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    For International Students


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    Its a unique situation we find ourselves in at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).

    Were connected!

    Were connected

    Were connected...

    To the natural environment - located in a nature reserve and on the edge of a Bay with magnificent beaches and rich marine resources. The Bay guarantees a quality of life second to none while providing us with a gateway to the world.

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    Were connected!

    We are also increasingly connected to the world, with more than 10% of our student body drawn from diverse backgrounds outside South Africa. Yet, Port Elizabeth, now incorporated into Nelson Mandela Bay, has not only all the amenities of a city but the friendly warmth and connectedness of a much smaller town.

    Were connected...

    To the history of South Africa, named as we are after one of the icons of the struggle for freedom and democracy and located in a region that was the cradle of that struggle.

    Were connected...

    To a city, Nelson Mandela Bay, which is home to some one million people who work in manufacturing industries specializing in motor vehicle assembly and agricultural processing, tourism and the services sector.

    Some of these industries are local subsidiaries of multi-national companies and a part of our mandate is to provide highly skilled people to work in the local economy.

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    For more information on Faculty programmes go to: Once the brochure is open please wait a few seconds for it to load.- Go to PROGRAMMES.- Click on the chosen FACULTY listed on the pop-up menu.- Click on SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT.- Click on the chosen PROGRAMME to access Programme Information.

    Should you experience any problems accessing information in this manner please contact:

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    Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University an overview


    Why NMMU ?


    City information

    Faculty of Arts

    Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

    Faculty of Education

    Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology

    Faculty of Health Sciences

    Faculty of Law

    Faculty of Science

    George Campus Programmes

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    Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University


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    NMMU is the biggest tertiary institution in the Eastern Cape

    Province, with some 25 000 students enrolled on six different

    campuses - five in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) and

    one in the beautiful city of George. The University offers a full

    spectrum of career-focused, academic-oriented and professional

    programmes - from diploma through to doctoral level.

    Our programmes are recognised and accredited by the relevant

    professional bodies locally and, in many cases, internationally.

    Given the increasing appeal of our programmes to international

    students, that accreditation is important, and we intend to

    further increase our international connections.

    Our students can already be found working around the globe.

    Our teaching and research staff enjoy collegial relationships with

    academics at top institutions in their fields. The University and

    the surrounding communities are geared up for the increasingly

    cosmopolitan nature of our campuses, and a wide range of

    student services and support facilities are offered to assist

    international students in every aspect of student life - from what

    to study, to where to live, to finding a job after graduation.

    The quality of life enjoyed at this University on the Bay is

    complimented by a significantly lower cost of living against

    national and international benchmarks.

    Our highest priority is to promote academic excellence through varied curricula, the standard of teaching

    throughout all faculties, and through innovative and applied research for social and economic development.

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    NMMU is committed to the ideal of providing our students and

    scholars with a stimulating, vibrant and critical educational

    experience. To provide this experience, NMMU offers world-class

    and modern teaching and learning facilities, excellent lecturers and

    researchers, as well as library and computer facilities. Beyond the

    classroom, we also offer a diverse variety of educational support

    services to support the learning and social needs of our students. We

    also offer cultural, sports and recreational activities on our various

    campuses in Port Elizabeth and George.

    We encourage you to take full advantage of this unique opportunity

    in your life to engage in all aspects of campus life, seeing this as

    an integral part of your educational journey at NMMU. Our staff

    and our students come from all walks of life, with many different

    cultures, faiths and geographical origins, and we invite you to

    form part of this multicultural and cosmopolitan community.

    We celebrate our diversity, and see this as an immense source

    of strength. NMMU celebrates and actively promotes not only

    its cultural diversity, but also its intellectual diversity, critical and

    creative thinking and knowledge as a source of public good.

    We are committed to the ideal of ensuring our students are fully

    equipped with all the knowledge, skills and expertise they require

    to finding their way in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing

    world. We want our graduates not only to fit into society, but also

    change the world to becoming a better place for all.

    Prof. Derrick Swartz


    Welcome to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University! Joining a university for the first time in ones

    life is one of the most extraordinary and once in a lifetime experiences. We invite you to embrace this wonderful experience with full gusto. Here, you will find a University that places the centrality of ideas right at the heart of everything we do.

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    Why NMMU?


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    Its a place of excellent teaching with a vibrant community that equips students for life. Academics, students and those from the surrounding community with a stake in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, share their views on the institution.

    The Eastern Cape is home to six of South Africas recognised biomes and in keeping with this

    theme, the NMMU has the privilege of being situated within a nature reserve. The absolute

    pleasure of living and working in this gem of a campus has a lot to do with its vibrant student

    community, excellent support services and committed and friendly staff, not to mention the close

    proximity to the sea, as well as unspoilt and rugged mountainous terrain. With no part of the

    city ever being more than twenty minutes from another, the quality of life in the Friendly City is


    Dr Kwezi Mzilikazi, Senior Zoology lecturer.

    The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has a very close network with industry and facilitates

    robust networking with business through their career fairs, bursary offerings, and inviting

    guest speakers from industry to teach and speak on their various programmes. This integrates

    theory with practice and forms a critical link, which makes their teaching relevant to industry


    Dr Amber Anderson, HR Executive, Coca-Cola Fortune.

    I decided to study at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) because it had a calm

    to it. There was no hustle and bustle, and my sister had studied Health Sciences at NMMU. From

    studying at the University, Ive learnt that there is no situation that you cannot take control of and

    that every obstacle is preparing you for something great.

    Melissa de Oliveira, Swaziland.

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    Faculty of ArtsC r e a t i n g t o m o r r o w


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    Having the opportunity to live near the beach and make friends with other international students has made my experience at NMMU unforgettable. I wont ever forget my time here because it has been so enjoyable.

    - Study Abroad student Susi Pollard, BTU Cottbus, Germany.


    The Faculty houses the Schools of Architecture; Language, Media and Culture;

    Governmental and Social Sciences; and a School of Music, Arts and Design. These

    schools offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate certificates, diplomas and

    degrees, up to doctoral level. Graduates of this Faculty are equipped with critical

    thinking, problem-solving and communication skills, combined with theoretical

    knowledge to enhance their academic and professional development.

    Within the respective schools, areas of specialization include architecture, interior

    design, photography, painting, interior and graphic design, sculpture, music, film

    and journalism, as well as literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, anthropology,

    sociology, public administration and management, and political studies.

    The Faculty of Arts offers a comprehensive academic programme, encompassing literature, the creative arts and the humanit


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