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Christopher Gordon, Ph.D. Branch Chief, NIMH Division of AIDS Research


  • 1. NIMH/DARResearch Priorities andFunding OpportunitiesChristopher Gordon, Ph.D.Branch Chief,NIMH Division of AIDS ResearchJohns Hopkins CFARNovember 5, 2014

2. Toward Combination HIV PreventionCoates 2008 Lancet 3. Selected NIMH HIV Research PrioritiesTargets Funding OppsAdherence to ART and PrEP PA-14-126Steps in HIV care continuum PA-14-132ApproachesSocial determinants and structural interventions PA-14-133Addressing stigma and health PA-13-248Mental health and syndemic factors Stay tunedBasic behavioral and social science PA-14-127Implementation science PA-14-131PopulationsKey populations evidencing disparities Throughout 4. Adherence to ART and PrEPNIMH PA-14-126Improve adherencemonitoringNovel approaches/technologies for:-- Timely detection of non-adherence-- Triaging those in need to intervention-- Empower patients via real-time feedback loopsTest novel interventionsto improve PrEP andART outcomes-- Technology-assisted approaches-- Targeting syndemic factors (e.g. depression)-- Structural/social determinants approaches(e.g. microeconomic, food security, anti-stigma)WisepillHaberer 2010 AIDS BehavCBT-ADSafren 2009 Health PsyNIMH Contact:Dr. Michael Stirratt 5. Improving the HIV Care ContinuumNIMH PA-14-130Study pathways through thecare continuum-- longitudinal studies-- disparities populationsIdentify determinants andevaluate approaches tostrengthen-- HIV testing (inc. home-testing)-- Linkage to care-- Retention in careRequires research teams to be academic & DoH partnerships.NIMH Contact:Dr. Christopher GordonWel-Tel Retain InterventionVan der Kop + Lester 2013 BMJ OpenDeterminants of Care EngagementMugavero 2011 CID 6. Social Determinants/Structural InterventionsNIMH PA-14-133Target areas include -- Stigma and discrimination -- Social violence-- Economic factors -- Legal factorsEmphasis on -- mechanisms by which social determinants shapeprevention and treatment-- informing structural interventions to amelioratethese processes and improve outcomesSocioculturalCommunityInterpersonalIndividualNIMH Contact:Dr. Cynthia GrossmanSocio-Ecologic PerspectivesFood Insecurity / Income GenerationWeiser 2011 Am J Clin NutrTsai 2013 PLoS Med 7. Implementation Science and Translational ResearchNIMH PA-14-129/131Key HighlightsProgram Officer: Christopher GordonMechanism(s): R01 (131) R21 (129)Objectives andScopeMaximize the publichealth impact ofavailableinterventions- Deliver interventions efficiently and effectively- Transfer from one setting/population others- Better-informed public health decisionsProjects include, butare not limited to:- Dissemination Research- Research Syntheses- Cost-effectiveness- Health Systems- Comparative Effectiveness- Policy Analysis 8. NIMH Division of AIDS Research Contact InformationSusannah Allison, Ph.D. allisonsu@mail.nih.govPim Brouwers Ph.D. ebrouwer@mail.nih.govDeborah Colosi, Ph.D. Deborah.colosi@nih.govRebecca DelCarmen-Wiggins, Ph.D. rdelcarm@mail.nih.govChristopher Gordon, Ph.D. cgordon1@mail.nih.govCynthia Grossman, Ph.D. grossmanc@mail.nih.govJeymohan Joseph, Ph.D. jjeymoha@mail.nih.govWillo Pequegnat, Ph.D. wpequegn@mail.nih.govDianne Rausch, Ph.D. drausch@mail.nih.govMichael Stirratt, Ph.D. stirrattm@mail.nih.govDavid Stoff, Ph.D. dstoff@mail.nih.gov5601 Fishers LaneRockville, MD 20852THANKS!


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