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Niko Niko is a mood tracking and analytics platform. We give managers a real-time pulse on how their employees feel, helping them maximize productivity, retention, and communication (especially with Gen Y). Team leaders layer Niko Niko data with metrics that drive their business (e.g. sales, retention, customer satisfaction). They use this information to lead better meetings, spot early warning signs, and run experiments within their company. We also provide benchmarking and best practices across fields. Niko Niko replaces annual engagement surveys with real-time engagement. Niko Niko is: - Flexible: write your own questions or choose from our bank written by top psychologists. - Fast: no surveys, no links -- just swipe your smiley and add 140 characters. In 15s or less. - Mobile: answer from anywhere via phone, email, or browser. - Actionable: layer Niko data with your business drivers and receive insights based in positive psychology. - Anonymous: choose private or open answers.


  • 1. NIKO NIKO The mood tracking + analytics platform

2. ! Niko Niko gives you a real-time pulse on how your people feel, solving 3 major problems: Productivity: Happy employees are 22% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. ! Retention: Engaged employees are 87% more likely to stick around. ! Communication with Gen Y: Millennials are the largest generation in history and theyre used to constant, real-time feedback. 3. Niko Niko is: - Flexible: Write your own questions or use from a bank written by top psychologists. -Fast: Employees can answer in 10 s or less. -Mobile: Answer from wherever you work. -Actionable: Layer mood data with metrics that drive your business (sales, retention). -Anonymous: Log anonymously or openly . Say goodbye to annual surveys. How energetic do you feel right now? 21st Century21st Century Pen and Paper 4. Heres how it works. 5. Ask the right questions. 6. Answer from anywhere. In 10s or less. 7. See how your people feel. 8. Or, if anonymous, see aggregate reporting. 9. Use the data to lead better meetings, spot early warning signs, and run experiments in your company. 10. Whos already using Niko Niko? Were also the only product refining our methodology with a Wharton study. 11. Forbes 30 Under 30 5+Years as product manager Studied positive psychology atYale Former head of applications development at Flatstack Experienced Internet founder and investor Math/Econ Major at Middlebury VFA Fellow Hi, were team Niko Niko! 12. Were an early stage startup passionate about bringing well-being metrics to the world. Were looking for large, progressive companies to pilot our software and work with us to help design the functionality that they need. 13. Schedule a demo