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Discussion of aspects that impact night photography, along with how humans and cameras percieve light in create the necessary image


  • 1. Night Photography 2/23/2012

2. Night Photography Star gazing City Scenes Countryside Anything! 3. Time lapse 4. Environmental Impacts Light pollution Airborn particles 5. Weather Clouds Rain Fog Particularly along coast lines and otherwaterways 6. Human Vision 7. Techniques Look off center Avoid bright lights Stay hydrated Avoid hypoxia Can be a factor as low as 5000 Effectiveness reduced by 25% at 8000 8. Human vision to DigitalPhotography Sensor converts light into electrons2 varieties CCD and CMOS Both baby solar cells Electrons enter the cell and create a charge Charge is read by the camera to create the image 9. Getting light to the Lens has an aperture sensor Setting controls how far it opens measured in F stops Camera has a shutter Measured in fractional seconds to seconds Film has a sensitivity ISO 100-1600 10. Hands on activity Outside night photos Mapreading after exposure to different lights 11. Observations 12. Post-Processing Photoshop Lightroom Gimp


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