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NELNET EDUCATION LOAN SERVICING. Webinar Wednesdays | September 14, 2011. The Loan Servicing Environment – Getting the Most from Nelnet As Your Servicer. Dana Kelly, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions. TOUR OF OUR WEBSITE: FINANCIAL LITERACY. MONEY MONDAYS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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NELNET EDUCATION LOAN SERVICING Webinar Wednesdays | September 14, 2011#1Introduction:

Lou MurrayRon Hancock

Don Buehrer is attending another conference, but is still a Regional Director that serves the North, Central and West Texas areas.

This presentation is an overview of Nelnets innovation and service enhancements to assure quality service for the schools and students. Please note, I represent Nelnet and not FSA, though all correspondence and presentations in regards to DL servicing is FSA approved.

Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011The Loan Servicing Environment Getting the Most from Nelnet As Your ServicerDana Kelly, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

#2As I mentioned, the focus of this session is specific to Nelnet and the services we bring with respect to the Direct Loan Program. Before we discuss Nelnet, Id like to take a step back and discuss a few general details in regards to the Direct Loan Program as a whole, and the agreement DOE has made with the servicers. TOUR OF OUR WEBSITE: FINANCIAL LITERACYWebinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011


MONEY MONDAYSWebinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011

Linked logo available for site#FINANCIAL LITERACY TOOLS (SAMPLES)Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011

#Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011TOUR OF OUR WEBSITE: TRAINING

#Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011 NSIGHT Tool for accessing loan information and reports on both lender-owned and Department of Education-owned loans that are serviced by Nelnet Analyze real-time data Transmissions encrypted for data protection and security Access a secure user profile Access particular views or data elements Generate pre-programmed reportsFlexible filtering options, save and exportTypes of reports: Core data Deferment and forbearance data Reference and PLUS dependent dataSelect SSN-level data

#7Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011 NSIGHT-HOW TO REQUEST A USER IDE-mail the Nelnet School Service Center at and provide the following information for each user in your office.First and Last Name School Name(s) Entire School Code (Note: this is an 8 digit code(s)) E-mail Address Phone Number Fax Number The School Service Center will notify you via e-mail once your user ID is created. If you do not receive your user ID within three business days of your request, please call the School Service Center at 1.866.463.5638

#8RECENT NSIGHT ENHANCEMENTSThree additional easy button reports, including subsets of comprehensive reports. Late Stage Delinquency Report -all borrowers 250 days past due without having to type in criteria (prompts)Exiting Forbearance/Deferment Report - all students within 45 days of leaving forbearance/deferment without having to type in criteria (prompts)Grace Report - all students within 45 days of entering grace or in grace without having to type in criteria (prompts)

Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011#RECENT NSIGHT ENHANCEMENTSThree new search fields-added fields for repayment plan the borrower is currently in, last payment date and amountStreamlined report generating process-rather than copying information to a personal folder to run data, you may now find reported information from the public folderCentralized data reporting-database selection process has been eliminated; a report now automatically includes statistics from all three databasesAcronym-free zone-eliminated abbreviationsIntuitive search. Now you can search by individual school codes or include all school codes. More accurate labeling-School Delinquency folder is now School Reports

Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011#Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011TOUR OF OUR WEBSITE: FACEBOOK

#NELNET WEEKLY UPDATE DEBUT 8/15/2011| Nelnet Education Loan Services

#Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011TOUR OF OUR WEBSITE: JIMS BLOG

#SCHOOL SERVICE CENTERMonday to Friday-7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST early fourth quarter)1.866.463.5638 (1.866.4NELNET)ssc@nelnet.netGeneral questions on all loans in servicing (account status, address to return funds, default prevention, etc)All questions regarding FFEL/commercial loans (loan adds/changes, disbursement adjustments, demographic changes, etc)Assist in providing correct contact information if unable to provide resolutionNsight support (sign-up, navigation, password resets, etc)99.09% accuracy in resolving issues along with a 83% school satisfaction rating 5 associates in Lincoln, NE and Aurora, CO, with a combined 56 years of student loan servicing experience (early fourth quarter adding 3 more representatives to ensure that you have the best service possible) | Nelnet Education Loan Services#


#INNOVATIONS FOR BORROWERS: IVR UPGRADESInteractive Voice Response (IVR) upgrades (based on borrower and school feedback)Ability to make or postpone a paymentObtain payment plan and loan status informationRequest documentsListen to tax informationIn response to direct customer feedback, we have moved the option to speak to a representative to the beginning of our IVR menuWebinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011#MOBILE MICROSITE & TEXT MESSAGINGMobile micrositeNelnet launched www.nelnetmobile.comOffers ability to sign up for text messagingOption to link to an optimized version of www.nelnet.comDownload the Loan Assist and Loan Calculator mobile applications for iPhone and AndroidText messaging - Borrowers can opt to receive texts including:Payment due datePast due notificationsLoan status changesNotifications that their online statement is ready to view

Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011#18


Account updates via text messaging#NELNET MOBILE APPLICATIONSLoan Assist Mobile Application (iPhone & Android)Allows borrowers to schedule payments up to 30 day in advanceProvides customers with a way to review their account and group summaryView their payment historyCheck the status of deferment/forbearance requestsUse loan calculatorsLoan Calculator Mobile Application (iPhone & Android)Calculate monthly paymentsExplore the amount of interest that will accrue during a period of deferment or forbearanceView different repayment scenariosWebinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011#21

Mobile website (

Online Payment System App (Loan Assist)#

Online Payment System App (Loan Assist)#

Loan Calculator App#Webinar Wednesdays| September 14, 2011CONTACT INFORMATIONRegional Director: Dana Kelly (dana.kelly School Service Center (SSC)www.nelnetloanservicing.comssc@nelnet.net1.866.463.5638

Nelnet Borrower Customer Center (Service and Repayment)www.nelnet.com1.888.486.4722#


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