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  • Jan 2014 Volume 1 Issue 4


    happy new year

    The makings of the duker Walking up to receive your award certificate, your entire life flashes before your eyes well maybe not all of it but the many hours spent reading to the elderly, playing volleyball after school and the many, many miles with that exhaustingly heavy backpack attached to your body come into memory.

    The mark of the duker is perseverance; receiving your award means you stuck it out to the end. This is what makes the duker unique and standing out in a crowd isn't bad. For the Award in Barbados, 2013 was a year of memories, both making them and reminiscing. In March we started a year of golden anniversary celebrations which will conclude this year.

    As we go forward into the this year, let us continue to have awesome experiences that will add to the flood of memories as you walk up to receive your award!!!

    Upcoming events

    January 2014

    Jan 10 12 AJ Supervisor training

    February 2014

    Feb 8-9 Bronze training camp

    Feb 27Gold Award Ceremony

    Feb 22Participants meeting RE: CASC 2014 briefing

    March 2014

    Mar 1Royalist Regatta

    Mar 37Duke Day in schools

    Mar 31IGE 2014 application deadline

    Sheraton Mall

    Sargeants Village

    Christ Church

    T (246) 436-8754 F (246) 436-1630


    Prepping to Sail the High Seas

    Its been more than great fun for those dukers who did the level one sailing course, starting in October of last year. The group of thirteen can look forward to tackling the more difficult aspects of sailing when they start the level two programme this month.

    So far theyve had some time on the water, getting to know the feel of the boat and how to handle different conditions. In addition to the steering the boat that young sailors had to learn several different types of knots that are used while enjoying a quiet (or exciting) afternoon sail.

    Above- Here the participants get instruction on keeping the boat upright on the water. BelowThe group practises different knots and more.


    Positives Developments for the Future of the Award

    As the Award in Barbados marked its fiftieth anniversary year the number of young people starting their award journey continues to increase. After successfully hosting the annual Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council expedition in the summer the Award reached out to invite more schools and organisations to offer the Award. There are now active and growing groups at the University of the West Indies, St. Leonards Boys Secondary School, Christ Church Foundation School and Deighton Griffith Secondary School.

    Also coming on board with the Award soon is the Providence Secondary School in St. George where the programme will be available to all fourth year students and the third form as well. Other groups have also seen new members sign up and many of these young people have been excitedly working on a variety of activities to complete their different Award sections.

    At the start of the anniversary year, visiting International Trustee lord Paul Boateng spoke to the value of the Award in helping young people to develop self-reliance and a sense of community responsibility. With the increase in the number of active groups there are more young people who charting a course for their lives which will include these traits and much more.

    Sheraton Christmas Cheer event brings smiles and more to youth.

    A fantastic turnout of volunteers from several organisations including Dukers kicked off the Christmas season for children of the islands childrens homes. Over 80 children got the chance to enjoy a fun filled day of shopping and a movie at Sheraton Mall on December 1st. Participants of the Award really got into the Christmas spirit when they took to halls singing Christmas carols. Some shoppers even joined in with the carolling.



    AT 2013

    Our fiftieth anniversary celebrations started in March of last year and will climax in 2014; here are a few of the exciting moments from last year. Amidst our celebrations we hosted the region at 34th CASC Adventurous Journey camp and got started using the new award branding. It was a great year for the Award in Barbados!!!!!!

    CASC 2013 Journey to A Greener

    50th anniversary reunion at Gun Hill

    50th anniversary reunion at Gun HillSeptember

    50th anniversary church serviceMarch


    AT 2013


    CASC 2013 Journey to A Greener Barbados

    50th anniversary church serviceMarch

    Clean Up BarbadosSeptember

    Knighthood of Dr. Trevor Carmichael November

    First Aid TrainigMarch


    On the Trails

    The umbrella became essential equipment, to keep the fire alive and rain drops out of the pot. (Above) From the pot to the table a meal fit for a king.

    Members of the Combemere group takig a short break while their first hike.


    For the students of Deighton Griffith Secondary School a cook out at Bath was one of the highlights of the Christmas break from school.

    The Queens College group also had the chance to practise erecting tents in addition to fire lighting.


    Bring Ah Fren and Come

    Tackling a section of the whim gully was part of the fun for those who came out to this years Bring a fren and come in October. This year we went along on the weekly Barbados National Trust hike. New participants from Deighton Griffith Secondary, Combermere and Queens College got just a taste of an expedition. There was more to the evening than walking as the attendees were also able to learn different historical facts about the north of the island. The first stop along the way was the Coleridge & Parry School and there the group heard about the use of that area as a military lookout point for the protection of the island during colonial times. Leaving the school it was on to The Whim Gully for some climbing, slipping and sliding. Coming back to the start point, near to the closed Almond Beach hotel, along the coastline the group had the chance to see another bit of the islands terrain.

    Top Inside the gully there was some climbing involved. Above Coming up the Whim the group had to dig deep. Left Leader at Deighton Griffith Susan Renee was also part of the hike. Below Here the group prepares to enter the wild of the gully.