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<p>Title of Presentation</p> <p>Keeping America Informed: GPO, the Federal Depository Library Program, and the Cataloging &amp; Indexing Program</p> <p>Laurie B. HallDirector, Library Technical Information ServicesLibrary Services and Content ManagementSeptember 23, 2011 </p> <p>GPOs MissionKeeping America Informed</p> <p>Expert publishing and printing services for all three branches of the Federal GovernmentPerpetual, free and ready public access to printed and electronic Federal Government information in partnership with over 1,200 Federal Depository Libraries since 1813Mandated by: 44 USC 1710-1711, 1901-1916</p> <p>GPO: Not your traditional library!National-level program with no library collection! De Facto national cataloging authority for U.S. Government Documents in 44 USC 1710-1711 Cataloging and Indexing Program Monthly Catalogthe Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP)</p> <p>GPO: Not your traditional library!Technical services work for all U.S. Government information products Distribution of tangible materials to FDLsOutreach, consulting, training, tools and services for FDLsParticipate in national policy forums and initiatives related to our missionFree access initiatives GPO Access/FDSYSDigitization standards, metadata policy, etc. National Cooperative Cataloging organizations CONSER, NACO, SACO, PCC</p> <p>Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) The NCCU School of Law Library has been aFederal Depository Library since 1979. The Law Library qualifies for depository status by law. Ms. Wadad Giles is the cataloging librarian and the Federal Depository coordinator in the Law Library.</p> <p>Library Services and Content Management overseesthe Federal Depository Library Program andthe Cataloging and Indexing ProgramDirector, LSCMSuperintendent of DocumentsLibrary Planning &amp; Development, Library Services</p> <p>Planning &amp; DevelopmentContent ManagementWeb Content Management</p> <p>Collection Management &amp; Preservation</p> <p>Depository DistributionEducation &amp; OutreachArchival Management</p> <p>Library Technical Information Services</p> <p>Library Tech Svc SupportContent AcquisitionsBibliographic Control</p> <p>LSCM Staffing120 FTE Staff at GPO Headquarters, Washington DC</p> <p> Professional librarians (45) technical services work, ILS work, education and outreach, training, policy development, planning, contracting, etc.Support positions- technical services, marketing, project management, analysis, distribution (warehousing), etc.Supplemented by contract workers (25) (professional librarians and para-professionals) temporary positions, currently supporting technical services work (historic shelflist transcription project, serials management, etc.)</p> <p>What LSCM Does!Acquire, catalog all information products of the U.S. Government Traditional library servicesDistribute tangible US Govt. publications to Federal depository librariesProvide educational opportunities through developing &amp; conducting conferences Assist FDLs to organize and manage their physical collections and run their depositoriesOrganize and manage the GPO electronic collections of Federal depository library materialServes as experts in library and information-related services for all of GPO (information policy PII, Access, etc.)Develops plans, processes, projects and studies that support the operational units within LSCMManages Web site content, design, and maintenance </p> <p>Federal Librarianship at GPOManagement: Director or Manager</p> <p>Librarian by profession, but actually a lawyer, psychologist, counselor, diplomat, teacher, mentorWorking with all kinds of peopleWorking on all kinds of projects budget, writing, systems, analysis, project management, contracting, strategic planning, staffing and human resources, etc.BTW We sometimes do library work! </p> <p>Federal Librarianship at GPO (cont.)Working Professional Technical Services librarians - hands on library work, automation, ILS, cataloging, serials management, archiving/harvesting, projects with depositories, collaboration with federal agencies for government-wide initiatives.Education and Outreach Librarians consulting with FDLs, training, developing tools and services for FDL collection management, track of trends and changes in the information community, collaborating with FDLsPlanning and Project Librarians project and contract management, system implementation, workflow analysis</p> <p>Preparing for a Career in Federal Librarianship Coursework:</p> <p>CatalogingGovernment DocumentsDigital Libraries Abstracting and IndexingDigital PreservationMetadata</p> <p>Preparing for a Career in Federal Librarianship Skills: project management, analytical skills, workflow analysis, be detailed oriented, experience working in a library setting a must! Reference or technical services! Good writing skills Be a change agent , embrace change, learn new technologies, etc. </p> <p>Career Choices Technical Services Reference/ResearchNon-traditional library science career choices systems design and tool development, policy/planning, marketing, project management for library and information programs </p> <p>Library Science Career Opportunities at GPOPracticum opportunities (virtual and onsite)Summer InternsFull-time positions</p> <p>Retirement eligible workforce, succession planning initiatives underwayChanging workflow from predominately tangible to electronicMajor shift in services and deliverables.Requires staff with new skills, ability to change, energyGPO Staffing: Projections for the Future</p> <p>Then select Advanced Search for additional searching avenuesBegin by creating an account and log in</p> <p>Numerous ways to search:Keyword termsOccupational Series1410 Librarian1411 Library Clerk Agency (not pictured)</p> <p>Recommended keywords:(list some that pertain to Library Science/field)</p> <p>Save all searching sessions for future reference</p> <p></p> <p>Laurie</p> <p>Ask me about GPOs Diversity Recruitment Strategy</p> <p>If you know the citation for the US Code material you want to find, fill in the title and section numbers below. (eg. 22 USC 1501 would be Title 22, .. </p> <p>Change slide to 44 USC orIs the post civil war because of the transfer because we usually say back to 1813? Add citation here for cataloging authority</p> <p>Is it technical services for all govdocs or for all materials discovered, etc? </p> <p>National policy forums includes participation in conser etc, or too much detail for people you are addressing?Add citation here for cataloging authority</p> <p>Is it technical services for all govdocs or for all materials discovered, etc? </p> <p>National policy forums includes participation in conser etc, or too much detail for people you are addressing?Serves as a planning unit for all of lscm? Doesnt make sense in the bullet as the heading is what lscm does. Maybe you were trying to go to serves as experts in library and related services for all of GPO? Need to have something about people skillscannot hide behind books any more? Need to have something about people skillscannot hide behind books any more? We need a writer/editor/education specialistbut not sure how to put that in a slide when Ric hasnt approved it. Do you want to give the series title and number for librarians and tech specialists also with this info?</p>