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  • Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board

    ANNUAL REPORT January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012



    Message from the Registrar and Chair 4 About the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board 5 NLPB Board Members 2012-2013 6 Complaints and Discipline Statistics 8 Registration and Licensing Statistics 9 Minutes of 2012 Annual General Meeting 10 2012 Summarized Financial Statements 13 Committees of the Board 24 External Representatives 25


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  • We are pleased to present the Annual Report of the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board for the year ending 2012. This past years accomplishments were achieved under former Secretary-Registrar Donald Rowe. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Don for his 18 years of leadership and commitment to the Board. In the past the Annual Report contained operational information for July 1 to June 30. This Annual report and future reports will present information which will reflect the Boards operational and fiscal year of January 1 to December 31. This shift in reporting will provide readers with a more timely representation of the Boards progress and accomplishments. Through the dedication of the Board of Directors and talented staff, many initiatives were accomplished during 2012, including: Developing Board Position Papers on expanding the pharmacists Scope of Practice Developing Board Position Papers on Pharmacy Technician Regulation Establishing and Maintaining Stakeholder Partnerships Passing of the new Pharmacy Act (2012) Embracing technology and increasing efficiencies within the office which included implementing an on-line

    registration system It has been a challenging year for the Board in terms of complaints and discipline hearings, but we have worked diligently to uphold the expectations the public has of the profession and ensure the safety of the public. The Board very much appreciates the support that the government provided in the development and approval of the new Pharmacy Act. With this new legislation there is great opportunity for the Board to move forward in advancing pharmacists scope of practice to enhance pharmacy care to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. With new leadership in Registrar Margot Priddle, the Board looks forward to ongoing work with pharmacists and our many stakeholders to continue advancing pharmacy practice for the benefit of the public.

    Ray Gulliver Chair

    Donald Rowe Secretary-Registrar Retired

    Margot Priddle Registrar



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    To protect the citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador by setting, governing and advancing the standards and scope of pharmacy practice and service.

    STRATEGIC GOALS 2012-2013

    -1- Regulate and govern the profession so that the public receives quality pharmacy care and services. -2- Optimize the practice of pharmacy to enhance patient care. -3- Guide and direct continuous professional development of pharmacists and others involved in the practice of pharmacy. -4- Promote and advance the profession through collaborating and building partnerships with the public and other stakeholders. -5- Optimize resources and processes to improve efficiencies in both present and future board activities.

    The Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board, established by legislation in 1910, is the regulatory body for the practice of pharmacy in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. To fulfill its obligation of public protection, the Board:

    registers pharmacists, students and interns, and licenses pharmacies. develops standards, guidelines and policies for the practice of pharmacy. responds to and manages complaints and discipline relating to the practice of pharmacy.


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    Elected Members

    Zone 1 Debbie Kelly MUN School of Pharmacy-St. Johns

    Zone 2 Ray Gulliver Baccalieu Trail Pharamcy-Clarkes Beach

    Zone 3 David Cramm Shoppers Drug Mart-Lewisporte

    Zone 4 Christina Tulk Shoppers Drug Mart-Corner Brook

    At Large Keith Bailey Sheldon Baines Shawn Vallis

    Shoppers Drug Mart-Regional BioScript Pharmacy-St. Johns Sagona Drugs-Harbour Breton

    Public Representatives (2) Don Mifflin Vacant


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    Allegations Pending since the last Annual Report: Since the 2011 Annual Report, the Board has continued to handle seven allegations against pharmacists or pharmacies. Of these allegations:

    Two allegations (against the same pharmacy), related to issues identified by third party payer audits, were referred to hearings of the disciplinary panel. After extensive investigation and preparation of evidence a hearing had been scheduled but was delayed due to illness of one of the respondents. The hearing was rescheduled for February 2013.

    Four allegations against a pharmacist - three from complainants related to practice issues while

    dispensing methadone and one from a criminal conviction - have been put on hold pending the release of the pharmacist from a correctional facility.

    One allegation against a pharmacy for not adhering to the Standard of Practice on Facsimile

    Transmission of Prescriptions for Community Pharmacies. The hearing is scheduled for 2013. Allegations from June 1-December 31, 2012:

    Allegations received 10 Resolved satisfactorily 6 Referred to Complaint Authorization Committee 3 Referred to Discipline 1

    The NLPB website now includes a section on Complaints and Discipline detailing the complaints process, public notice of pending discipline hearings, and summaries of the decisions of completed discipline hearings.


    First Review (March 1-2, 2012) 169 reviewed

    140 compliant 29 request additional

    information 2 requested extension

    Second Review (April 13, 2012) 29 reviewed

    27 compliant 2 request extension

    Third Review (May 13, 2012) 2 reviewed

    2 compliant

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    New Pharmacy Openings (2012)

    Consumers Pharmachoice, Flowers Cove Medicine Cabinet, Holyrood The Medicine Shoppe, Fogo

    The Medicine Shoppe, Topsail Road, St. Johns Walmart, Topsail Road, St. Johns

    Pharmacy Closures (2012)

    Lawtons, Church Street, Corner Brook Lawtons, Elizabeth Avenue, St. Johns

    Zellers, Corner Brook Zellers, Stavanger Drive, St. Johns

    Zellers Topsail Road, St. Johns

    Members, or Former Members, Deceased (2012)

    Cyril LeGrow, February 14, 2012 Bert Crummey, June 23, 2012

    Rosalie Snow, December 22, 2012

    2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Community Pharmacists 379 383 452 484 514 Hospital Pharmacists 86 94 107 98 99 Part Time & Relief Pharmacists 52 49 * * * Administration Pharmacists 29 32 40 37 38 Out of Province Pharmacists 7 5 5 5 5

    Total Practicing Pharmacists 562 570 604 630 656 Non Practicing Pharmacists 30 38 18 32 33 Total Membership 592 608 622 662 689

    Total Number of Community Pharmacies: 187 190 195 194 190 Total Number of Hospital Pharmacies: 15 15 15 15 15 * Included with Regular Category (i.e. Community, Hospital, etc.) + Included with Administrative Pharmacists All statistics are current as of December 31, 2012

    Wholesale Pharmacists 2 2 + + + Honorary Pharmacists 7 5 * * *

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    The Secretary-Registrar presented the OMara Mortar and Pestle which was donated by Joan OMara on behalf of James J. OMara. The 102nd Annual General Meeting was called to order at 2:55 p.m. with the following in attendance:

    Board Members Staff Debbie Kelly, Chair Donald Rowe Ray Gulliver, Vice-Chair Arlene Crane Sheldon Baines, Executive Melanie Healey Christina Tulk, Past Chair Meghan Handrigan Keith Bailey Shawn Vallis Regrets Donald Mifflin, Lay Member Dave Cramm D. Kelly, Chair of the Pharmacy Board, introduced the Board. She explained that she, Ray Gulliver,

    Sheldon Baines and Christina Tulk comprised the Executive Committee of the Board. Pharmacists Registered with the NLPB: R. Boyd Barrett Ted Dawe Michael Hunter Elizabeth Reelis Bernd Staeben Greg Batt Fraser Day Jason Kielly Jeremy Reid Jennella Tucker Lisa Bishop Jason Druken John Lynch Joan Roach Heather Tulk Dean Brett Jeff Fost Douglas Manning Madonna Rose Trent White Brenda Bursey Stephen Green Louise Moores Patrick Ryan Ralph Windsor Sandra Carey Brian Healy Gabriel Okafor Barb Scaplen Jerry Young Brittany Churchill Tom Healy Pat OKeefe Erin Schwenger Stephanie Young Marjorie Cooney Linda Hensman Philip OKeefe Heather Seeley Scott Dawe Carol Hipditch Margot Priddle Bob Smallwood Observers Sandra Aylward Denis Langlois Kamran Nisar Jeff Poston Russ Carrigan Paula MacNeil Denise Pelrine Allan Snook David Chown John McCullin Karen Phips Lowell Johnson John McCavour Call to Order & Adoption of Agenda MOVED by D. Mifflin, seconded by C. Tulk to adopt the Agenda as presented. CARRIED Minute of Silence in Memoriam A minute of silence was held for the following pharmacists who had passed away since the last AGM: Cyril LeGrow Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Bertram (Bert) Crummey


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