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    thThe daybreak of July 12 saw the end of a welcome summer break and the

    beginning of a new academic year, withfresh horizons of learning to be explored at NISV. Shouldering my school bag, I stood at the portico, moony-eyed, meditating pensively over what the year

    would hold in store for me. This thoughtflashed into the mind's eye at the memory of the flurry of activities that engulfed one and all at school as we stepped beyond the threshold, on the first day of school. Every passing event was enrichment at best, adding layers of experience to character, fostering and augmenting it every step of the way. Counterbalancing academic pressures with co-curricular activities defines the life of an NISV student. This balancing act, over the past months, formed a significant part of the story of our lives, the story of growing and learning! The gift of beautiful and unforgettable memories that we have acquired with the progression of time at NISV shall forever remain enshrined in our hearts and creates a sense of eager anticipation for the succeeding months!

    Devika MaitraChief Editor

    NISV NEWSLETTER Vol. 5 - Sr. No. 1 - July to October 2013


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    Vol. 5 - Sr. No. 1 - July to October 2013

    physical development it also aids in cognitive as well as social skill development.

    Field Trip - Vadodara Darshan on 26th August : Prep Senior

    students planned an educational trip to visit a few important landmarks of Vadodara city . They saw the Kashi Vishwanath temple, the Golf club, S.S.G hospital, Khanderao market, Sursagar and Nyaya Mandir. This trip made them aware of some of the significant places in Vadodara.

    Fieldtrip to Wellocity Gym on 22nd August : The Students of

    Prep Junior were very excited and curious during their fieldtrip to Wellocity Gym where they became aware of the different equipment used for exercising. They also learnt that it is very important to exercise everyday to stay healthy.

    Rhyme Presentation on 28th August : The students of Prep

    Junior A presented rhymes, Boogie Woogie and We are going to the beach with confidence and enthusiasm.




    Events at Pre-Primary

    Passing The Parcel - NURSERY : The Grade tutors organized an

    activity filled with fun and play as the saying goes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Children looked forward to playing the game of Passing the Parcel and the Grade tutor explained the rules and regulations of the game for smooth functioning and enjoyment.

    Children showed the attitude of cooperation and caring by playing the game following the instructions with zest and laughter. They were also tolerant and showed respect to the penalty which was to be paid as part of the game. They wanted to play the game again and never got tired. They became excited when the Grade tutor promised to teach and play a new game the following month.

    Exploring the school : Nursery-24th July, Prep Junior-18th

    July, Prep Senior-17th July. Once again it was time for the Pre-Primary section of NISV to take a tour of the school to become aware of the different areas and the people working there.

    It was a learning experience for them as they became familiar with the Senior library, the office area, the school infirmary and other parts of the school that they had never seen before.

    Water Play - Prep Sr. : It was a fun time for students as they

    splished and splashed in the water. It was an eagerly awaited activity, and the students thoroughly enjoyed it. Apart from





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    Vol. 5 - Sr. No. 1 - July to October 2013

    affection between brothers and sisters. During the art and craft session, students made beautiful rakhees and it was a treat to see them proudly showing off their rakhees to their friends.

    Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration on 9th September : In the Pre-

    Primary section, the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi started with the installation of the eco friendly idol made by one of our tutors in school. For five days the students gathered to sing the aarti and prasad was distributed.

    On the fifth day, amidst the sounds of Jai Mangal Murti, the idol was immersed in the school premises. Students also visited the palace for Ganesh darshan. During the art and craft session, students made a collage of Lord Ganesha.

    Events at IB PYP

    Visit to Sterling Health Mall : As part of the learning process

    while exploring how being aware of our body helps us to take care of it, students of Grade 1 visited the Sterling Health Mall. They became aware of the importance of physical and mental health and how exercise plays a significant role in maintaining our health. They saw people running on the tread mill and lifting weights to keep themselves fit. While at the mall, they also visited the restaurant called Calorie Care and read out the menu. This strengthened their knowledge about healthy and junk food. Students tried their hands at wall climbing. They tried with all their might to pull their bodies up but found it quite difficult, realizing that one needs strength and training for such activities.








    Rhyme Presentation on 29th August : The students of Prep

    Junior B presented a rhyme Brush brush your teeth and they also learnt how to keep themselves clean.

    Rhyme Presentation on 30th August : The Prep Junior C

    students presented a rhyme Colours colours everywhere thus becoming aware of different colours.

    Cooking Experience on 16th September : Students of Prep.

    Junior were very excited and enthusiastic as they prepared mouth watering TOPPINGS. Firstly, the teacher made the students aware of the ingredients used in making a tasty and yummy topping. Later on, the teacher demonstrated the same whilst the students eagerly waited for their turn. The students followed the instructions given by the teacher and displayed remarkable confidence and energy in preparing a topping for Monaco biscuits.

    Celebrations at Pre-Primary

    Janmashtami Celebration on 28th August : The birthday of

    Lord Krishna was celebrated in the Pre-Primary section with the Dramatization of some episodes from Krishnas life by our Prep Senior students which ended with the Matki Phod, one of the popular traditions associated with this festival. Aarti was performed and Prasad was distributed. Students also enjoyed rocking the cradle of Shri Krishna as well as seeing a video of Little Krishna.

    Raksha bandhan Celbration on 19th August : In the special

    morning assembly, sisters tied rakhi on their brothers wrist and students were made aware of the significance of this festival which celebrates the unconditional bond of love and


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    High Achievement Award : Mercia-Mari Mouton has been decorated with the "High Achievement Award" for her performance in Afrikaans as Second Language in her IGCSE Examination of November 2012.

    Checkpoint Exam Results : Forty students from Grade 8 took

    the CIE conducted Checkpoint examination in English, Mathematics and Science in April 2013. The excellent performance in Math and Science made the school proud as many achieved Level 6, the highest level. Hearty congratulations to the students for their highly commendable performance in this diagnostic test!

    Orientation Grade 6 and 7 : Mrs. Usha Singh MYP/IGCSE

    Coordinator conducted an orientation programme for the parents of MYP Year 1 & 2. The parents were informed about the assessment objectives and requirements of the IB MYP curriculum. The principles and practices of the IBMYP were introduced to the parent body and the event was well attended.

    Orientation Grade 8 and 9 : The parents of IB MYP Year 3 &4

    were oriented with the ethos and philosophy of the IB curriculum. Mrs. Usha Singh MYP/IGCSE Coordinator informed the parents about the philosophy of experiential learning that characterizes the MYP. The teachers of each subject group consolidated the information of the curriculum.

    Geometry at Cushing Academy, Boston(1st July to 4th Aug.

    13): I was nervous about going to a new school and meeting new people was all too eerie for me. Yet, the thought of making new friends for life and learning in a new way captivated me. I instantly made friends. The geometry classes, basketball matches and evening dinners were awesome. I returned with a sense of pride and immense satisfaction after five weeks. - Jwalin Patel (Grade 8 IB)

    First Teachers Parents Conference ( Gr. 6 to 10 ) dated 3rd

    August 2013 : The parents had a very meaningful interaction with the teachers. Teachers shared the strengths and weaknesses of the students with the parents and discussed possible ways and means to enhance the performance of their wards.









    Field trip to the Vadodara Museum : The students of Grade 2

    were taken for a field trip to the Vadodara Museum on the 13th Aug13, to visit the gallery on early man. We saw various pictures and the tools used by early man. The students were very engrossed and fascinated by all that they saw around them. The students gained further insight into the life of early man and the different stages he underwent before he evolved into the modern men we are today. They were now able to see the difference in the way the early people lived their lives and the way we live our lives today.


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