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  • Nick Gardner's 30-60-90 Day Plan & V2MOM

    How I will achieve success in my first 3 months at Salesforce

    Corporate Pres PowerPoint Template 4x3 FY14.pptx

  • Days 1-30: Learning Stage

  • Gain Product, Company, and Industry Knowledge Enroll and complete Salesforce new hire boot camp. Establish a thorough understanding of Salesforce products,

    internal systems, procedures, competitors and organization vision.

    Read, read, and read to become familiar with concepts, themes, and Salesforce strategic selling tips.

    Identify major trade publications, thought leaders, and other relevant news sources to understand audience

    Take other reps on team out to lunch to seek advice. Identify top performers and take them out to lunch to find out how they set themselves up for success.

    Contribute one new spiff idea that brings the team together for happy hour.

  • Sales Skill Development Find power users of the Salesforce tool and solicit one on

    one help to become an expert in the sales tool.

    Pair up with a mentor/coach to walk through initiatives, vertical challenges, and product footprint inside Salesforce.

    Identify what resources are aligned to Salesforce and how to best engage them to continue learning.

    Know common objections and qualifying questions Get fully ramped up on how to effectively use Chatter Pass necessary Salesforce Certification tests Develop a firm understanding of companies sales process,

    cold Calling 2.0, the SDR playbook and complete Sandler Training (Pain/Gain Funnel)

  • How to Stay on Track?

    Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals.

    Meet with Sales Manager, Sales Team, etc. to establish expectations, review forecasts and pipelines, weekly and bi weekly requirements and processes.

    Pinpoint one or two areas to work on per month, then track performance diligently.


  • Day 30-60

  • Sales Skill Development

    Read up on companies buyer personas, study most successful customers, and learn why closed-won customers bought product

    Interact with clients of all levels, in a variety of industries and across a broad geographical area to get a better sense of prospects that are worth reaching out to.

    Ask experienced SDRs for best practices on responding and qualifying incoming web and phone inquiries

    Understand best practices for maintaining active engagement with new and existing leads through creative follow up communications designed to increase customer interest in product

    Get comfortable disqualifying prospects

  • How to Stay on Track?

    Review organizational sales benchmarks Sit down with manager and identify top-level metrics Examples: - # of completed meetings with decision makers - Number of qualified opportunities created from inbound leads

    or target accounts

    - Total amount of pipeline generated - Lead to close ratio - Average number of touch points before a successful

    connection with a prospect - Percentage of opportunities won by lead source - % of opps that fell through (and why)

  • Day 60-90

  • Continued Development

    Shadow sales engineers, technical experts or tenured reps on their demos to see how they position the product for a prospects specific needs.

    Sit in on sales calls with AE to better understand how to handle objections and better understand how to counter them

    Have 1-on-1s with manager skill-focused coaching Understand my forecast, how to manage it and how to

    report it

  • How to Stay on Track?

    Continue to - Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely


    - Review organizational sales benchmarks - Meet with Sales Manager, Sales Team, etc. to establish

    expectations, review forecasts and pipelines, weekly and bi weekly requirements and processes.

    - Pinpoint one or two areas to work on per month, then track performance diligently.

  • V2MOM

  • Vision

  • What do I want to do?

    Be the top performing SDR in my class at the

    end of three months

  • Values

  • What is most important about my vision?

    Work ethic Accountability Curiosity Honesty Ambition Continued learning Passion Value added Resilience Empathy

  • Methods

  • How will I get the job done Set expectations with my manager Find mentors within the organization Establish a good cadence with the salesperson I am booking

    meetings for

    Shadow calls effectively Get comfortable picking up the phone Prioritize my time Define what trigger events help find good-fit prospects Find the sweet spot between the under and over qualification Get comfortable disqualifying prospects

  • Obstacles

  • Obstacles: What challenges, problems, and issues might stand in the way? 1. Lack of experience overcoming sales objections. - Be proactive when dealing with this. - Practice probing deeper to understand the core of an


    2. Learning the sales language

    - Some Salesforce terminology and sales processes may be different from ones I have been previously exposed to.

    - Make a point in the first few weeks to eliminate these challenges by meeting with experienced reps and reading up on company sales resources and docs.

  • Measures

  • How will I know when youve succeeded? Set smart, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely

    goals each day, week, and month. Meet these goals

    Exceed all of the following benchmarks and KPIs set by my manager:

    Enjoy the work I am doing and the people I am working with Effectively have integrated into the Aloha spirit Have taken part in at least three community opportunities

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