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Neon light. By Jacob . Contents . What is neon light? How does it work? Where it can be seen?. What is neon light?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Neon light

Neon lightBy Jacob

Contents What is neon light?How does it work?Where it can be seen?What is neon light?Neon is a chemical element in the group known as noble gases. It is not made but is found in the earths atmosphere. It was discovered in 1898 by an Englishman named Sir William Ramsey. The word originated from the Greek word neos meaning new.

How does it work?The tubes are filled with neon gas. When electricity runs through them, the molecules get excited and the electrons jumps to a really high energy level. In this case neon gives a bright colour.

Where can it be seen?Neon light can found just about anywhere! The place that is most common of neon lights is in Las Vegas, USA. The signs used there are to attract peoples attention for restaurants, casinos and hotels.