho Suppor ter Caravan" for overseas

    New YorkU.S.A. The Japanese American Association of New YorkAug., 2010 : Caravan-Mate Training Caravan-Mate


    TorontoCanadaToronto Japanese Social ServicesOct., 2013 : Caravan-Mate Training Caravan-Mate


    VancouverCanadaNikkei Seniors Health Care & Housing SocietySep., 2014 : Caravan-Mate Training Caravan-Mate

    DusseldorfGermanyDeutsch-Japanischer Verein fr kultursensible PflegeOct., 2014 : Caravan-Mate Training Caravan-Mate Ninchisho Supporters Training Course Supporter

    * Supporter Training planned in Netherlands, Denmark, and Switzerland at Japanese societies

    Planned in Thailand (Embassy in Thailand) Caravan-Mate Training "Ninchisho Supporters Training Course by Chinese" for the Chinese Returnees

    (on July 25, 2014) at China Returnees Support and Exchange Center

  • Sixth Grader Johoku Elementary School Student, Hikone-city,Shiga-pref.8

    NinchishoDementia) Supporter Caravan"Supporter Training in Communities"Ninchisho Supporter Caravan" = Dementia Edification"Ninchisho Supporter Caravan System2. Dementia Awareness Campaign and Support Structure3. Effect of "Ninchisho Supporter Caravan" (1) Early Detection and Treatment3. Effect of Ninchisho Supporter Caravan (2)Supporter activities: Zero Wandering-Missing (Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto prefecture) . "Ninchisho Supporter Caravan" for overseas 8