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NBME 12 wrong q's only and H yields


<p>Q5: Since the boy has DMD, it means the mother is a carrier. So one of the X chromosomes she carries has the DMD mutation. If the normal X chromosome becomes inactivated in her muscle cells (so-called "unfavorable lyonization"), she would display the phenotypical features of the disease</p> <p>Name other areas</p> <p>Why not progesterone</p> <p>trichomonas: strawberry [erythematous] mucosa, elevated pH, and motile trophozoites. Differential would have been Gardnerella vaginalis but microscopy of this shows clue cells, or vaginal epithelial cells covered by bacteria. Both are treated with metronidazole</p> <p>double vision,ptosis,muscle weakness,fatigueimrovement in muscle strenght with neostigmine.DX is myesthenia gravis where there are antibodies are present against post synaptic ACH receptors which is membrane protiens.</p> <p>C yolk scak tumor</p> <p>http://www.bioon.com/bioline/neurosci/course/brstem.html</p>