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  • 1. N-HOW HOTEL _ Cantilevered building _ Berlin _ Tchoban VossIdentify a cantilevered structure.The need for the cantilever ? (design issue) services, structural requirement, site response, or just visual.Explain the structural system flat beam / flat plate / truss, how is the behavior of the cantilever, how does it stay(concept)?

2. A three-storey block with a mirrored underside juts out from the top of a Berlin hotel, cantilevered about seventy feet andhovering eighty feet above the water..The huge cantilever comprises the upper three floors of the eleven-storey NHow Hotel, which was designed by Germanarchitects NPS Tchoban Voss.The end of the cantilever is fully glazed whilst the underside is clad in polished aluminium, creating a mirror that reflects thehotel roof below._Introduction to the structure 3. The structure of the building and the faade designrefer to the situation of the building A hugecantilevered cube cites the motif of a crane cabin,whereas the faades surface mingles into theubiquitous brown stone materiality at the formerlyimportant city harbor of Osthafen. 4. The complex has 2 U-shaped blocks whicheach open toward a terrace on the RiverSpree. The ground floors of both blocks arecompletely built over by a connectingstructure of glass which supports theimpression of an urban planning caesurabetween the blocks.The blocks are also connected with a glazedcatwalk in each of the 7 full storeys aboveground. The upper 3 will protrude furthertoward the River Spree to convey the imageof a crane house. _The need for the cantilever 5. On street level a floor-to-ceilingglass band with large-size panelsdistinguishes the hotel from theneighboring old storehouses. Thefaade zone above is formed byperforated brick coat withirregularly arranged squarewindows.The chosen bricks vary in color aswell as in their line-up adding avivid optical brigo to the massivevolume by an irregular surface.The fitted top levels (7th to 10thfloor) wear a highly reflectivealuminum cladding and allowsplendid views to the southwestthrough an all-glass doublefaade._The study of the cantilever 6. JUINAGAR RAILWAY STATION_ Cantilevered stairs_Foot Over-bridge


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