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  • 1. Strategic Sourcing Services

2. WHAT WE DONeopont is a product development, manufacturer sourcing , vendormanagement and supply chain management outsourcing firm.Product DevelopmentManufacturing Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Vendor Management 3. NEOPONT CAN HELP YOUBy putting our knowledge, experience and services atyour disposal , we can assist you toReduce costs across supply chainsExplore global sourcing marketsReduce overall risk of failureEnsure your product development, purchasing process and supply management process is managed by expertsHave access to the best expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team 4. TEAM EXPERTISEover 40 years of combined experience in offshoreproduct development, procurement and supplychain managementSECTORS:retail, hospitality, packaging, food & beverage,consumer hard goods, apparel and construction.TYPICAL CLIENT PROFILE:entrepreneurs, SME brand owners, VC/PEInvestors 5. PRODUCTDEVELOPMENTSERVICES Product or Prototype Analysis Product Refinement Shelf testing Plant testing and Commercialization Costing Production Specifications 6. MANUFACTURER SOURCING& VENDOR MANAGEMENTSERVICES Supplier Landscape Equipment analysis Vendor selection Vendor Finalization and ContractManufacturing Vendor Specifications Prototype Scale Up Quality Control Protocols Regulatory and Legal compliance Intellectual Property Contracts 7. SUPPLY CHAINMANAGEMENTSERVICES Vendor Management Costing Controls and Analysis Supply Chain Modeling Assessing supply chain risks Logistic Management Documentation management 8. PROCESS 9. CORE VALUES Focused Boutique small and Collaborative Process Oriented focused Passionate and 100% Transparency Leverage Experience Dedicated in all and Confidentiality to save cost and time aspects of life 10. CONTACT US:Head Quarter / Middle East Office604 Tiffany Towers, JLT,Sheikh Zayed Road,Dubai, UAE 487906Phone: +97144508990Fax: