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International Developers in London

Adam (who is here at NDC) arranges meetups for the London based development community

We have presentations on various subjects from TDD to Arduino & 3D printing.We run 6 meetup groups (Italian / Portuguese / Spanish / Polish / French / South African); each group meets on an approximate 6 week cycle.

www.idinlondon.co.uk 2Italian Developers in LondonOur oldest group, founded in May 2013, currently has 243 members. Co-host Lorenzo Moretti.

Mauro Servienti (left) with a presentation on NserviceBus & Marco Bettiolo (right) speaking on Docker.Portuguese Speaking Developers in London2nd group founded in August 2013, has 94 members currently. Co-host Rodrigo Laranjo.Rodrigo Laranjo (left) talking about Arduino, and Luis Valdez (right) speaking on Aspect Oriented Programming.

4Polish Developers in LondonEstablished in Jan 2014, has 206 members currently. Co-host Magdalena Marzac.Sebastian Witalec (left) speaking about KendoUI & Marek Polak (right) about App Store Optimisation.

5South African Developers in LondonEstablished in Jan 2014, has 45 members currently. Co-host Brendon BezuidenhoutBrendon talking to us about his project in Arduino at a recent meetup.

6French Developers in LondonEstablished in Feb 2014, has 51 members currently. Co-host Julien Brousseau.Adrien Broussolle presenting on Functional Programming with Scala, with some of our attendees at the event.

Spanish Speaking Developers in LondonEstablished in June 2014, has 102 members currently. Co-host Alain Mangin.Our newest group which has not had a presentation based meetup yet this is one from the pub!

8Our presentations in 2014:

Alessio di Salvo MyCookinNicola Zanon Modern Workflow for responsive designMattia Richetta How to run unit tests inside Visual StudioLuca Zenari 1) Introduction to TDD 2) Test boundaries & fakesLorenzo Moretti 1) Scrum intro 2) SignalRMauro Servienti NservicebusManuel Salvatori GIS SystemsClaudio Sparpaglioni PyOWM 1st Opensource projectMarco Bettiolo Containerized Deployment in DockerRodrigo Laranjo 1) Arduino 2) 3D PrintingPedro Santos TDD part 1 and 2Luis Valdez Aspect Oriented ProgrammingLukasz Chodarcewicz Enterprise SearchMichal Franc The Rise & Fall of TDD. Really?Jakub Zalas BDD from the eyes of a test-first maniac.Marek Polak Pick me! How to increase app discoveryPawel Sawicz NoSQLBarbara Fusinska How Aspects clean your codeAdam Kosinski A quest for readable testsAdrien Brousseou ScalaAdam Bolton 1) Finding a Development job in London 2) Tech Skills 3) CV Workshop

9Our events were started by Adam Bolton (www.linkedin.com/in/adambolton) who has been recruiting technical staff (.Net) in London for the last decade.

We host our technical talks at the Telerik UK Offices in Austin Friars (Bank), London.

Whilst there is no hard sell recruitment tactics, many people in the groups have found jobs through Adam. Weve also recently held a CV workshop which was a very interesting evening to attend.

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