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  • 1.NFC-Enabled City Maps Measuring their Perceived Value Emre Ronay Roman Egger Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, AustriaENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 1

2. Agenda Introduction NFC technology Previous research Problem statement Smart Map Method Perceived Value Smart Map Use Case Test Study results Conclusion Limitations ENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 2 3. Introduction NFC Technology NFC allows to create a wireless, short-range communication between two NFC enabled devices by bringing them close to each other (Pesonen & Horster, 2012; Coskun et al., 2012, p. 7).A user with an NFC device can interact with certain objects which are referred to as Smart Objects such as NFC Tags (Coskun et al., 2012).ENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 3 4. Introduction Previous Research Currently, the usage of NFC is still in the testing phase (Coskun et al., 2012). Some research on NFC in tourism are; mobile payment (Pasquet et al., 2008; Pampattiwar, 2012), information retrieve (Ailisto et al., 2009; Coskun et al., 2012, p. 123), navigation information (zdenizci et al., 2011) or mobile couponing (Pelz, 2013, online). In addition, the NFC technology in transportation such as the ConTag in Frankfurt (Preuss, 2009), in hotels (Pesonen & Horster, 2012), stores and restaurants (Ailisto et al., 2009) or attractions (Rudametkin et al., 2010; Coskun et al. 2012, pp. 133-134 ) have been investigatedENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 4 5. IntroductionENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 5 6. Introduction Problem Statement Panorama Tours (Salzburg) --> Sound of Music tour (travelling to all the movierelated locations) However, the buses are not allowed to enter the old city of Salzburg. Therefore, tourists receive a map and have to visit the places by themselves. Therefore the idea was to attach NFC tags to the city map in order to provide additional information in an innovative and convenient way.ENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 6 7. Introduction Smart Map IdeaENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 7 8. Method Perceived Value Zeithaml (1988) defined perceived value as The consumers overall assessment of the utility of a product based on perceptions of what is received and what is given. Perceived value is a continuous measurement for building a close relationship with customers (Sweeney & Soutar, 2001).ENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 8 9. Method The PERVAL by Sweeney and Soutar (2001) has been implemented for the measurement.The customer satisfaction dimension was added, in order to understand whether perceived value has a positive influence on customer satisfaction ENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 9 10. Method Structural Equation Model - SPSS AMOSENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 10 11. Method H1: Emotional value of the Smart Map has a significant positive effect on perceived value. H2: Social value of the Smart Map has a significant positive effect on perceived value. H3: Functional value in terms of the price of the Smart Map has a positive effect on perceived value H4: Functional value in terms of the quality of the Smart Map significant effect on perceived value H5: Perceived value has a positive influence on customer satisfactionENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 11 12. Method Smart Map Use Case Tests One-on-one Smart Map explanation Example of the use caseIndividual use case test Survey after the Smart Map experienceENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 12 13. Study ResultsENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 13 14. Study Results Out of 100 (N=100) participants, 76 of them were not familiar with NFC technologyENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 14 15. Study Results Price of the Map91 of the respondents said that they are interested in further NFC use cases which is an important information concerning future research implications ENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 15 16. Study Results Map Preference Results indicated a higher preference with a mean of 4,23 for the Smart Map over the paper map with 3,52 and map applications with a mean of 3,19. It needs to be indicated that the regular paper map has still a higher preference than the map applications considering that the highest proportion of the age ranges were young people between 20-29 years old (54 of the people).ENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 16 17. Study ResultsENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 17 18. Study Results Correlation AnalysisENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 18 19. Study Results Regression AnalysisENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 19 20. Study Results ConclusionENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 20 21. Study Results Limitations Respondents are on a vacation on dont want to be disturbed in their experience by filling out a questionnaire and that why some responses might deviate from the perceptions of the tourists (Williams & Soutar, 2009) The tourists had rather short time to experience the Smart Map and couldnt move around with it. Only English was available. No price range for the map was given beforehandENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 21 22. THANK YOU emre.ronay@gmail.comENTER 2014 Research TrackSlide Number 22


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