near field communication: what is it all about?

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Near Field Communication (NFC) technology makes your life much easier and convenient than before by making it simpler to make transactions and connect electronic devices with a mere touch. Now share digital contents more quickly and securely.


Near Field Communication: What Is It All About?There has been quite an increase in research for the near field communication industry. Many big name companies are looking to get a piece of this growing marketplace. Near field communication, or NFC, is basically another form of communication between electronic devices. An NFC device uses radio waves to communicate much the same way as Bluetooth devices. NFC devices transmit a radio signal that can activate a passive device, and the receiving device needs to be in close proximity to the transmitter. When using NFC the receiving device can even use the power from the radio frequency it receives power itself.

With the advances in technology and the proliferation of handheld devices, the exchange of massive amounts of data is commonplace. This can actually be a limiting factor for NFC. A NFC data exchange rate hits its maximum at 424,000 bits per second; the standard Bluetooth exchange rate is as high as 2,000,000 bits per second. NFC does have an advantage over Bluetooth that may make up for lack of speed in the data connection.

Bluetooth communication has to be established by pairing the devices. This step takes time to complete and needs to be established by both devices. There is no pairing sequence for NFC devices. This allows the connection to be made in a fraction of a second. The connection is initiated by the NFC device so that device is called the initiator. An initiator, such as a GPS device, could communicate with your vehicle. The GPS receivers of the radio waves can then respond with the information that it holds.

NFC has its own set of specifications that makes it unique. To operate the connection both devices have to be in close proximity. The idea working distance is within 4 centimeters or just over 1.5 inches. When the initiating device gets within that distance a small antenna transmits the data, which is then received by the target. As the radio frequency modulates it produces an electrical current in the target that can power that device. The device that is broadcasting is called an active device.

One active device can communicate with another active device. Another characteristic of NFC is low power consumption. When compared with a bluetooth GPS the actual rate of data exchange could be ample for its operation. NFC operates at 13.56 Megahertz.

One other concern would be the security of a NFC data connection. The close proximity needed to exchange the data would me eavesdropping more difficult.Sanjeev Walia is an executive working for SatNav Technologies. SatNav Technologies offers GPS maps and gadgets, tracking devices, and India map for Garmin. SatNav Technologies offers POIs in almost every part of India with efficient customer service.