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A.D. V Sem.

A.D. V Sem.ByManisha SinghMegha KumariKunal kishorKoushika RoyNandani RajakMiranda DkharKritika Chhavi


What is Neon? Neon is derived from the Greek word neos which means New gas. Discovered in 1898 Neon is the second lightest noble gas after Helium. Rare inert gas. Non-toxic Colorless

FactsNeon lamps are considered one of the 12 main types of electric lamps.Inhalation of concentrated neon can cause drizziness,nausea,vomiting and loss of consciousness.Lamps filled with neon can only make red light.

Neon lightsNeon lights use glass tubes filled with a low pressure gas that glows under high voltage.

How does it work?


Fog lights

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Other usesGas lasersLightning arrestorsTelevision tubeHigh voltage indicators Strobe lights etc.

Pricing50g of UV Black Neon is for Rs 2696 inch stick is for Rs 199Decorative lights starting from Rs100Fashion clothing starts from Rs 300Headphone starts from Rs2000Fog lights starts from Rs300-500

AdvantagesVery low power consumption.Performs more reliably in cold weather than hot.More reliable than LEDs for airport runway landing lights.Very long lifeWide operating range (A.C or D.C.)Available in more than 150 shades.No threat to environment.

DisadvantagesShape of tube is a limitation.Argon is not reliable in cold temperature.Diffused light (not good for any focused beam applications.Low light output for input power.Requires a large surface area to be used for general lighting.Expensive to be used as signs and displays.

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