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1. Section:GDN BE PaGe:1 Edition Date:110706 Edition:05 Zone:The peoples fashion icon How Kate dees the style snobsSent at 6/7/2011 1:39cYanmaGentaYellowblackEdie Falco Nurse Jackie buries Carmela SopranoPLUSFrank Gehrys rst SKYLINE skyscraper This panel tells the reader In G2 about what is happening in another section of the paper. It is to tempt readers inside the newspaper.G2 Page 10G2 Page 14 . Wednesday .. Published in London and Manchester AND DATE The Guardian costs 1.00p on weekdays and 1.90 on Saturdays. The price covers 50% of the cost of the newsprint. The rest comes from adverts.Families of 7/7 victims were targets of phone hackingJames Robinson, Amelia Hill, Sam Jones, Nick Davies and Dan Sabbagh The phone-hacking crisis enveloping the BYLINE News of the World intensied last night Sometimes the writers after it emerged that Scotland Yard has started to contact the relatives of victims job title or where they of the 7 writing from is are July 2005 attacks to warn them they were targeted by the paper. included. Staff writers are The revelation that bereaved family always credited. members may have had their mobile phone messages intercepted by Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator employed by the paper, in the days following the 2005 London bombings will heap further Rebekah Brooks was editor of the News of the World when Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were murdered pressure on the titles owner, News International, part of Rupert Murdochs media empire. Graham Foulkes, whose son David was killed in the attack at Edgware Road tube station, conrmed last night that he had been contacted by ocers from Operation Weeting, the Mets investigation into phone hacking. He said they had told him his mobile phone number, ex-directory landline number and address had been found in records made by Mulcaire that were recovered from the investigators oce in south London. Foulkess solicitor, Cliord Tibber, who represents several families who had relatives killed in the terrorist attack, said the news had come as a terrible shock to them as they prepared to mark the sixth anniversary of the bombings this week.STANDFIRSTA standfirst is used to add detail that was not included in the headline.PHOTOGRAPH: PETER MACDIARMID/GETTY New revelation deepens crisis at News of the World Ocers also set to review child murder casesHeadlineThe biggest headline on the page is called the main splash. This is a serious story so no jokes are made in the headline.MASTHEADThe masthead is a specially designed logo that shows the name of the newspaper.Four Afghan civilians killed in RAF drone attack Exclusive Nick HopkinsFour Afghan civilians were mistakenly killed and two others injured in an attack by a remotely controlled RAF drone targeting insurgent leaders in Helmand province, the Guardian has learned. The airstrike marks the rst conrmed operation in which one of the UKs Reaper aircraft has been responsible for the deaths of civilians, and comes amid growing concern on both sides of the Atlantic about increased use of drones in combat zones. The revelation may also complicate the task of British commanders in the province as they try to secure the trust of local people ahead of transition the symbolic moment later this month when Afghan forces take the lead for security in areas currently under UK control. However, the British military remain convinced about the use of Reapers and insist the civilian deaths were due to intelUSE OF COLOUR ligence failures on the ground rather than problems with the aircraft. Military oEvery page of the Guardian cials have told the Guardian it is possible is printed in colour, though that almost one third of the RAF could be pictures can still appear as made up of remotely controlled aircraft black and white. There is within 20 years, such is the condence in their capability. a double page photograph The airstrike that caused the civilian in the centre of every casualties was meant to kill a Taliban issue. No other national commander who was being tracked on the newspaper uses full colour. ground in the Now Zad district of north Helmand. According to sources, the leader was correctly identied and the Reaper, which was ying close by, was instructed to attack. The Reaper pilots were thousands of miles away at a US Airforce base No 30 bus in Tavistock Square; bereaved relatives of the 52 people killed on 7 July 2005 may have had their phones hacked in Nevada when they were given the all clear to re on two trucks. The news capped a dramatic day of The move is a direct response to the a result of media enquiries, it is correct to CAPTION Both vehicles were destroyed at unfolding developments in the News of Guardians exclusive story yesterday that state that new information has recently the World phone-hacking scandal. Mulcaire caused Millys parents to wrongly been provided to the police. give a brief least one of them is thought to have been Captions packed with explosives. An insurgent Police ocers are turning their attenbelieve she was still alive and interfered Pointedly, News International insisted description of a photograph commander and an associate were killed, tion to examine every high-prole case with police inquiries into her disappearlast night that the payments to the police or graphic. Often they include but it soon became clear that civilians involving the murder, abduction or attack ance by hacking into the teenagers did not relate to the period from 2000BODYTEXT the photographers were on any child since 2001 in response to mobile phone and deleting messages. 2003, when Rebekah Brook s was the name. also in the vehicles. It was extremely unfortunate that the the revelation that The main body of a journalists from the Last night it also emerged that News papers editor. Commentators last night civilians were killed, said a Whitehall tabloid newspaper hacked into the voiceInternational had given the Metropolisuggested that was a way for the company news story. Often the source. The attack would not have taken mail messages of theonly part written by the tan police details of payments made by murdered schoolgirl to deect the blame on to Coulson. place if we had known that there were Milly Dowler. News of the World to senior police ocers Pressure has intensied on the newspareporter. This text is civilians in the vehicles as well. Ocers have already told the parents of per and Brooks now News International the Guardians standard between 2003 and 2007, the period when The incident took place on 25 March this Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the girls Andy Coulson was the papers editor. chief executive who insisted she knew body text. The font is year and an inquiry was killed in Soham in 2002 by Ian Huntley, The development brings the crisis nothing of the Dowler hackeight point Guardian launched by investigathat their mobiles had been hacked. Docucloser to the door of prime minister ing allegations. She edited Egyptian. tors from the Internaments seized by the Metropolitan police David Cameron who appointed Coulson the News of the World at the tional Security Assistance Force (ISAF). in a 2006 raid on Mulcaires home show as his director of communications when in time the hacking of Dowlers phone mesISAF confirmed that civilians were he targeted Leslie Chapman, the father of opposition and then staunchly defended sages took place. Last night, former News TURN Jessica Chapman. It is thought that parhim until Coulson quit in January 2011. ents of Holly Wells, were also targeted. News International said last night: As Continued on page 2 Continued on page 10 Often front page stories continue elsewhere in paper.--Oil and gas spills in North Sea every week, papers revealThe UN says half of the worlds working women are without basic legal rights Page 18-1912A*****Rob Evans Richard Cookson Terry Macalister Serious spills of oil and gas from North Sea platforms are occurring at the rate of one a week, undermining oil companies EDITION STARS claims to be doing everything possible to Five different editions per improve the safety of rigs. Shell Five stars means night. has emerged as one of the top oenders despite promising to clean up fifth edition. its act ve years ago after a large accident in which two oil workers died. Documents obtained by the Guardian record leaks voluntarily declared by the oil companies to the safety regulator, the Health and Safety Executive(HSE), in a database set up after the Piper Alphadisaster of 6 July 1988 which killed 167 workers. They reveal for the rst time the names of companies that have caused more than 100 potentially lethal and largely unpublicised oil and gas spills in the North Sea in 2009 and 2010. They also deal a signicant blow to the governments credibility in supporting the oil industrys fervent desire to drill in the Arctic. Charles Hendry, the energy More than 100 potentially lethal oil and gas spills took place on rigs in the North Sea in 2009 and 2010minister, has said operations to drill in deep Arctic waters by companies such as Cairn Energy o Greenland are entirely legitimate as long as they adhere to Britains robust safety regulation. Shell has been at the forefront of plans to drill in the Arctic waters of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. The documents, released under freedom of information legislation, record leaks classed by the regulator as major or signicant, which, if ignited, could cause many deaths. The two rigs with the most frequent oil spills are owned by Shell and the French conglomerate Total . Shell executives regularly claim in public that safety is their most important commitment. Last November, Peter Voser, the Shell chiefexecutive, said: Safety is, has been, and forever will be, our number one priority. It is our core value. The Shell-run platform responsible for the most spills, Brent Charlie, rst began pumping oil in 1976 from its location 115 miles (180km) north-east of Scotland. The documents record