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A collection of New Homes, Villas, Multiresidential and Public Building Designs From Neo Building Design. Includes a director and company profile.


  • NEO BUILDING DESIGNCustom Designed Solution For Your Project

  • Neo Building Design has grown and developed

    into a leading design and drafting company

    with an experienced award winning team and

    affiliates around the world.

    The company was formed on values of being

    the best and thinking everything is possible,

    which means providing our customers wi th

    outstanding service and our staff w i t h t h e

    resources, technology and training they need

    to uphold that value. The Managing Director,

    Mr Jason Krueger, has over 25 years design

    and drafting experience on many different projects.

    History and Vision

    By providing a cross disciplinary approach our

    customers gain a multitude of experience from

    our staff being able to be f lex ib le and have

    knowledge in a particular discipline that may

    help wi th in a project that other companies

    cannot provide. For instance experience in steel

    detai l ing can help wi th eff ic ient design of

    buildings that incorporate steel.

    Backing up our team is a group of affi l iates

    and consultants that we have put together to

    offer our customers experienced, capable team

    members that share in our values of providing

    except ional service. Our Urban Planners,

    Designers & Engineers ensure their invaluable

    knowledge is available to you as a customer

    of Neo Building Design to ensure your project

    is given the level of service it deserves

    At Neo Building design we strive to listen to

    and produce designs that reflect your needs

    as an end user, your budget and of course the

    environment that your building occupies.Our

    team has gained a reputation for not only award

    winning individual design but also designs

    and documentation that focus on build-ability.

    Our theory is that if we can produce stunning

    designs that are not complex to build then

    there are huge savings in time and money for

    the client with no compromise to quality or function.

    Design philosophy

  • Jason Krueger is the owner and managing director of Neo Bui ld ing Design Pty Ltd, headquartered in Brisbane Australia, provider of quality project design and renovation services. Neo Building Design guides clients to economical, sustainable and buildable projects, while maintaining a unique design for the building.

    Jason has 25 years o f exper ience in mu l t ip le aspects of design, drafting and business, with core competencies in building and engineering projects, construction documentation, and manufacturing. His practical experience and superior skill at optimizing design for site conditions, to meet local regulations, and attract investment for commercial projects has grown both his design business and consultancy, at home and internationally. Working with commercial clients to share the cost saving, profit generating side of contemporary, sustainable design is strong-suit for Mr. Krueger. Particularly for emerging markets, guidance in adapting to and making sustainable construction profitable is of tremendous value.

    For his custom design projects, awards for both affordable housing and unique high-end designs highlight the range of work undertaken and the high quality that they are created. His work in the high-end

    range has gained the most notice, and the firm focuses

    on custom residential design priced from1,000,000. Jason stresses the importance of client understanding during the preliminary design process, and his extensive experience with 3D mode l ing he lps clients to envison their projects,get funding or approval,and helps project marketing efforts.

    A Greensmart Accredited Professional and Building

    Designer Association of Queensland Member, he also has

    specialized training from the Association of Building

    Sustainability Assessors.

    His sales and marketing background give him unique

    insight into reaching potential clients, and he has

    actively built an online presence that furthers the

    brand across social platforms and personalizes the

    services they offer. Embracing this trend is indicative

    of Kruegers of innovative thinking, a key to his

    success. Since founding Neo Design in 2004,

    his rigorous attention to detail, commitment to

    design, and leadership has garnered the firm a

    stellar reputation and consistent growth. Jason

    now oversees a team averaging 600 projects a

    year for government, developers, and private clients.

    With Jason Krueger leading the way, Neo Building

    Designs award-winning portfolio is representative of his

    overall commitment to aesthetically excellent designs that

    give clients a unique design that showcases their needs

    and individuality.

    Jason Krueger


    The greatest pleasure we getis listening and interpretingyour needs in terms of budget,design and style, and aboveall bringing that all together toproduce an exciting design.

  • Residential Architecture

    NEO were instrumental our company receiving the

    Master Builders state Housing and Construction Rising

    Star Award 2009


  • V i l l a s C u s t o m D e s i g n e d H o m e s To w n h o m e

  • Residential Architecture

    Our business relies on having a team of building professionals that are reliable, consistent with outcomes and personable.We expect it because our valued customers expect it. Jason and his team tick all these boxes.I have testimonials from clients who say the same. Great company, great culture, great work ethic.

    Eamonn McCaffreyInterface Project

  • V i l l a s C u s t o m D e s i g n e d H o m e s To w n h o m e

  • Residential Architecture

    Offering advanced 3D modeling including sun studies

    and energy rating that allow you to visualize your

    projects and the effects of the surrounding area and

    environment to maximize the efficiency during

    building as well as efficiency during final use.

  • V i l l a s C u s t o m D e s i g n e d H o m e s To w n h o m e

  • Residential Architecture

    Developing a design that incorporates your lifestyleand providing a unique custom design for your project.

  • V i l l a s C u s t o m D e s i g n e d H o m e s To w n h o m e

  • Residential Architecture

    We can provide you with individual homes designed

    to suit your lifestyle, encompassing the land and its

    surrounds to ensure a liveable, practical home with

    everything you need but also something that you

    will be proud of and that will stand out amongst others.

  • V i l l a s C u s t o m D e s i g n e d H o m e s To w n h o m e

  • Residential Architecture

    Particular care is taken to ensure a sustainable and efficient home is designed to reduce environmental

    impact both during and after construction.

  • V i l l a s C u s t o m D e s i g n e d H o m e s To w n h o m e

  • Public Architecture

    Offering a service for a variety of commercial and industrial projects, Neo can provide you with the necessary

    information and documentation to have your project

    completed in an efficient, timely manner.

  • O f f i c e s C o m m e r c i a l b u i l d i n g s U r b a n d e s i g n

  • Public Architecture

    Experience with a variety of construction techniques, materials and having worked in many industries provides

    us with the knowledge and experience you need for

    your project.

  • O f f i c e s C o m m e r c i a l b u i l d i n g s U r b a n d e s i g n

  • Multi Residential Architecture

    Villa communities and apartment design to maximise space avaibable while keeping the lifestyle and a

    liveable community

  • Apartments Complex Community Highrise Residential

  • Multi Residential Architecture

    Social and low income housing and luxury modern vil las and apartments

  • Apartments Complex Community Highrise Residential

  • Green Architecture

    A buildings form, its fabric and the way it

    interacts with people and the energy it

    uses are paramount factors to consider

    today and in the future of building design.

    Whether its a home or commercial

    bui lding i ts important to consider

    seriously the impact that construction,

    energy use during the buildings lifecycle

    and the comfort of the user to provide

    a sustainalbe and efficient building.

  • Our designs consider a buildings:

    Thermal performance

    The sustainability of the buidling materials

    Enviromental Impact

    Natural heating and cooling

    Natural ventilation

  • The Team at Neo Bui ld ing Design h a s p r o v i d e d c l i e n t s w i t h

    inspirat ional designs taht have been awarded with both Design

    and Bui ld ing Accolade within the industry.

    A w a r d s h a v e b e e n g a i n e d i n v a r i o u s c a t e g o r i e s a n d p r i c e

    brackets f rom Affordable Homes to Luxury Custom Designed

    Homes and Vil las showcasing the companies ability to cater