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  • New Employee Orientation Session 1: Human Resources Certified Employees
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  • Lori Weeks Secretary, Human Resources (502) 570-3044
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  • Criminal Background Check Complete all highlighted sections Alias: Only for those who have a maiden name or who have previously gone by an alternate name. Citizenship: U.S. if a United States Citizen
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  • Criminal Background Check It is mandatory for all certified employees to undergo a state and federal criminal background check. The cost to process the background check is $36.50, cashiers check or money order payable to SCOTT COUNTY SCHOOLS. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.
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  • Physical and TB Test Please present documentation of a physical and TB skin test done within 90 days of hire. A physical and TB test must be on file before you begin working.
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  • Certificates and Transcripts Original Certificates and Official Transcripts of all college credit hours. No Copies. If you have a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) please sign and date the back of the form under Intern Signature.
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  • Certified Employee Handbook Please read through your employee handbook to find important information regarding Board Policies and procedures. For a complete listing of Board Policies please visit
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  • PAY DATE SCHEDULE Pay dates: 10 th and 25 th of every month If the 10 th or 25 th falls on a weekend or holiday, you will receive your pay on the Friday prior to. School year employees have until May 25 th, 2012 to request in writing to the Director of Business & Finance, to have remaining salary paid in accordance with KRS 160.291 (1)
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  • CERTIFIED SALARY SCHEDULE Salary based on COMLETED years of experience and Rank Amount shown is base salary plus 2 extended days (187 days total)
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  • Contracts You should have two copies of your employment contract at your new employee meeting. Please sign both copies. One signed copy is to be kept in your personnel file in HR Dept., and the other is for you to keep.
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  • Acceptable Use Policy Email and Internet Access
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  • What You Need to Know You must sign an AUP agreement to be given access to email and the internet. Today, after signing the AUP agreement, you will be given a unique username and password. Security: You can be seen at any time while using email and/or internet.
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  • Acceptable Use Use your account in support of education and research that is consistent with the educational objectives of the Scott County Schools. This may include reasonable personal use. Acceptable Use Video
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  • Contract / Logins and Passwords Please sign and date the AUP contract. Login and Password: You are responsible for any activity performed under your login and password; therefore, dont share your password.


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