Need for adapting to change

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  • 1.Need for Adapting to Change

2. Critical success factors Understand the Information Ecology Manage two business streams: Old & New Preserve existing readership while building the new Control Costs Recognise real value of your journal assets Partnership building 3. Things to do.. Need to start learning the converged technology assoon as it appears Extended access to modern technology Familiar with new form of Media as well asdeveloping certain skills Having an optimal work flow with Broad reach Managing and reusing content Create Engaging experiences 4. Best Practices Reply on open standards document formatsand open source software servers Keep site design simple, easy to navigate andoptimized for downloading Take advantage of hypertext and othernetworking tools for true ePublishing Keep article markup simple 5. Best practices Make copyright policy clear to authors andreaders, particularly in the electronicenvironmental- allow authors to self-archive Practice open access to maximize impact Ensure long term access through properarchiving Lobby funding agency and government tosupport local science and online publishing 6. 25 things you need to know by CNET Editor1.Self-publishing is easy2.Digital, not print, is your best bet.3.Quality is good4.Since self-publishings so easy, everybodys doing it.5.Good self-published books are few and far between6.The odds are against you.7.Creating a "professional" book is really hard8.Have a clear goal for your book9.Even if its great, theres a good chance your book wont sell10. Niche books tend to do best.11. Buy your own ISBN -- and create your own publishing house12. Create a unique title13. Turn-key solutions cost a lot of money. 7. 25 things you need to knowby CNET Editor14. Self-publishers dont care if your book is successful.15. Buy as little as possible from your publishing company.16. If youre serious about your book, hire a book doctor and get it copyedited.17. Negotiate everything.18. Ask a lot of questions and dont be afraid to complain.19. Self-publishing is a contact sport.20. Getting your book in bookstores sounds good, but that shouldnt bea real concern.21. Self-published books rarely get reviewed -- for free anyway.22. Design your book cover to look good23. If youre selling online, make the most out of your Amazon page24. Pricing is a serious challenge25. Self-publishing is a fluid business 8. Thank YouYogesh SahuGeneral ManagerNE Mobile


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