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    Some amazing Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa photos:

    The Shongololo Convey Gold class cabin (Southern Africa)

    The Shongololo Expresss exclusive touring idea eliminates interminable hours traveling longdistances in a tour bus and alleviates the day-to-day chore of packing and unpacking suitcases.Traveling comfortably and securely during the night, Shongololo Express trains conserve gueststreasured holiday time, arriving every dawn at a new and thrilling destination.There is a fleet of air-conditioned touring autos which is transported in special wagons on thetrain. Qualified multi-lingual guides (English, French &amp German spoken on board) are onhand to drive guests on inclusive, scheduled excursions. Their encounter and wealth ofunderstanding help passengers to get the most from every single days programme.Shongololo Convey supplies a quite unique touring expertise for travellers. From a warmwelcome and transfer to the train at the start of the journey, to an fascinating and varied systemof touring, excellent breakfasts and dinners on board, and a lounge full of new close friendsevery evening all these mix to produce an unforgettable holiday.

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