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<p>Navitas Plastic Injection Moulds</p> <p>Complete Solutions in Tool-making </p> <p>Plastic Injection Moulds </p> <p>Full-service supplier in fabrication of hi-quality moulds and tooling for plastic parts </p> <p>Professional support in the design and construction of high-grade precision injection moulds and moulding products at </p> <p> the best costs </p> <p>Integrated capabilities in mould design, prototyping, mould making, moulding and final assembly, to help you to take your </p> <p> project from concept to realization </p> <p> Set up: 1997 </p> <p> Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 </p> <p> Factory area: 30000m2 </p> <p> Employees: 350 </p> <p> Production Capacity: 400 moulds/year (250 small~precision and 150 </p> <p>mid~large sized) </p> <p> 2-shift-operation (6 days per week) </p> <p> Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China </p> <p> Standard plastic injection moulds (small to mid-sized) </p> <p> Precision moulds including Gear moulds </p> <p> Multi-cavity moulds </p> <p> Hot Runner moulds </p> <p> Insert moulds </p> <p> Over mould </p> <p> 2K moulds, Thermoset and Gas-assist Moulds (at associate factory) </p> <p>MOULD IDEAS RFQ Product type Material type Lifetime Production volume Cavity Moulding place Cycle time </p> <p> PHASE 0 PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PROJECT INITIATION CONCEPT DEFINITION DEVELOPMENT </p> <p>Concept idea </p> <p>Feasibility study </p> <p>Cost targets </p> <p>Quotation </p> <p>Project start </p> <p>Mould design </p> <p>Mould-flow analysis </p> <p>2D/3D drawings </p> <p>Mould building </p> <p>Milling/Wire-cut </p> <p>CNC/EDM/Polish </p> <p>Assembly </p> <p>Mould trial &amp; improve </p> <p>Full dimension check </p> <p>Moulding conditions </p> <p>ISIR report </p> <p>Injection moulding </p> <p>production </p> <p>CONTINUOUS </p> <p>IMPROVEMENTS </p> <p>&amp; SERVICES </p> <p>TECHNICAL </p> <p>SUPPORT </p> <p>PHASE 3 PHASE 4 </p> <p>VALIDATION PRODUCTION LAUNCH</p> <p> European and North American tooling design standards </p> <p>(DME/HASCO) </p> <p> Complete in-house design </p> <p> Mould flow analysis </p> <p> CAD/CAE/CAM software: UG/Solidworks/Pro-E/AutoCAD etc. </p> <p> Feasibility Study (DFM) before cutting steel </p> <p> 2D and 3D design approval </p> <p> 3D mould design and generate 2D component drawing for </p> <p>machining </p> <p> Wide range of injection moulds from single cavity SPI class 103 moulds to multi-cavity SPI class 101 moulds </p> <p> Major suppliers for Steel material: Diado, Assab (Uddeholm/Bohler), Finkl, Groditz or Schmolz+Bickenbach </p> <p> Major suppliers of hot runner systems: MOLDMASTER, SYNVENTIVE, INCOE, HASCO, DME, HUSKY, MASTIP, HRS, EWIKON, YUDO, etc. </p> <p>MAKINO, HAAS, OKUMA, JOINT, DMC </p> <p>CHARMILLES, MAKINO, Mitsubishi, Sodick </p> <p>JOINT, AF 2000 </p> <p>CNC Lathe Grinders </p> <p>150T Spotting machine Assembly </p> <p>Various material used for moulding: </p> <p>ABS, PC, PS, PMMA, PP, PA6, PA66, PBT, PPS, </p> <p>POM, TPE, TPV, PPA, etc. </p> <p>Also Thermoset/Duroplast material </p> <p>(at associate factory): </p> <p>BMC, SMC, Melamine, Phenolic, UREA In-house Moulding </p> <p> QC dimensional reports for T1 and final samples </p> <p> Final mould trial parameters </p> <p> 4-hour continuous mould running upon request </p> <p> Provision for samples after each mould trial </p> <p> Mould trial video on request </p> <p>Germany BOY Moulding machines (12 T ~ 35 T) Battenfeld/Toshiba/Elite Moulding machines </p> <p>(40 T ~ 500 T) </p> <p>Material drying machines Sub-assembly </p> <p>ZEISS 3D CMM </p> <p>TESA Optical projection </p> <p>instrument </p> <p>TESA Height gauge Tensile tester </p> <p>Gear Inspection center Gear rolling tester </p> <p> Precision Injection Moulds </p> <p> Large Moulds </p> <p> Gear and Worm Moulds </p> <p>Automotive parts </p> <p>Connecting piece </p> <p>Material: PPS - I - GF40 </p> <p>Part size: 26.55 * 29 </p> <p>Mould size: 548 x 298 x 398 </p> <p>Machine tonnage: 80 T </p> <p>CARTRIDGE </p> <p>Material: PPS + (GF + MD) 65 </p> <p>Part size: 34 * 34.25 </p> <p>Mould size: 476 x 310 x 417 </p> <p>Machine tonnage: 80 T </p> <p>Valve Guide </p> <p>Material: PPA + GF50 </p> <p>Part size: 41.82 * 32.75 </p> <p>Mould size: 450 x 350 x 410 </p> <p>Machine tonnage: 100 T </p> <p>FCU housing </p> <p>(Thermoset part) </p> <p>Material: Phenolic </p> <p>Part size: 80 x 60 x 55 </p> <p>Valve body </p> <p>(Thermoset part) </p> <p>Material: Phenolic </p> <p>Part size: 90*22 </p> <p>Radiators Inlet/Outlet Tank </p> <p>Material: PA66 + GF35 % </p> <p>Part size: 116.9 * 86 * 114 </p> <p>Mould size: 350 x 350 x 423 </p> <p>Machine tonnage: 130 T </p> <p>Automotive parts </p> <p>Material: PBT </p> <p>Part size: 60x60mm </p> <p>Material: PBT </p> <p>Part size: 70x25mm </p> <p>Material: PBT </p> <p>Part size: 60x20mm </p> <p>Connectors </p> <p>Gear Parts </p> <p>Part name: Gear </p> <p>Material: POM / PA 46 </p> <p>Part name: Gear Housing </p> <p>Material: PA6 + GF30 </p> <p>Consumer/Household </p> <p> ISO9001: 2008 certified </p> <p> Formal quality systems to manage the overall quality process </p> <p>Use precision measurement facilities by our well-trained team </p> <p> All tooling and parts produced at our facility are constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance Department to meet your specifications including material, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, hardness, moulding standard, inspection, and packaging </p> <p>Our quality systems are focused on the product and the customer all the time </p> <p>Eliminate </p> <p>bad designs Eliminate bad </p> <p>components Eliminate bad </p> <p>manufacturing Eliminate non- </p> <p>conforming products </p> <p>Mould Design </p> <p>System </p> <p>Use standard </p> <p>components </p> <p>Advanced equipment </p> <p>&amp; skilled staff </p> <p>Quality Assurance </p> <p>System </p> <p>ZERO </p> <p>DEFECT </p> <p> Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing of tooling and OEM Mechanical products for hi-end Asian, European and American manufacturers </p> <p> Proven performance track record, product/mould design support for cost-reductions, not just Unit Cost but Total Cost of Ownership </p> <p> Complete Solution: Our tools are 100% finished, fully optimized for part quality, process and cycle time </p> <p> Local service in Asia, Europe and North America through our sales network and tie-ups with local toolmakers </p> <p> Flexibility in supply base: Use of multiple subcontractors, if necessary, to take advantage of each factorys production strengths </p> <p> Operational Excellence: Expert engineering and manufacturing team; professional management &amp; service orientation </p> <p> Navitas - India </p> <p>+91-9717007253 </p> <p>Navitas - France </p> <p>+33 66 4833 519 </p> <p> Navitas - Germany </p> <p>+49 911 8946 431 </p> <p>Navitas - USA </p> <p>+1-224-420-9708 </p> <p>Navitas - HK </p> <p>+852-2749-7575 </p> <p>Navitas - China </p> <p>+86-769-23181220 </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>