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  • Danielle N. Bunger 41 Wagon Trl. Taylorsville KY 40071

    Phone Number: 502-592-9747 E-mail: Dnbunger@gmail.com




    Nondestructive Inspection Technician offering 15 years of hands-on NDT experience and training through the Unites States Air Force in positions of increasing responsibility, encompassing the following areas: - Operations Management - Personnel Administration - Program Development - Manpower Deployment - Inventory Management - Budget Administration - Training Development - Liaison Activities - Public Relations - Radiation Records Management


    Human Resources Coordinator, Ohio River Bridges Project Walsh-Vinci Construction, Louisville, KY. December 2014 present

    Creation and management of all internal and external communications for an engineering team consisting of Construction Manager, Deputy Construction Manager 4 Project Managers and 6 Project Engineers.

    Management of upload and ongoing correspondence of company-based web systems E-builder and Dymadoc.

    Software management of SharePoint, MS Access, and proprietary databases supporting the collection and dissemination of materials. Coordination of ongoing construction reports across all areas of bridge construction from Kentucky to Indiana.

    Tax forms, I9s, E-verify and timesheets, payroll, and unemployment filings/issues on a regional level.

    Nondestructive Inspection NCOIC, USAF Seymour Johnson AFB, NC and Andersen AB, Guam June 2006-July 2014

    Supervised 14 deployed personnel in support of B-2, B-52, F-15, F-16, and KC-135 aircraft maintenance operations.

    Ensured section remained 100 percent in compliance with Air Force and OSHA standards.

    Received zero findings and contributing to an Excellent rating during the 2007 Headquarters Pacific Air Forces Unit Compliance Inspection.

    Developed, initiated, and evaluated new procedures, policies, and internal controls; assessed and resolved complex operational problems.


  • Danielle N. Bunger 41 Wagon Trl. Taylorsville KY 40071

    Phone Number: 502-592-9747 E-mail: Dnbunger@gmail.com


    Nondestructive Inspection Journeyman, USAF Kunsan AB, Korea and Edwards AFB, CA June 2003-June 2006

    Recognized as, Professional Performer during the 2005 Pacific Air Forces Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Team Inspection.

    Awarded Maintenance Professional of the Quarter.

    Developed a radiographic inspection technique; enabling completion of an inspection nine days ahead of schedule.

    Received an Excellent score by 2004 AFMC Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Team. Nondestructive Inspection Apprentice, USAF Aviano AB, Italy and Beale AFB, CA December 1999-June 2003

    Discovered areas of sever corrosion on an F-16 leading edge torque shaft. Component removed from service.

    Identified cracks in critical areas on an F118-108 engine tailpipe section. Ensured component was removed from service and averted excessive heat dispersal and damage to U-2 aircraft fuselage.

    Received a Letter of Appreciation from 940th Maintenance Squadron Commander for providing prompt and professional KC-135 phase and in-shop inspection support during a manpower shortage.

    Aided in completion of a onetime inspection on ejection seat catapult cap assembly that grounded the entire U-2 fleet. Inspected 20 aircraft in 31 hours to restore mission capability.


    Bachelors Degree Human Resource Management Projected 10/31/2016 Associates Degree Nondestructive Inspection Technology Graduated 06/26/2014 Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection and Impedance Plane Analysis Graduated 01/24/2011 Nondestructive Inspection Craftsman (7lvl) Graduated 07/20/2007 Military Leadership School Graduated 02/10/2005 Nondestructive Inspection Apprentice Graduated 12/02/1999

    CERTIFICATIONS Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection 3173.86 hrs Magnetic Particle Inspection 5792.69 hrs Eddy Current Inspection 5433.71 hrs Ultrasonic Inspection 2924.38 hrs Radiography Inspection 4070.13 hrs