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A curated collection of work done in school and abroad.


  • Nick Nelson

    12713 Eby, Overland Park, KS, 66213

    Cell: 913-488-7861

    Home: 913-681-9936


  • Table of Contents

    Art Crate

    Musical Structure

    Timber in the City

    Unassigned Works

  • University of Missouri-Kansas City, Volker Campus, Katz Hall

  • For this project we were given a large block of high-density polyethylene and two pieces of art from the Egyptian display at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of art. We were to create a pavilion to house these pieces year round. I chose to embrace Egyptian concepts and created a religious and monumental place for the art to reside. The carved and heavy aspect of the design provides the feeling of shelter while not overwhelming the senses due to the play of light reflected from the angles of the room.

  • Musical Structure

  • During my time in Orvieto, Italy, the community played

    a large role in my education. For the final project of the

    semester I gave back what I had taken from that

    experience. I created a small interactive exhibit in the

    main public park of the city. The simple arches of the

    structure were meant to be reminiscent of the form of

    the cathedral in town, which is a major symbol of the city.

    Music was another important part of the local

    landscape as there was always a live band playing or

    concert occurring in town. This was integrated into

    this project in the form of glass bottles and a bamboo

    xylophone at the end of the structure. The material

    was a choice was due to the availability of bamboo

    stalks close to the construction site.

  • Scan


    by C




    Lashing Method

  • The site is located in Redhook, New York which is across the bay to the south of

    Manhattan Island. The building program called for a mixed use high-rise building

    constructed out of timber or other wood based products. The first half of the program

    called for a manufacturing area that is capable of producing wood based items. The

    second was an apartment complex that would be capable of housing 230 people.

    Timber in the City

  • Statue of Liberty

    Governors Island

    Manhattan Island

    Brooklyn Bridge


  • Each aspect of the building design works to create a strong central axis, towards the Statue of Libertyand a gesture from the local context to the city as a whole. The wood product manufacturing facility is the base and provides a block for the ramp to carve out of. The apartments, which are all punctured by outdoor space, are used to create 2 permeable walls surrounding the center. These elements create a strong axis, which focuses on the pride of the city, the Statue of Liberty. The focus on axis and center stems from a need in the neighborhood for a stronger community center; therefore, the addition of a public library to the building program was needed.

  • 1. Library

    2. Reading Room

    3. Apartments

    4. Community Garden





  • View from the community garden, up the ramp to the library.

  • Library view of the Statue of Liberty.

  • 1968 Ford Mustang GT

  • Design and the production of visual objects

    is something I genuinely enjoy. This is a

    small example of my work outside of the

    field of architecture. I modeled a 1968

    Mustang GT from a few photos I found

    online and rendered it directly from Rhino 5.

    I then painted over the rendering in

    Photoshop and added linework in Illustrator.

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