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Nevion at NAB’2013. Media transport over any network. Nevion focuses on three applications at NAB’2012. Managed Media Services End-to-end connection management across IP and baseband infrastructures Full path provisioning including media edge, video routers and IP switches - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Nevion ConfidentialNevion at NAB2013Media transport over any networkNevion Confidential1Nevion focuses on three applications at NAB2012Managed Media ServicesEnd-to-end connection management across IP and baseband infrastructuresFull path provisioning including media edge, video routers and IP switchesVideoIPath , Ventura , Video Gateway, nSure

Broadcast InfrastructureEnd to end broadcast infrastructure solutionMedia transport, studio infrastructure and managmentFlashlink, VikinX

Terrestrial BroadcastingATSC solutionsDVB-T2 solutionsISDB-T solutionscProcessor, nSure, Video Gateways

Nevion Confidential2Nevion demonstrates technology leadershipMonitoring: End-to-end service monitoringMonitoring from input of headend to output from transmitter towers Live media networking: High density video, audio and dataNetworking of all signals involved in a live productionregardless of locations.Compression: H.264 / AVC and JPEG 2000Independent of your bandwidth, Nevion provides market leading compression and media transport Reliable IP: Complete transport protectionNevion makes IP networks reliable

Managed Media ServicesNevion Confidential3Key messagesNevion provides fully integrated hardware- and software solutions for managed media services across any network, bringing together the worlds of broadcast and telecommunicationSolutions for service providers, broadcasters, DTT-, cable- and satellite operatorsNevion integrates with leading suppliers of IP networking equipment to provide full end-to-end management for media servicesOptimizing use of available network resources Maximizing availability of critical services Monitoring active media services to preempt failuresCompressionNevion Confidential4Key messagesNevion provides market leading compression and media transport solutions for any connectivity and any bandwidthProducts built for high quality, low latency contribution applicationsWe can offer a selection of H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, AVC-Intra, JPEG 2000 and even uncompressed / linear transportPositioning of JPEG 2000 solutions Ventura - ideal for Service Providers that use their network infrastructure to deliver managed services, and need flexibility in choice of codecVideo Gateway - ideal for Broadcasters for occasional use JPEG 2000 contribution fixed, OB trucks and mobile flight cases

Reliable IP Media TransportNevion Confidential5Key messagesNevion provides a suite of tools for increasing the reliability of IP media transport, and ensure high availability media services, including:Forward Error Correction (2022-1/5 + extended matrices)SIPS / IP Diversity for dual path streaming and hitless switchingLaunch Delay Offset (LDO) for dual stream, single path streaming and hitless switchEncoder Partner Protection (EPP) and Embedded Redundancy Changeover (ERC) for device redundancyAutomatic Input Switching / Input protection switchingIn-service monitoring of various signal types (nSure) VideoIPath for N+1 redundancy, stream re-routing, alarm handling, statistics, trendsNevion Confidential6Key messagesNevion offers solutions for signal monitoring at every location/stage end-to-end monitoringNevion monitoring is more than just verifying signals at interfaces (SD/HD/3G SDI, ASI, IP) over different ports (BNC, RJ45, SFP)Presentation of parameters and measurements in a comprehensive and intuitive way with graphical elements Information to help user locate and resolve issues Preemptive informationProof of SLA compliance Support for ALL interfaces used in our industryMonitoringBroadcast InfrastructureNevion Confidential7Key messagesEnd to end broadcast infrastructure solution covering: In-house / campus network solution enabling flexible use of all broadcast resources regardless of locationsLive Media Networking encompassing all signals used in live productionsStudio infrastructure that is more comprehensive and more feature richFiber Contribution bringing more value to each fiber through new multiplexing schemes for video, audio and dataBroadcast managment and control that ensures seamless integration between all parts of the system

Live Media NetworkingNevion Confidential8Key messagesZero latency video networkingScalable without adding cost to other parts of the systemSupporting transport of asynchronous videoZero latency audio networking Low cost, high density supporting asynchronous AESTrue IP networking of ethernet, data and GPISimplifying data networking of GbE, RS422, RS232, RS485 and GPIDigital sync distributionHigh reliability - detached from the rest of the system Broadcast centric control and management New WEB interface for router systems and multi-dimensional control thru CP-TOUCH

Nevion Confidential9Key messagesEasy and cost efficient solution for Dynamic ATSC PSIP insertion using PMCP interfacingCorrect and up-to date EPG informationPSIP editor with import and exportUser-friendly ATSC adaptation, processing and remultiplexingSMPTE310 Studio transmitter links over IPReliable systems and SLA protectionMonitoring of input signalsInput switching, FEC, Diversity receptionTerrestrial Broadcasting - ATSCTerrestrial Broadcasting - DVB-T2Nevion Confidential10Key messagesLargest base of DVB-T2 installations worldwide Nevion offers the widest range of DVB-T2 solutionsRegionalization by central and local SFN processing Flexible architecture for Single and Multiple PLP operation Reliable distribution with mechanisms to increase reliability (IP diversity, smallcast, FEC, input switching, Embedded Redundancy Change-over)Seamless changeover and T2 Monitoring from studio to transmitter demonstrated on the technology wall

Nevion Confidential11Key messagesEasy transport of ISDB-T transmitter feeds over IPHigh flexibilitySmallcast (IP output copies) to several multicast/unicasts destinationsReliability mechanismsIP diversity reception for path protectionExtended FECInput streams monitoringTVG425 TS Gateway the leading solution for IP distribution to transmitters

Terrestrial Broadcasting - ISDB-TNevion Confidential12NAB 2013 Physical hardware is available for Demo


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