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Technology.Innovation.Entertain-ment. Beau-ty. Progress.After 40fantasticyears as aleader inG u a m shospitalityindustry,

these simple words outline the HiltonGuam Resort and Spas commitment tomaking the next 40 years even better.Immediate plans the result of more

than two years of research and planning focus efforts and $6 million to improve-ment in three key areas: communication,guest activity and aesthetics.Its an exciting time for Nicolaus A.

Priesnitz, the hotels general manager whohas devoted his career to hospitality theonly life hes ever known.At the top of the list is a new telephone

system in each room, based on internetprotocol and available in 14 different lan-guages. Each phone, as well as each tele-

vision, will offer touch screen servicesand video entertainment, all delivered inthe guests native language.Priesnitz says this system will put

Guams Hilton technologically ahead ofother properties on Guam, even setting itapart from just about every other hotel inthe world. He says he knows of only oneother property in the U.S. with such a sys-tem.

In the hotel industry, you reach 40years and you are perceived as not new. Sowe needed to do something monumental.

W e are now dealing with so many newmarkets from so many origins that com-munications has become more challeng-ing. W e dont want anything to be lost intranslation, and we want to take the humanerror out of those situations, he says.Should a Russian guest need a couple

of new towels, for instance, the guest canmake that request electronically. In mo-ments, that request travels through the In-ternet, gets translated in English to thehousekeeping staff who can then executethe request and log it as completed on

their new mobile com-munication devices.

Priesnitz saysthat its been agreat experienceworking withcompanies suchas MCV, whichalso investedheavily to address

Hiltons needs.Thats what we always

look for when working with local busi-nesses, those who understand our needs,our challenges, our business mix and bea part of these great projects, he says.As the hotel celebrates 40 years on

Guam, Priesnitz says it is also time to pullthe main tower the only part of the ho-tel thats been around since February 1972 into the modern age.Little by little, each room will be gut-

ted and outfitted in modern design yetallow for Guams outdoor features to shineindoors as well.You will see that the rooms will have

a very clean, contemporary design as webring many of the beautiful features ofGuam into the room. The room itself will



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In the hotel industry, you reach 40 years and youare perceived as not new. So we needed to do

something monumental. We are now dealing with somany new markets from so many origins that com-

munications has become more challenging. Wedont want anything to be lost in translation, and

Nicolaus Priesnitz, General Manager of the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa, is excited to celebrate the hotels 40th anniversary, and get started on all of the great changes planned.

appear larger. W e will strive for flex-ibility in the room, making it ap-pealing for those who come here forbusiness and also the many localswho take advantage of some greatoffers throughout the year and wantto enjoy the facility with their fami-lies, says Priesnitz.The renovation will also take ad-

vantage of todays eco-technologyto make simple acts such as turningon the lights or the sink all part of thehotels quest to save money and inthe end, do their part to keep Guamgreen.The final key feature is the instal-

lation of an aerial zip line. Using theunused, landscaped property at thehotels northern end, a new compa-ny, Zip Guam, will construct tworides. One will travel over the hotelproperty while the other sends theguests zooming out to the ocean. Itwill be built and operated by Zip Guam,who is leasing the property. The companyhas an existing operation in Fiji.I think Guam as a whole benefits from

new attractions that are appealing to visi-tors. Guam is competing with other islandand city desitinations when people choosewhere theyre going to spend their holidays,says Robert Philips, Director of BusinessDevelopment. So the more attractions wecan add, the better it is for the whole island.The Guam Museum being built, that willadd to the mix. The new Zorb ball is fan-tastic. Theres more shopping coming to theisland, hopefully more cultural activities These are all great reasons to come toGuam.

Philips adds that Hiltons im-

provements raise the standards for the restof the hospitality industry on Guam, and asdifferent properties strive to raise the barthemselves, Guam entire tourism industrywill see the benefits.Priesnitz also plans to be one of the first

to test the new zip lines when they are com-pleted. At 6-foot-2 and some 230 pounds, thehotels leader will assure that all is well fromthe start.I will definitely be in the forefront to

make sure everything is safe and sound. Ithink it would be only fair to make sure, hesays. He added a smile, then adds: Since Iexceed the average height and weight of thetypical person on Guam, and visitor Ithink that everyone who goes after me willalso feel safe and sound.

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Technology and innovation

Hiltons goal isto have the bestconnectivity forevery guest. Up-grades include:Wireless Inter-net in all guestrooms and hotelfacilities

Interactive phonesystem program-mable

in up to 14 languages. Guestscan order Room Service or makeservice requests in their nativelanguage. Also features a groupmessaging system allowing se-lected rooms to communicateamong themselves.

A new cable television systemwith 60 channels, offering moreinternational programming aswell as more American sportsand entertainment channels.

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Two aerial zip lines a first forGuam will give guests thechance to strap in and zoomover the hotels pristine land-scape, and even over the ocean.

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Hiltons Main Tower the original build-ing now 40 years old, is getting a $5million renovation. Inspired by new re-sort concepts sweeping throughoutAsia, Hiltons new look will offer a betterguest experience with new, larger bath-

rooms that project a clean, contem-porary design and energy efficient

accoutrements. Other upgrades,planned throughout the year, will

follow this concept and eco-friendly path.

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I think Guam as a whole benefits from new attractions that are appealing to visitors.Guam is competing with other island and city desitinations when people choose where

Hiltons 40-year old Main Tower, shown behind the pool, will undergo some $6 million in room renovations over the year. Each room will be gutted and outfitted with contemporary designs inspiredby recent trends as well as the environment of Guam itself.

General Manager Nicolaus Priesnitz, left and Robert Philips, Director of Business Development, discuss the land-scape layout for the upcoming zip line ride.

On February 16th,The Hilton GuamResort & Spa cel-ebrates its 40thanniversary. Af-ter nearly fourdecades onGuam, the Hiltonhas made the is-land its home,

partnering with local charities and variouscommunity causes in an effort to make the is-land a better place

We always want to give back. Were thehotel of choice for the local community, saysCrystal Sablan, Director of Market-ing Communications.

From the Guam Diabetes Asso-ciation to Ericas House of Hope,Hilton has ensured its name can alsobe used to help a good cause.

Every year, the Hilton kicks offthe holiday season with its annualtrain launch. Beneath the sparkleand tinsel of the Hilton decorations,the train launch draws hundreds inthe name of a good non-profit.

This past Christmas, the spon-sored trains helped pull in $1,500 tobenefit Ericas House.

Proceeds from the sponsors are

donated to a charity that we select, Sablansays.

Although theres money in our budget,there is a limit. These beneficiary funds helpus on rainy days, says Diana Nucum, Pro-gram Director for Ericas House. The non-profit organization provides support for par-ents and children in need of visitation andexchange services.

Another regular annual event around theholiday season is the Hiltons charity golftournament. While golfers happily take to thecourse to play, they also bring a toy to donateto Ericas House. Thanks to the tournament,fifty more gifts were unwrapped this pastChristmas and Ericas House also received adonation of $496.

I think its wonderful they thought about

the kids and helped with the Christmas spir-it, says Natalie de Leon, assistant director forEricas House.


For Winnie Butler, the Hilton holds a spe-cial place in her heart. When she arrived onGuam from the Philippines in 1969, she wasan architect for Thomas J. Davis, Inc. Shewas part of a design team for the very firstphase of the construction of the Hilton. Whenshe wasnt designing, she was modeling forthe company John Robert Powers. Now as theExecutive Director of the Guam Diabetes As-sociation, Butler still enjoys collaboratingwith the Hilton for their annual conference.

Shes quick to name thebanquet team, which in-spired her to write a thankyou letter to their generalmanager.

Olympia Mutuc, Rey Flores, and GlendaVilla, she says.

When you do logistics for an event, itsreally hard especially when you have off-is-land speakers, Butler says. With the Hiltonstaff, I dont have to worry whether it will bea suc