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The new paradigm in giving and philanthropy - don\'t be left behind


<ul><li> 1. PhilanthropyPlus<br />Making Good Work<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. The New Paradigm in Giving<br />Passing on VALUES through valuables<br />Beyond check book charity<br />Social Investment<br />Gets the donor what he/she wants<br />Transforms the transaction into a relationship<br />Philanthropy = love of humankind<br /> 3. The New Paradigm<br />Personal <br />Based on Values<br />Face-to-Face<br />Fundraiser as a trusted advisor<br />Ambassadors<br />Networking<br /> 4. The New Paradigm<br />Total Philanthropic Portfolio<br />Integrated<br />With the donors best interests in mind<br />Greater emphasis on Gift Planning:<br />Spotting the opportunities<br />Solving problems for the donor<br />Training the Ambassadors<br />Win/Win/Win<br />Build network with allied professionals:<br />Estate attorneys, CPAs<br />Financial Advisors<br /> 5. Where are you spending time?<br />Media/Advertising<br />Door-to-Door<br />Special Events<br />Impersonal telephone/telemarketing<br />Telethon/Radiothon/Webathon<br />Impersonal letter/direct mail/internet<br />Telephone solicitation warmer prospects<br />Personalized letter/direct mail/internet<br />Personal letter/personal telephone call<br />Face-to-face (transition to long-term)<br />Annual funding vehicles from least effective to most effective.<br /> 6. Innovations in Mission Advancement<br /> 7. Network Fundraising <br />Business Mastermind Groups<br />The Ultimate Gift Club<br />The Ultimate Life Society<br />Expanded list of techniques Total Portfolio approach<br />Part of the PhilanthropyPlus system for non-profits.<br /> 8. Carefully Cultivated Growth<br /> 9. Laura Anne Miller, <br />Independent Philanthropic Advisor<br /><br />PhilanthropyPlus<br />Making Good Work<br /><br /></p>