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  1. 1. Promoted Content SDK
  2. 2. News360 New source of revenue via promoted content delivered in-streamPersonalized promoted content based on unique interests Engage targeted users via thought leadership
  3. 3. Users love News360iOS 10 297 reviewsAndroid 12 140 reviews
  4. 4. Press loves News360 as wellNews360 is the best news app on my iPad now Robert ScobleNews360 shows how much difference a good, clever interface can make for a product Rafe Needleman, CNETOMG! A decent news curation app! Sarah Lacy
  5. 5. Promoted Content Contextual Targeting
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  9. 9. Promoted Content Success The Coca-Cola Company enlisted the help of News360 to promote stories from its thought leadership blog, Coca-Cola Journey. Journey covers topics ranging from start-ups to recipes to education and even how to carve a Halloween pumpkin in the shape of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle! News360s personalization algorithms promoted each story to users who would find it contextually relevant to their interests. Combining Coca-Colas powerful brand with News360s worldwide audience generated unique CTRs as high as 8% for some stories and reading times that lasted up to a minute or longer!39 sec4%35% Increased ReadershipUnique CTRThe Coca-Cola Company started the Journey blog last year as a way to generate and maintain engagement with fans that went beyond the beverages they already knew and loved. News360s ability to deliver new readers and generate new engagement with our brand has far exceeded our expectations!Average time spent on each story- Natalie Johnson Senior Manager, Digital Communications & Social Media The Coca-Cola Company
  10. 10. Promoted Content Campaigns via SDK Branded content delivered via SDK to publishers native app SDK contextually targets users based on content consumption historyCPE performance pricing Reporting includes Impressions, Reads, Reading Time, Social Shares, Call-To-Action conversions and Revenue