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2020 Vision: Connect, Learn, Lead


  • Vol. 10 Issue 4 October 1, 2010

    ferences evokes lots of happy memories and some of the most important professional experi-

    ences of my career. Little did I know it, but as a new media coordinator, the NCSLMA confer-

    ence was the perfect opportunity for getting to know my peers. Coming from the mountains,

    a group of us would coordinate our departures from school, stuff a bunch of suitcases in the

    back of someones car, and hit the road.

    It would have been convenient if the conference city was only a short drive away, but look-

    ing back on it now, I realize just how lucky I was to ride in the car for 3+ hours with a group of

    other school librarians. As a newbie, it was an opportune time to ask a captive audience all

    those nagging questions Id been wondering about, the perfect time and place for venting a

    little frustration, and the best opportunity for getting to know my peers on a more personal

    level. In later years, the road to conference was a place to catch up with my friends, to think

    out loud as a team about new ideas and opportunities, and to support one another with

    strategies for coping with change.

    In a way, the car ride set the tone for the whole conference experience. Instead of feeling

    isolated as a library professional at my school, hitting the road for conference made me feel

    part of something bigger. As we traveled down the highway from mountains to Piedmont, it

    felt great to talk the same talk with others who understood. And as the miles stacked up, so

    did our excitement . . . about getting to the registration desk in time to pick up our conference

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    From our President, Kelly Brannock

    Hitting the Road to Connecting, Learning & Leading

    Hitting the Road to Connecting, Learning & Leading

    2020 Vision


    Connect Learn

    Welcome to Fall and the start of an exciting new school

    year. If its Fall, then the annual NCSLMA conference must

    be right around the corner! Thinking about NCSLMA con-

    Inside this Issue:Inside this Issue:Inside this Issue:Inside this Issue:

    Hitting the Road to Connecting, Hitting the Road to Connecting, Hitting the Road to Connecting, Hitting the Road to Connecting,

    Learning Leading, Learning Leading, Learning Leading, Learning Leading,

    Different Hat, Big Shoes at DPIDifferent Hat, Big Shoes at DPIDifferent Hat, Big Shoes at DPIDifferent Hat, Big Shoes at DPI

    Its a Librarian ThingIts a Librarian ThingIts a Librarian ThingIts a Librarian Thing

    Make your Library Make your Library Make your Library Make your Library

    Indispensable: Professional Indispensable: Professional Indispensable: Professional Indispensable: Professional Development is not a LuxuryDevelopment is not a LuxuryDevelopment is not a LuxuryDevelopment is not a Luxury

    Bundle up and Save on the Bundle up and Save on the Bundle up and Save on the Bundle up and Save on the

    AASL Planning GuideAASL Planning GuideAASL Planning GuideAASL Planning Guide

    Conference TipsConference TipsConference TipsConference Tips

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    programs, the authors we hoped to meet and their treasured autographs, the freebies

    (including the free food!) wed find in the exhibit hall, and the chance to get away, reflect, re-

    fresh, and recharge our personal and professional energy. The road trip experience didnt end

    with our arrival in the conference city. I can remember a late-dinner evening when at least 9

    of us piled in a car that was only meant for 4 people. We were starving and squished and of

    course we got lost in Charlotte as we drove around and around looking for a clean, safe, de-

    cent, reasonably priced place on whose menu we could all agree. It was an unforgettable ad-

    venture and while I wouldnt want to repeat that experience, I love the camaraderie we

    shared! Hitting the road for a long drive home after conference was also a great time. Gone

    was the giddiness and excitement about what lay ahead. Instead we were tired, with full and

    fuller bags, new ideas to mull over, and session information to share. Hitting the road for con-

    necting, learning, and leading was one of the most important pieces of my professional life,

    and I cant wait to do it all over again this year!

    You may be thinking that this sounds great, but that you just cant afford to go to con-

    ference this year. After all, theres no money for professional development, no ones paying

    for travel, and whos going to cover the media center if Im out? I might even have to take

    personal days and pay for my own sub if I go to conference this year. The conference isnt

    cheap (its $100 for registration this year), and even the cost of parking has gone up a bit.

    True that. Yet, can you afford NOT to go? THIS is the year and the stakes have never been

    higher. Whether we like it or not, prepared or just barely keeping up, whether were fixed or

    flexed, seasoned professionals or newbies, change-lovers or those who like their traditions

    and the status quo, change has arrived. Race to the Top, new Essential Standards, Common

    Core adoption, a revision to the Teacher Evaluation process (with the revision of our own

    MCPAI-R close behind), and an unprecedented budget shortfall in North Carolina have con-

    verged to make this a critical time of opportunity and crisis for our profession. Its a perfect

    storm. Its about our jobs. Its about our professional practice. And most of all, its about the

    impact we have on student learning. You NEED to hit the road for Winston-Salem, to connect,

    to learn, and to lead in new ways. The future awaits, the road lies before us -- so buckle up

    your seat belt (it will be a bumpy ride) -- enjoy time in the car with your peers, and see you in

    Winston-Salem, whatever it takes!

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    Different hat, big shoes at DPI

    Effective September 13th, Ive donned a different hat as the new School Library Media Con-

    sultant at NC DPIs Instructional Technology Division. Along with the new hat, I am stepping

    into the big shoes left by the wonderful Gerry Solomon who retired from this position at the

    end of May. Ive spent my first weeks getting connected, learning the ropes, attending nearby

    regional meetings, and revving up for the impact of Race to the Top on North Carolina schools.

    My new co-workers at DPI have been very welcoming and made me feel right at home. I

    sense that theyre are glad to have someone back in place whose vision is focused squarely on

    NC school libraries!

    If youre keeping score at home, Im planning to:

    1.) complete my term as NCSLMA President (which ends in Nov. 2010)

    2.) fulfill my obligation next year as NCSLMA Past President (Nov. 2010 - Nov. 2011)

    3.) serve on the NCSLMA Board as DPI Liaison during my tenure at DPI.

    This is an unusual place to inhabit and I appreciate your understanding as I wear these differ-

    ent hats, try to meet all my obligations, and keep my worlds from colliding! Ill make a special

    effort to be clear about which hat Im wearing when I communicate using any of NCSLMAs

    channels (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Groups, etc.). If youre ever confused about where I

    stand, please let me know so that I can communicate more clearly.

    I will continue to participate in Google Groups as an NCSLMA member and plan to add a new

    subscription that allows me to be Kelly@DPI when I need to communicate wearing my DPI hat.

    You can reach me at when you have concerns that are strictly

    NCSLMA business, otherwise feel free to contact me at DPI at I

    will continue the practice of blogging that Gerry started, and you can find new posts at my DPI

    blog, Staring Straight into the Future.

    Ive very excited about this new opportunity and the chance to meet many of you in your

    school libraries. My passion is with school libraries, their place in a 21st century learning envi-

    ronment, and their impact on student learning. No matter which hat Im wearing, in my view

    school librarians are the ultimate 21st century educators! I look forward to meeting you soon,

    either at NCSLMAs conference in November or as I travel throughout the state.

    -Kelly Brannock

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    Thing Librarian Thing Librarian Librarian Thing Its a

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    I always knew I was a little bit different. I still remember how excited I was when I

    received this button, proudly announcing I never guess, I look it up! I didnt realize

    it was a promotional activity for a major encyclopedia publisher, I was just proud to

    have successfully completed the information searches. Unlike my classmates who

    were rowdy during Mr. Tumas library science class, I was actually interested in how

    Dewey structured knowledge I guess the signs were there that I was destined to be a

    librarian. I didnt pursue it right away, but when I finally did, I felt very much at home in

    the discipline and connected with my fellow librarians.

    After library school and working i