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  • TheNemesisWODS

    This page ismeant to be acheat sheet, ofsorts, for ourAdvancedNemesisProgramVariations,which we arecalling TheNemesis WODSfor short.

    If you have neverheard of Nemesis,then I stronglysuggest youbegin by readingthe originalarticle, TheSquat NemesisProgram: AnIntroduction ToVolume, Load,And IntensityZone Training.

    Nemesis is notjust for squats,contrary topopularperception. Itforms the basisof all of ourprogramminghere (and in thegym at AshevilleStrength).

    Specifically inthese areas: thefocus on highworkloads and

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  • volume in theright intensityzones; and amassivelyintuitive approachto every workout.

    In short, Nemesisstyle training ismost closelyrelated to theway you wouldtrain a Samurai orother old-schoolmartial artist. It isTaoism/Zenincarnate.

    BackgroundDiscussion(Can BeSkipped)The SquatNemesis Programhas becomerather famous (orinfamous,depending uponhow your legsfeel that day) asone of thehardest, andmost effectivesquat programsanyone has evertried.

    It is particularlyeffective forintermediatelifters,interestinglyenough thebiggest gains (40,60+ pounds inless than amonth) beingclocked by guyswho ALREADYsquatted doublebodyweight, forinstance.

    Your coach, andmy girl, Tamara(aka Tbone, aka

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  • The NinjaManatee) wasalready anational-levelOlympicweightlifter with a225 pound squatby the time shetried it. Sheadded about 40pounds in 6weeks!

    And yet for allof this successI was neversatisfied with itas is. TheClassical versionof the programalways workedlike magic forabout the firstfew months.Then it wouldwane a bit

    Well, thats notentirely true. Itwaned for thosewho were toostrict. For lifterswho act like everyworkout is aperformance of aclassical orchestra(follow the noteson the pageexactly), theclassical nemesisprogram haslimits.

    For those lifterswho treated theworkouts as theperformance of a4 piece jazz band,the results justkept on coming.

    In other words,the key todiscovering thesecret to endlessimprovement wasto embrace the

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  • inherent Taoistnature of theNemesisProgram:Water canflow or it cancrash. Be watermy friend, saidBruce Lee. Nowords could moreaccuratelyexpress theunderlying keysto progress thatNemesisembodies.

    Intensity in allforms relevant tostrength trainingis essential inevery workout.No light days.Thats thecrashing part.

    The flowing partis that you aremeant to listen toyour body withopen ears, gowith it, dont fightit. If you donthave a heavysingle in youtoday, who cares?Switch tosomething else.

    The plan youhad coming intothe gym mayneed to changebased upon howyou feel thiswill happen often.Maybe youwanted to startwith one WOD,but that justwasnt working.Dont be upset.(That wouldmake you a fool.)It is simply a fact.Instead, find anew WOD that

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  • you can destroythat day.

    If the waves arehigh, a relaxingswim isnt in thecards. But then,thats why Godinvented surfing!

    Dont just go with theflow, BE the flow.


    WARNING #1

    Flowing is notan invitation toembrace yourinner pansy ass.Self responsibilityis at a premium.You are expectedto work harderthan you everimaginedpossible. Every.Single. Day. Youget out what youput in. Period.

    The point offlowing is to shiftaway frombanging yourhead against awall so that youcan figure outhow to scale it,go around it, orgrab a giant jackhammer to helpyou bust throughit.

    Doggedlysticking to theplan is a recipefor stagnation,

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  • injury, and idiocy.

    Flow so that youcan do MOREwork, not less.

    Warning #2

    Keep youremotions incheck. This ispart of yourtraining.

    When you comeinto the gymEXPECTING acertain thing thatyou end up notgetting, you getpissed. That isYOUR fault.Accept this.Change this. Yourexpectations werefoolish. There isno such thing aspredicting thefuture. Whathappens is whathappens.

    You cant make itrain tomorrow.But you CAN beprepared for therain.

    A 1 rep max is anEFFECT, it is NOTa cause. Thetraining is thecause. Get backto training andstop feeling sorryfor yourself.

    Focus on thesolution, not theproblem.

    Warning #3

    This is meant tobe a program forintermediatelifters, which isbasically every

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  • single one of us.

    Here atWeightliftingAcademy, wedefine beginnersto be people inthat ultra-super-new phase thatonly lasts about12 weeks if youdo it right.

    We define peopleas advanced onlywhen they arebutting upagainst theirgeneticmaximums. Youknow what wemean, those poorsouls who arehappy to add asingle kilo to thebar every year.

    All of the rest ofus areintermediates.And this phasewill likely last youa decade orlonger.

    Dont despair.Being anintermediate isawesome. Youget to makemassive gains.

    If you areadvanced, thenyou are one ofthe few peopleon earth who are,and you can dowhatever youwant.

    If you are a truerank beginner(never seriouslysquatted before),dont worry.Weve got

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  • something specialcoming soon foryou.

    Warning #4

    Im serious.There are no lightdays. Every day isa heavy day.

    There will bemany who will cryfoul and flip outin fear of over-training, injuries,and the like. Letthem.

    Americans have astrange andobsessive fear ofover-trainingsyndrome. Andyet, in all of myyears ofcoaching, and ashard as I havetried to over-trainmy athletes onpurpose I havefailed to do so,miserably.

    Every year, I haveupped theamount of work Iexpect from mylifters. And everyyear the resultscome faster.

    If you think hardabout this for asecond, it makessense why thishas happened.

    Do you thinkNavy Seals takelight days?Do you thinkthe Samuraidid?Do you thinkwolves in thewild avoid

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  • sprinting aftertheir preybecause theydid HIITyesterday?

    Of course not.Our species, likemost, is built todo work a lotof it.

    All throughouthistory, we havebe forced bynecessity to workour tails off everysingle day. Butnow, because ournew moderndefault is to sitaround for 17hours a day andsleep 7, we cantimagine workingout hard in thegym more than 3times a week.

    Nemesis will domany things foryou. Among themwill be a return toyour true nature.


    I know, I justtold you that youare anintermediate. Sowhy am I usingthe termadvanced?

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  • Because werediscussing thevariations ofnemesis that arean advancementover the old way.Thats all.

    OverviewNemesis can beused successfullywith a host ofexercises, but theflagship hasalways beensquats. If you arenew to any ofthis, we suggestyou begin bytrying this outwith back squatsor front squats.

    We can sum yourdaily workouts asfollows:

    Pick one RampPick oneIntensifier(WOD)Work your tailoff.Repeat daily (oras close as youcan get)


    The Ramps aresimply differentways to start withthe empty barand end up withheavy weights. Inthe Classicalversion ofNemesis, youwould work up toa 1rm forinstance. But theproblem was thatpeople keptasking us HOWto work up to a1rm.

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  • Well we nowhave thatoutlined for you.

    The Intensifiersare the realworkout of theday (WOD). Wecall themintensifiers onpurpose, by theway, becausethey aresupposed to bedone withmaximumintensity!

    Remember thatthere are NO lightdays, wherelight meanseasy. The weightmay be lightertoday thanyesterday, butmaybe you aredoing more reps,or you are doingspeed sets, orpause squats, orwhatever thepoint is that youare ALWAYSworking atmaximumintensity, nomatter what.

    Lastly, if youwant you can addin a Challenge, ortwo. But keep inmind that thechallenges arejust that. Theyare like littlecontests, they arenot theprogram. Competitionis not the sameas training. It isalmost theOPPOSITE oftraining. Focusthe shear work

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  • itself that comesfrom doing theRamp +Intensifier everyworkout.


    Start with the bar,go up!

    Working up inweight isnt aseasy or as simpleas it sounds. Doyou make 10pound jumps?30? Do you usesets of 3, 5, 10,1?

    We have triedjust abouteverything at thispoint, and wevefound thefollowing ways oframping up(Ramps) to bethe most useful.We use themdaily.

    Volcano3rm, 2rm,1rm

    Do sets of 3reps everyset, workingup slowly,until you getto a weightwhere doingthe 3rd repseemsimpossible.Then addweight anddo the samewith sets of 2until finishingthe 2nd repseemsimpossible.

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  • Then keepgoing insingles (setsof 1) untilyou miss.

    Once you getto somethingthat feelsheavy for aset of 3, donot go up bymore than5% at a time.Why?Because partof the point isto get yourvolume in onthe way up,not justafterwards foryour back offsets AKAIntensifiers.

    This is by farthe mostcommonlyused repscheme in thegym as aRamp. Itsshockinglyeffective.

    MontezumaWorkout:5rm, 4rm,3rm, 2rm,1rm

    Same asVolcano, justbigger! Workup in sets of5 reps untilyou can onlydo 4, addweight,continue.

    NOTES: Thepoint is not totruly fail and dropthe bar on theground on any of

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  • these RMs. Noteven the single atthe end. ThePOINT is to getup into Zone 1and do a littlework there. (Seethe original article top on whyand what this is.)


    This is where thefun begins! Nowthat you arewarmed up, havedone a little workin Zone 1, itstime to pump upthe volume.

    You have a lot ofoptions:


    Workout:Drop to 70%of your 1rmand workback up to