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    011 Newsletter

    Simulation Based Engineering & SciencesYear n2 Summer 201411

    Interview with the Tuscany District President of Railway Technology

    Saipems further innovation in Urea Technology

    HPE: Passion for engines and a great push towards innovation

    A modeFRONTIER case study about the optimization of the windshield structure

    CFD analysis of a lube oil tank: air ingestion investigation

    EnginSoft and Brembana&Rolle: key partner for the design of a steam super heat exchanger

    CO2 Stripping Column EffluentSystem Application employing Saipem

    mechanical innovative Technology







    The International CAE Conference 2014 will take place on the 27th-28th October in Turin, Italy. For the third year in a row, EnginSoft are once again the official sponsors of the CAE Poster Award.

    A competition dedicated to case studies, highlighting the latest innovative CAE applications. The CAE Poster Award invites students, graduates, researchers and professors, from both universities and research centres, to submit posters to demonstration their CAE excellence.

    The best 5 posters will be awarded with a Smart Watch courtesy of EnginSoft.

    Sponsored by

    www.caeconference.comFor more information, please visit:

  • 3 - Newsletter EnginSoft Year 11 n2 Flash

    LASHI am pleased to welcome you to our second Newsletter of 2014. I am sure that you will agree with me that its rich variety of articles provides interesting material for any engineer and has prompted in my mind some reflections on the phrase genius.I recently had the pleasure of standing once again before Florences famous cathedral, and observing its magnificent cupola, designed and implemented at the dawn of the renaissance. If you are not aware of this awe-inspiring structure, it remains the largest masonry dome ever built over 41 meters in diameter, of octagonal plan with a soaring elegance rising to 115 meters above pavement level. The creation of this masterpiece can truly be described as a work of genius its design was revolutionary, it was self-supporting throughout its construction (requiring no centring), ingeniously contained its lateral stresses to obviate the need for buttressing, and required many innovations in building equipment and techniques.All these solutions appear to have been derived in the mind of one man, its principal architect Brunelleschi, and are all the more noteworthy because they were largely unprecedented. Knowing a little of its technical background greatly enhances its aesthetic appeal, and we can easily applaud it as the work of an extraordinary engineer, craftsman and artist working at a pivotal point in European history.However, despite the appreciation we can have such a product of individual genius, in many ways it is alien to the practise of engineering that we see exemplified in the articles of our Newsletter. Here, over and above the diversity of topics, we note as well the diversity of participants these capabilities arise from multidisciplinary teams, typically from several organisations, bringing their expertise together in innovative ways.This is well-illustrated by the example of SAIPEM, a company with which we have a long history of partnership in several disciplines and across different sites. In recent times, for example, our engineers have collaborated to develop an innovative means of towing and laying marine pipelines in shallow water, and this month you can read about our partnership in the design of two effluent piping systems for use in Ammonia Plants. I am proud of EnginSofts ability to integrate our skills with those of Saipem to produce novel solutions and inspired once again by the many other stories of collaborative creativity described in our Newsletter.The methods are elegant, and use the high intellectual capital of EnginSoft or our partners; but if they can be described as genius then it is not the individual and solitary act of creation that we celebrate, but the ability of networks within and between organisations to deliver creativity from fruitful cooperation.

    Stefano Odorizzi, Editor in chief


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    Newsletter EnginSoft Year 11 n2 - 4

    INTERVIEW6 Interview with the President of the DITECFER the District of the Railways Technology of Tuscany

    SUCCESS STORIES8 Passion for engines and a great push towards innovation9 Ball Valves: the Experience of DAFRAM

    CASE HISTORIES12 CO2 Stripping Column Effluent System Application employing Saipem mechanical innovative Technology23 The SuperCups Trays Saipems further innovation in Urea Technology27 CFD analysis of a lube oil tank: air ingestion investigation30 EnginSoft and Brembana&Rolle: key partner for the design of a steam super heater exchanger33 A modeFRONTIER case study about the optimization of the windshield structure37 Simulation of icing and de-icing, using Computational Fluid Dynamics40 Innovative approach to calculate lamination curves in ring rolling operations through simulation44 A new methodology based on LS-DYNA for integrating product & process engineering of a steel wheel47 A multiphase model for prediction of tumor growth: a step towards drug delivery simulation

    51 Recent Advances and Problems in Seismic Simulation of Nuclear Power Plants

    SOFTWARE UPDATE55 RBF Morph software how to reshape the CAE workflow by Radial Basis Functions mesh morphing58 FEM analysis of composite material using ACP and LS-DYNA61 Optimizing ECUs at Alma Automotive63 Material Properties Database

    RESEARCH64 Optimizing the integration of a chemical process with a concentrated solar power source: the SOL2HY2 project66 Educational EU programme: EnginSoft involvementIN

    CORPORATE NEWS68 EnginSoft is full member of ETP4HPC, the European Platform for HPC69 EnginSoft testimonial of a success in the US market

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  • Interview Newsletter EnginSoft Year 11 n2 - 6

    EnginSoft, one of the leading companies in Italy that develops and produces goods and services for all industrial sectors related to transportation, is one of the founders of the brand-new Italy Transportation Cluster 2020. This initiative, whose formal constitution was signed last April 10th, at ANFIA in Rome, aims at fostering the competitiveness of the Italian companies in all the different subsectors of this important industry.As far


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