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  • 7/24/2019 Nemo Handy Outdor and Tems


    Nemo Handy - the worlds most widely used

    handheld drive test tool

    For greater mobility, economy and ease in network performance measurement with a

    handheld drive test tool

    Nemo Handy offers smart and discreet solutions for thorough drive test measurements on the wirelessair interface and mobile application quality-of-service/quality-of-experience QoS/QoE

    !he handheld drive test tool" Nemo Handy" is highly suitable for performing measurements both

    outdoors and in busy and crowded indoor spaces while being simultaneously used as a regular mobilephone Nemo Handy provides you with the best real-time measurement visuali#ation on the handheld


    %n addition to a rich variety of real-time displays" all &' and signaling data is logged to a phone(s

    internal storage or memory card )og*les are made available in Nemo 'ile 'ormat that allows easy

    post-processing with Nemo +utdoor playbac$" Nemo ,naly#e" or third-party post-processing tools

    Versatile handheld measurement solution

    Nemo Handy-, is supported on the latest ,ndroid-based terminals" such as" Samsung alaxy S. andSony peria 0 Nemo Handy-, supports the measuring and monitoring of S1" 231," E43+"

    5231," HS6," HS6,7" )!E" and 5i'i 8HetNet9 wireless networ$s" and mobile application QoS/QoE

    Nemo Handy-, features include 6+)Q, and 6ESQ voice quality testing" indoor measurements"

    forcing features" :ou!ube video streaming" and live outdoor map support with ;!S icons Nemo

    Handy-, provides you with the best real-time measurement visuali#ation on the handheld mar$et

    Nemo Handy-,(s offer full application level metrics on voice calls" voice quality" '!6/H!!6 data

    transfers" %perf" H!1) browsing" :ou!ube streaming" 'aceboo$ testing" S1S messaging" and ping


  • 7/24/2019 Nemo Handy Outdor and Tems


    !echnological leader - Nemo Handy has set the standard for handheld drive test tools and

    networ$ measurement devices since and continues to do so today as the most widely

    used handheld measurement tool in the world

    Extensive application testing features

    Smart and inconspicuous ? %deal solution for indoor measurements on the latest ,ndroid


    Nemo Handy is your regular phone and measurement tool in one device

    4endor independence ? +pen Nemo 'ile 'ormat enables full and proven compatibility with

    third-party tools

    Support for widest range of ,ndroid based devices on the mar$et

    Support for 6+)Q, @ 6ESQ voice quality testing

    Nemo Outdoor - the ultimate drive test tool for wireless networks

    The leader in radio network measurement tools oers a full drive test solution for

    wireless network testing, troubleshooting, and optimization

    Nemo +utdoor is a laptop-based drive test tool for wireless networ$s which supports over

  • 7/24/2019 Nemo Handy Outdor and Tems


    %n addition to drive test and benchmar$ing measurements" the Nemo +utdoor platform is expandable

    to support voice and video quality measurements Nemo +utdoor also oers tools for various

    troubleshooting tas$s 5ith a test terminal and/or a scanner you can perform real-time missing

    neighbor detection" pilot pollution analysis" and S1 interference analysis

    !o gain competitive advantage in today(s mar$et" monitoring and improving customer experience is

    crucial Nemo +utdoor enables the measuring of quality-of-experience 8QoE9 metrics for the services

    and applications your customers are actually using" including advanced :ou!ube video testing"

    'aceboo$ testing" and S$ype call measurements !he information provided by Nemo +utdoor assists

    in the veri*cation and troubleshooting of new services reducing the time-to-mar$et

    Nemo +utdoor(s diversity is only matched with its Cexible user interface and ease of use +wing to its

    single platform" all essential functionalities can be found in one location !hrough the fully

    customi#able user interface the user is able to tailor Nemo +utdoor for their particular use


    Extremely easy to set up" con*gure and use !he time from receiving the product to using it

    ranges from a couple of minutes to less than two hours

    ,utomated drive test measurements of wireless networ$s with extensive scripts and large-

    scale measurement lists enable you to focus on the actual tas$ at hand during drive testing

    Quality-of-experience 8QoE9 metrics for the services and applications your customers are

    actually using

    Dser-de*ned parameters from signaling messages can be searched and displayed in info view

    and graph side panel during measurement and playbac$

    +pen ,S2%% *le format ? Nemo +utdoor uses an open *le format which can be directly utili#ed

    in various third-party analysis tools no conversion or parsing needed

    6atented multi-data

    Support for 6+)Q, @ 6ESQ voice quality testing

    Nemo Outdoor options

    Nemo Outdoor Multi-Lite

    Nemo Outdoor Multi Lite is a compact and cost-effective benchmarking solution consisting

    of a rugged case, Nemo Outdoor drive test software, up to six measurement devices, and

    built-in scanner support Nemo Outdoor Multi Lite supports simultaneous multi-

    measurements for voice !uality and data testing with a single laptop

  • 7/24/2019 Nemo Handy Outdor and Tems


    Nemo Walker

    Nemo "alker is a portable multi-measurement solution consisting of a compact backpack,

    Nemo Outdoor drive test software, and measurement devices Nemo "alker is ideal for both

    indoor and outdoor benchmarking and multi-measurements

    Nemo Outdoor


    Multiple simultaneous data transfers on a single terminal # Nemo Outdoor enables the

    user to perform multiple data transfers on each test mobile in use simultaneously

    $enchmarking for better performance # Measurements can be carried out on multiple

    networks and even on multiple technologies simultaneously for ultimate network



    %owerful platform-based tool # &ll the latest customer needs can be met by adding

    options to the utterly flexible and expandable Nemo Outdoor platform

    %rincipal %rofile - &nite Nemo

    &nite's Nemo Network Measurement (olutions- )omplete (olutions for *very (tage of a

  • 7/24/2019 Nemo Handy Outdor and Tems


    "ireless Network's Lifecycle and non-professional users, and for outdoor and indoor




    TEMS Dis(overy )or indoor test *ost *ro(essin+, drive test analysis, and $TE networ


    "hen ensuring legacy or +L.* network performance, the time-consuming manual

    processing or reprocessing of indoor and drive test data can be a costly task Mobile network

    operators must be able to collect and analy/e this data in a !uick, easy, and cost-effective

    manner and from a variety of sources

    "ith the .*M( 0iscovery network post processing solution, wireless network testing and

    benchmarking data have to be processed only once, saving time, effort, and the potential lost

    revenue associated with network downtime From this data, .*M( 0iscovery can generate a

    variety of predefined, customi/ed summary reports that can be automatically e-mailed to a

    select group of recipients, including 1F engineers, who can click on an event in the report and

    drill down to troubleshoot the root cause of a problem .his will enable the engineer to

    determine if the problem is related to a bad handover, overshooting cell, poor coverage area,

    or something else, and then take the necessary steps to !uickly fix the problem

    .*M( 0iscovery users have the flexibility to configure a wide range of items, from simple

    view layouts to sophisticated report templates and user-defined key performance indicators

    .hey can easily embed their preferences and knowledge of best practices into .*M(

  • 7/24/2019 Nemo Handy Outdor and Tems


    0iscovery by defining parameters, displays, and templates .he experience of optimi/ation

    experts, advanced users, and senior engineers can be captured within .*M( 0iscovery and

    shared across the organi/ation

    TEMS Dis(overy allows users to.

    $uild customi/ed scripts or choose pre-defined reports, which they can generate

    !uickly and easily

    %erform complex wireless network analysis in a simple way

    )ollaborate across the organi/ation through easy data sharing

    &naly/e data from all ma2or technologies, including L.* and "iM&3

    (pend less time processing data thanks to industry-leading functionality andinteroperability with .*M( and other data collection devices

    4se integrated oogle Maps and Microsoft $ing Maps to visuali/e and analy/e the



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